Sell Your “gTLD” Domain Names

People love it when they have the opportunity to sell their domain names, and I am going to give you that opportunity today. I welcome you to list your “gTLD” domain names for sale in the comment section. Be sure to include your price and your contact information.

You’ll notice that I have gTLD in quotes. The reason is that I am offering up the space for you to sell domain names like .CO, .ME, .TV, .and XXX. While some are actually ccTLD domain names, people use them as if they were gTLDs.

When you list your domain names for sale here, keep a couple of things in mind. First, most of the people who read this post are domain investors rather than end user buyers, so price your domain names accordingly. Second, keep your list brief. Although I am not a buyer of these types of domain names, if I was reading the names to buy and saw a list of 10 or 20+ names, I would likely skip over the list and move on to the next one.

Just as a small disclaimer, I am not going to get involved in any of the transactions. I recommend using to complete your sales to ensure a safe transaction.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Seems reading instructions –

    **You’ll notice that I have gTLD in quotes. The reason is that I am offering up the space for you to sell domain names like .CO, .ME, .TV, .and XXX. While some are actually ccTLD domain names, people use them as if they were gTLDs**

    -is so hard for some.

  2. Com, info, net, and org are generic top level domains, so it looks like people are obeying the instructions! <==$3000.00
    Page 2 of Google
    GAKT Exact[hardtop convertibles] High 3,600 2,900 $4.57

    Expiration November 14th, Wednesday.
    Website not included.

    • Give me a little bit of credit here. I know the difference between a gTLD and a ccTLD. I see people using ccTLDs as gTLDs.

      I did not want to offer a ccTLD sale post because there are far too many ccTLDs and I think that would become annoying.

      That said, people are sharing pure ccTLD like .CA names when that wasn’t the intent.

      Yes, it’s a bit of a mess, but I am sure some people will close deals.

    • No credit, sorry. Not at all. I am a dot-com lover and I hate when some shit ccTLDs are called “gTLDs”, even with quotes. No! Your post would be very nice if you use proper wording. I am not going to call you “asshole” with quotes with meaning of domainer, as asshole is not same as domainer. Sorry! I see more upset people here about my opinion, but… I don’t mind, as gTLD is what it is and mixing .tv, .co, .me and other ccTLDs with gTLDs lead to depreciation of dot-com. And that is what I don’t like to see from any domainer. Period!

    • @Mr.T – The only reason why you and some others think that I am wrong is that you own some ccTLDs that you would like to make them big as gTLD. It is not going to happen. Good luck anyway…

    • Jay, you’re wrong again. That’s your second strike! I told you to read the instructions, not get into a meaningless debate about gTLD’s vs ccTLD’s.

      And just to put the record straight – .TV and .ME don’t have to be gTLD’s to be successful. In terms of brandability, .TV and .ME can be a much better fit than a .com. That’s why more and more companies choose to use these alternative extensions. Not to mention that .com’s are way overpriced!

    • @Mr.T – Keep buying your 5-cents dotAything junk and soon you will learn what is overpriced and what is not. You are nice example why 95% of domainers fail. But that’s good, as more people like you means more profit for smart dot-com investers 🙂

    • Too bad for you Jay, because I´m not a domainer, nor do I do business with wannabes like yourself.

      We build brands, but you wouldn´t know anything about that now would you, because you´re just a domainer.

      I´m done with you.

    • Oooh, sure you do. What is your new brand, share with us. Somehing like “” ?

    The keyword “aides” receives 14,800 exact global monthly searches on Google. Home healthcare aides is one of the fastest growing occupations. Selling price is $10,500
    The keyword “worth it” receives 8,100 exact global monthly searches on Google. Selling price for this domain name is $8,500

    If interested, contact Patrick at

  4. Thank you Elliot 🙂
    Here are the names that I will like to offer … This will be an auction for all the name below in one lot…
    The starting bid will be $1000 This auction will be end in 48 hrs from now.. Half of the money will be given to Eliots choice of charity / RMD

  5. Thanks Elliot for this opportunity.


    Fayetteville is the name of major cities in North Carolina and Arkansas.

    Control the adult niche in these cities with

    Registrar: Namecheap.

