Poll: What is AAF.com Worth?

In an article I published yesterday, I speculated that the AAF.com domain name could come on the market due to the Alliance of American Football’s bankruptcy filing. I don’t know the status of the domain name, so I don’t know if the domain name is going to be sold, but I think it is quite valuable.

I am curious what readers think AAF.com could be worth if it were to go on sale or come up for auction. Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comment section:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I chose between $50k and $100k, which at this time is the leading guess. A few years ago I would have said between $100,001 – $250,000. This was interesting to see as I noticed on LinkedIn that CAL.com hit the market today after 20 years. Time to ca$h in on most names.

  2. Chose under 50k, good combination but the price of 3 letter .com’s look to be still dropping. Seems the minimum is a bit over $10k. Maybe 30k for this.

  3. It’s not a very useful 3 char domain – it doesnt spell anything or lend itself to common abbreviations – I can see it go for 25000$ to the right buyer but struggle to see any value beyond that

  4. NameBio has records of 86 3L sales ending in “F”. Nine of them are in the $50,000 and above range:

    MDF $151,500 (2015)
    CIF $100,000 (2017)
    OMF $100,000 (2017)
    ATF $75,000 (2015)
    VHF $74,000 (2015)
    DJF $65,000 (2015)
    YBF $55,301 (2015)
    YYF $50,000 (2015)
    MFF $50,000 (2015)

    MDF is an abbreviation for MANDIANFU!

    CIF does not resolve – “error establishing a database connection!”

    OMF is supposed to be OneMainFinancial – but does not resolve – “error code 16”!

    ATF comes up in Chinese with no content – “the website is unable to access for the moment!”

    VHF is a company creating precision dental machines and tools and is a subsidiary of “vhf camfacture AG” in Germany (VHF.de).

    DJF does not resolve. “This site can’t be reached”!

    YBF does not resolve. “This site can’t be reached.”!

    YYF redirects to yiyuanfa, but that does not resolve – “This page isn’t working”!

    MFF does not resolve. “This site can’t be reached”!

    There are only two records of sales beginning with “AA”:

    AAQ $18,251 (2017)
    AAH $25,000 (2011)

    AAQ does not resolve. “This site can’t be reached”!

    AAH redirects to aah.co.uk which is AAH Pharmaceuticals.


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