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I have become a pretty big fan of It’s not just because they are an advertiser here. I have done a solid amount of business using the platform in the year since I put most of my inventory on DAN. In fact, one of my largest recent sales was closed via self-negotiation on the DAN platform.

For quite some time, I have been hearing about the next iteration of DAN. When I have passed along suggestions and feature requests to CEO Reza Sardeha or Laszlo Schenkhuysen, they have mentioned that the requested changes will be included in DAN 2.0 as it has been called. I am looking forward to seeing the newest iteration of DAN roll out.

This past Friday, Reza shared a few preview images on Twitter:

Reza has not mentioned when he anticipates the newest version of DAN will be released, but it appears to be come soon. I am looking forward to testing it out.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. What I want to know how DAN will ban the fake offers that have been confusing me for lots of times in the brand new upcoming.

  2. All landers are the same now….lipstick on the pigs.
    Make Offer
    Payment Plans

    The reason why the domain got sold is because the buyer wants it….and at a reasonable price.

    Show us the sales data!!!

    • I particularly like that a buyer can buy a domain name after hours (weekend or night) and pay for it right away. Once I push the name to DAN, I get paid within a couple of days. There are very few delays and deals are more smooth than elsewhere.

      • It could be easily be sold via GD,afternic,sav,sedo…it so happens that you put the domain at DAN.

        So ask the buyer, will she/he buy if the domain is at GD,afternic,sav,sedo?

        I have never seen any research done by anymore asking the buyers
        where do you prefer to buy the domains?
        do you prefer BIN or Make offer?
        and lastly why do you buy the domain?

        and are there any regrets after you bought the domain?

        Who are the, investors,small bz, individuals?

        The freaking big marketing companies have all the data about who buys houses, their ages,r ace, where the live, marital status, why, what they like to eat, what they like to wear, who they get married, their credit score….

        so anybody have data about domain buyers?

  3. The others just dinosaurs. At least with dan you can reply back and get a conversation going. Other registrars won’t tell you the buyer is also they don’t respond in a timely matter and that means lost $$$.

    IMO if you have your name parked at a registrar they should automatically send you the lead, they already make money off the registration. That cheap registration is not worth it.

    If Dan comes becomes own registrar and offers 6% commission for any name sold with them, they would destroy competitors. I bet you they do this in the near future.

  4. Dan is by far the best of domain marketplaces.

    1. They pay us in 1-2 days, while other marketplaces sometimes take more than a week.
    2. Lower commission than Afternic / Sedo.
    3. For many registrars, ability to push the domain directly to them (saves time and avoids the issue with buyers that fail to acknowledge that they received the domain).
    4. Ability to see the buyer’s name and company (unlike Sedo/Afternic).
    5. Ability to reject the first offer.
    6. User-friendly interface, by far the best of them all.
    7. Excellent handling of installment transactions.
    8. Great customer support that solves issues quickly.

    Their only downside (as far as I can see): unlike Uniregistry, they won’t allow you to see the buyers’s email (which is often useful to learn who your buyer is).

  5. IMO the Godaddy Uniregistry Afternic DLS Network is unsurpassed for a typical portfolio of dot coms.

    I have already sold 49 domains this year on the system.

    So I’ve got about 3,000 domains that can appear and be purchased immediately in the registration path of more than 100 registrars, including 18 of the world’s 20 largest. And Uni landers with the Godaddy brand work very well too for buyers who go to landers.

    Once you set your inventory up for fast transfer, you literally have nothing to do in most cases. The transfer is all automated.

    “Opting in your domain to fast-transfer exposes it to more than 75 million potential buyers each month…”


    And according to a recent DNW report they sell around 360M in domains a year which is about a million dollars worth of domains a day.

    • GoDaddy is great, too. I have most names listed there. I would say my prices are high on that platform so people may visit the landing page and see a lower price or submit an offer that way. I do far more business on DAN than on GoDaddy. Maybe 5-10x the $ volume. The caveat being a couple of big sales on either platform can change that quickly.

  6. Which financing option are you having success with on Dan? It seems like there are two options. One is with five year financing and no make offer option. The other has 12 month financing but allows a prospect to make an offer. I am curious if one converts better than the other. Thank you.

    • Have sold names both ways but do not have enough data that would enable me to give an educated opinion one which is the better option for other people. I do not love the long payment plans, although I’ve had multiple long term payment plans that people paid off within the first few months of starting.


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