InterNetX AutoDNS Platform Now in Beta Phase


While at NamesCon, Sedo introduced me to the InterNetX team, and they were excited to show off the latest version of AutoDNS, its domain name management platform. Since the conclusion of NamesCon, the InterNetX team continued to refine AutoDNS, and the platform is now in an open beta phase.

AutoDNS aims to be a comprehensive domain name management platform. According to InterNetX, here’s what AutoDNS provides:

“The aim of the new AutoDNS is to combine products, performance data and analyses from 200 different suppliers on one platform, thus offering a full-service solution. With 39.1 million listed domains, AutoDNS offers the largest selection on the market – consisting of 20.2 million premium and 18.9 million marketplace domains.”

I was told that AutoDNS allows people to manage domain names with many different extensions. It also allows users to connect their Sedo accounts for buying and selling domain names. Users can also connect with Sedo and ParkingCrew for domain name parking. Domain names can be registered and/or hosted at any registrar and still be managed via AutoDNS while using its performance data.

AutoDNS also has a feature that helps users find and register domain names of interest to them based on domain names in their portfolio. The platform searches for domain names in more than 1,000 domain name extensions.

There is no cost to use AutoDNS.

Hakan Ali, founder of InterNetX, shared the following comment about AutoDNS with me:

“With our internally developed AutoDNS, we provided a novelty in 1999, when we were one of the first registrars to introduce an automatic domain registration software. 20 years later, AutoDNS is responsible for the administration of 3.8 million domains and specializes in the needs of traders and resellers. With the start of the open beta phase of the new domain platform, we are setting new standards in the domain industry once more.”

I have not had the opportunity to use AutoDNS, but I invite others who have used AutoDNS to share their thoughts and tips in the comment section.

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