Florida Gators Dating Website on The Market


No matter what the sport is, but especially with respect to college football, it seems that Florida Gators are some of the most passionate NCAA fans around. Gators fans tailgate before games, spend tons of money on gear and event tickets, and they congregate in bars around the world to watch their teams play. was developed by its owner into a dating website for University of Florida students, graduates, professors, employees, prospective students, and people who love UF for other reasons. The footer says the website is powered by a company called Dating Factory USA.

According to Toby Clements’  daily domain sales newsletter, the  owner has put the domain name and website up for sale exclusively with Clements.  I inquired about the website, and according to Toby (per the owner), the website is currently seeing “5,500 Uniques a month and growing.” The asking price is $100,000.

Before making any type of acquisition, I would be curious to know how many members the website has, how active the membership is, and how long members spend on the site on average. I would imagine that information could be provided to interested parties by Clements.

My primary concern is regarding trademarks and monetization. I am not an attorney, so I can’t give guidance with respect to that. I don’t know the owner and wasn’t asked or compensated to post this.

If you are interested in discussing the domain name, Toby can be reached at


  1. This domain name got my attention also.

    They are asking $100k…but I’m sure they will negotiate.

    Lets get a team of 4 people and buy this domain for around $80k.

    We can get an attorney do all the paper work.

    I’m willing to put $20k for my 25% partnership….need 3 more people.

    Lets do it.

  2. Im curious as to why is a dating site and not for a sports site about football, baseball, etc. Looking over the Wikipedia for the Florida Gators it seems that a sports site would be perfect for this name. Any thoughts?

  3. We run the back-end for We are a white label dating provider. If you guys have any dating domain in your portfolio feel free to contact me and we will set you up with a custom dating site.

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