    $50 obo

    email: richmonddomainer[at]gmail dot com

  6. Fayetteville[.]xxx

    Fayetteville is the name of major cities in North Carolina and Arkansas.

    Registrar: Namecheap.

    $50 obo

    richmonddomainer{at} gmail dot com

  7. $450 each – (cpc $51.51) $46.16) (cpc $79.35)

    $650 each –

  8. Please whois for contact info

    Schnapps(dotnet) – 5k
    OnlineDegrees(dotco) – 2.5k
    DedicatedHosting(dotco) – 1.5k
    Espana(dotme) – 600 (‘Spain’ in Spanish)

    Thanks Elliot for the opportunity to post

  9. id like to thank elliots blog for this opportunity – 5% 0f sales will be donated to hurricane sandy relief effort, thank you again + – $1500 for both – $1200 – $200 – $300 – $50 – $100 – $100

    contact – – please put “domain name” in subject line

    Thank you and thank you to all our veterans!!!

  10. (5,400 exact – $2.70 PPC) (60,500 Exact – $1.30 PPC)

    Any interest please contact via Whois email.

  11. Thanks Elliot for the post! 500 usd 1500 usd 500 usd 100 usd 1100 usd 1100 usd or best offer

    (1200 usd for all 3 .biz )

    (400 all three or best offer )


  12. Last call and this is a life time opportunity. this name blows any .com away.

    we know .co is better then .com

    i will do for 90k. valid for 2 hours.


  14. (3000 usd) (3000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (5000 usd)

    or buy all for (10,000 usd)

  15. (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (2000 usd) (1000 usd) (1000 usd) (5000 usd) (3000 usd) (1000 usd) (5000 usd) (2000 usd) (2000 usd)

  16. Domains For Sale
    —————– $10,000 $100,000 $100,000 $1,000 $300 + website $3,000 $2,012 $2,012 $2,012 $2,012 $500 $500 $500

    Email me at ceo(at)


  17. This has to be the biggest collection of bad names, and moron “domainers” on the Internet. I mean, at some point most of you have to be bankrupt or homeless.

    You just don’t “get” it. What a disgrace, that a collection of moron human beings has wasted their time on earth collecting this disgusting collection of worthless names.

    These people must be part of some inside joke or something. I have never seen such a pathetic list of names in my whole life. And to ask for real money for worthless garbage is just icing on the cake.

    If there is someone who posted a name in this thread who isn’t a total 100 percent neanderthal idiot moron when it comes to names, then I must have missed it.

  18. Domains For Sale!

    Domain Purchase Instructions:

    1. Click the link and complete the payment via
    2. Domain push / transfer instructions are sent immediately.
    3. You will have possession of the domain within hours!
    4. I make this so so so simple!!
    5. You need to hurry, these domains sell out quick!!

    #1) ->
    #2) ->
    #3) ->
    #4) ->
    #5) ->
    #6) ->
    #7) ->
    #8) (idn domain, munich tourism) ->
    #9) ->
    #10) ->
    #11) ->
    #12) ->
    #13) ->
    #14) ->
    #15) ->
    #16) ->
    #17) ->
    #18) ->
    #19) ->
    #20) ->
    #21) ->
    #22) ->
    #23) ->
    #24) ->
    #25) ->
    #26) ->
    #27) ->
    #28) ->
    #29) ->
    #30) ->
    #31) ->
    #32) ->
    #33) ->
    #34) ->
    #35) ->
    #36) ->
    #37) ->
    #38) ->
    #39) ->
    #40) ->
    #41) ->
    #42) ->
    #43) ->
    #44) ->
    #45) ->
    #46) ->
    #47) ->
    #48) ->
    #49) ->
    #50) ->
    #51) ->
    #52) ->
    #53) ->
    #54) ->
    #55) ->
    #56) ->
    #57) ->
    #58) ->
    #59) ->
    #60) ->
    #61) ->
    #62) ->
    #63) ->
    #64) (idn domain, xi’ ->
    #65) (idn domain, shari’ ->
    #66) ->
    #67) ->
    #68) (idn domain, ivory coast) ->
    #69) ->


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