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I don’t hand register very many domain names anymore. My most recent hand registrations are SubstanceAbuseTherapist.com, SubstanceAbuseTherapists.com, FlashDiscounts.com, and FuneralRabbi.com. Those are my hand registered domain names since October 25.

I know there are a number of people who do spend considerable amounts of time hand registering domain names. Some buy trend domain names while others buy domain names they hope to re-sell very quickly. Geodomain names seem to be popular choice for hand registrations.

I am curious about how many domain names you hand register on a weekly basis. Please vote in the poll below to share this information with others.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    I don’t hand reg too many names any more, but I did hand reg BanMyBook.com (never before regged) on Oct. 16.

    I’m thinking of setting up a publishing company using that name, so I also regged the .net and .org as well (the .org, interestingly enough, is getting more traffic than the .com)–a sort of anti-publishing publishing company, one that focuses on well-written books that cannot seem to find traditional publishers because they are not commercial enough.

    Right now, it’s just a placeholder featuring my own book (I’m saying this so that you and your readers will not be deceived if you decide to visit).

    I think easy-to-remember, short, descriptive, and intuitive call-to-action domains are going to become more prevalent and valuable.

    Right now, one can pick and choose decent call-to-action names for reg and cheap aftermarket prices.


  2. I dropcatch for reg fee. Does that count?

    I get about 5-10 a day. Some examples below:


  3. I usually don’t hand reg, but will occasionally register future trends domains after becoming aware of new technnological trends.

    an example:







  4. To Tony,

    Compare your drop catch to my hand registration just yesterday:


  5. Uzoma,

    I’m partial to domains with keywords that have good search frequency and/or decent CPC. Afterall, what good is it if no one is looking or searching for the keywords in your domain. Not saying brandables don’t have value as I collect those too but sticking with what people look for is the most risk-free strategy imo.

    That said, I kind of like lascivious.me and programcopy.com. There are just too many quality keyword domains dropping every day for me to bother with the rest.

  6. I don’t hand-reg much anymore, so if there was a “Zero or less” option, that would be me.

    But I did reg one this week and kicked myself for not doing it earlier. The .CA registry slashed their prices for the month of October and I just couldn’t bring myself to register something just for the sake of getting a discount.

    But, on Nov 3, I took my wife to her doctor’s appointment and was reading a girly magazine in the waiting room. In one story, there was a term being used over and over again and a light bulb went off. I pulled out the blackberry and quickly looked up the .CA of the term and it was available so I registered it…at full price πŸ™

  7. @Tony,

    I thank you. You are right, I just believe that the world is fluid, new technologies, new scandals, new products, and so many things develop daily that warrant hand-reg. One must be on the look out for the news. I develop most of my domains, so it it’s not really for the domainer to purchase, that’s probably why my outlook is versatile, and pragmatic. I look at my investments in 5 to 7 year window. Good luck to you, I like most of your key-word picks.

  8. I’m just the opposite, Elliot.
    Every dotCom in my portfolio was hand registered.
    Never use the drop services at all.
    I actually like the names I register.

  9. I use my God’s given creativity and “BullS’ domain crystal ball to hand reg domains, and make lots of money.

    Why waste money on those domains that are dropped when they are recycled domains?

    Remember folks, domain is just a BS word game.

  10. I buy about 150 per month, .com and .co all dropped:
    Here are a few:





  11. I hand-reg all the time, probably 30-80 per month, but only after hours of research. My advice is to always stick with .COM and expect to hold them for 2+ years.

  12. I haven’t hand-regged anything in the past 8 months. A lot were dropped because they were low quality. One of the ones I kept was an “online french tutor name. An offer came in through Sedo last year, but I didn’t sell it. I had the most success with .DE handregs, although they were all in German – sold a few of those.

  13. Most of my names are hand regged, but I don’t register that many names.

    I hand regged 1pm.co last week – I think it’s definitely worth the price I paid for it, but curious what y’all think…

    And side question – is there a list with dropping .co names?
    I don’t own that many .co’s, but if there’s a name I really like, or could use for myself, I’d get it.


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