Registrars Should Have Account Change Confirmations

When you’re in the midst of a high value deal and the buyer requests an account change / push, it’s critical to know that the domain name is pushed to the correct account. If they typo their account number, or I typo that number, there’s a risk that the name will be pushed to someone else, and many registrars state that pushes cannot be reversed.

When I push a domain name to an account at eNom, they request the login ID of the account to which I am pushing the domain name. There’s a confirmation page asking me to confirm the account number, but there’s nothing to tell me whether the account is the correct account. If the buyer typo’d the name, there’s a chance it will go to the wrong account.

One of the nicest things about Moniker is that they have an account change confirmation page that includes the name of the account owner where a domain name is being pushed. When I push the name, they request the buyer’s account number and a security authorization code. Once keyed in, it takes me to a confirmation page with the account owner’s name, reassuring me that it’s going to the right place.

Go Daddy doesn’t offer this confirmation page, but they do take an extra step to help avoid errors. To push a name to another account, they require the account number as well as the email address on file for that account. If the email and account number don’t match, the push won’t go through.

Network Solutions requires that the domain registrant clicks an approval link via email when an account change is requested, and that’s pretty easy to do and seems secure.

I am not too familiar with how other registrars operate, although I am sure others offer protection and others don’t. I hope eNom and other domain registrars consider adding a confirmation page that is more than just double checking the number I had just hand keyed. I think there is room for error, and that’s never good when it comes to high value domain pushes.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. This has always been a concern of mine but the Registrar I use most often nowadays ( has a good solution.

    They offer the ability to create a “sub account” that will create a new account that are designed so you can register domains for someone else, like a customer, and then move the domain into that other account.

    The parent of a sub account can push names to any sub account. There is also a bulk account transfer feature.

    You could give the buyer access to that sub account (via username and password) and have them make sure that from there it gets to the proper destination of their choosing.

    There is also a feature that allows you to specify the only IP address(es) that is/are allowed to log in to that account.

    When it comes to help or support on these kind of issues I have never come across any other Registrar with staff as ready, willing, and able to cooperate.

    I have had a much different experience with several other Registrars.

  2. Curious–it sounds like for a big sale, you normally push the domain to the buyer’s account on the same registrar rather than transferring the domain to the buyer’s preferred registrar…

    why is that?

    I have accounts at all the big registrars, but I certainly have my favorite where I prefer to keep the majority of my names registered, and from my experience I’m not alone–so it just seems easier to transfer domains straight to the buyer’s favorite registrar, rather htna just their account on the current registrar.

    Is this just to minimize transfer logistics for you, or something else that I’m missing?

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