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There seems to be a considerable amount of uncertainty for many brands as it relates to gTLD domain names. The application process may be cumbersome, the marketing aspect is confusing, and the technical aspect would be complicated for non-tech people.

These are just three issues that brand owners and managers must consider when it comes time to decide whether or not to apply for one or more gTLDs.  Business Week addresses many of these issues, and it’s been fascinating to watch from the sidelines, as the Internet and domain business evolves and changes.

Some large companies are certain to apply, while others are undecided. One thing is for certain – hiring a knowledgable gTLD consultant / expert is something brand managers and gTLD applicants should do, whether or not they are planning to apply for a gTLD.

Just today, interactive advertising and media publication,  ADOTAS, recommended appointing a gTLD expert for companies interested in gTLDs. The organization also offered some other important tips as well. In my opinion, all of their recommendations can be carried out by a gTLD consultant.

Companies like Minds & Machines,  Right of the Dot, and Sedari  are three of the primary consulting companies for gTLDs. These companies can help brands evaluate whether or not they should apply for a gTLD, how they would operate and manage their gTLD, and possibly how they could monetize their gTLD if they choose to sell domain names to consumers or simply wish to monetize their websites.

Minds & Machines, Right of the Dot, and Sedari have experts on staff who are very familiar with ICANN policies, registry and registrar relations and operations, and other important aspects of managing a registry.

Personally, I don’t think operating a gTLD is for many companies. It may be unnecessarily expensive and not productive. However, there are many companies that will benefit from a registry, and a gTLD consultant can help a company decide if a gTLD application is a good idea, and if so, how to move forward with it.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Elliot and all,

    If you invest in German domains, and the real .de market (.com.de is no good), you should be checking out ReviewMy.de

    We provide consultation by German native speakers in Germany as well as domain consultation for GErman names and the market (2nd to only .com) as a whole.

    We’ll review two for free and provide proper translation (not incorrect Google translations) for your names and parking keywords, give it a shot.

  2. I agree that a new gTLD is not for many companies. The important thing is twe beware of and weigh up the hype, consider the pros and cons, and take an informed view. The result may be a no, or it may be a yes, either way provided it is informed it is good.

  3. @ Michael

    I´m curious how exactly works the consultation by german native speakers in Germany without german office or contact?

    @ David Taylor

    Totally agree with you. Every company considering to apply, is important not to jump on the new gTLD-bandwagon just because the competition does it. IMO the problem with counterfeit goods and domain grabbing will be definitely not solved just with a new gTLD. Nevertheless I´m in upbeat mood that a new gTLD can help reducing a big part of the counterfeit overfilled search engine results.

  4. Hiring a gtld consultant will improve the business but whom to trust in this matter.. and where to find the right consultant?

  5. As Elliot mentioned a couple of weeks back, my company — Afilias — recently sponsored an objective webinar by the Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership, “Who Should Invest in a dot Brand? Evaluating the Business Case for a Top-Level Domain Name.”

    It was designed to help brands — and organizations & cities — better understand the pros and cons of ICANN new gTLD program. A replay, as well as selected highlights, are at http://afilias.info/gtld-webinar.

  6. @Elliot – Very good article. Thank you for the mention, and it was good to see you, although briefly, at the TRAFFIC conference in Florida.

    The companies that have really ‘cracked the code’ for their brand and found the winning approach for their decisions on moving forward or holding off on new TLDs have been where they have done the following:

    A] involved IT, Legal, Marketing, and C level (Preferably CEO) in the decision making process

    B] made sure that those involved had gone through the stages of grief (ie anger, bargaining, denial, sorrow, etc…) and made it to ‘acceptance’.

    C] brought in trusted subject matter experts to consult that team on the subtleties of ICANN and the application process. This helps to make certain that the objectives and approach that the brand wants to see in their TLD are compatible with the new TLD program.

    I have a number of NDAs to respect, but I can say that there ARE quite a large number of Fortune 100/Fortune 500 brands that ARE applying, and many brands that are well recognized internationally that are smaller and more agile as well.

    I am in charge of Channel Partnerships / applicant support for Sedari, and I am glad to answer questions, plus our website has some good resources as well for brands or other potential applicants.

    @Vance – The gtld webinar link above is a great informational resource for Brands potentially

  7. @Web Hosting: we agree with Elliot that a gTLD specialist is essential to the success of an application. However we believe the advice should not be disconnected from the actual TLD operation, as the two will have to be very much connected, and not only at the technical level.

    I also agree with David that the decision should be informed which means saying “it’s not interesting” may be a bit too short considering the round after this one may take several years to come…

    To that end we have created “OpenMind” which actually incorporates the Consultancy from an independant legal expert – inside the actual Registry offering. You can find out more on our site.

  8. Most of the brand owners (about 95%) are not aware with the opportunity of using their brand as an Top Level Domain. Even they heard about the ICANN’s new gTLD program, they are completely unaware that how this Global Internet Business is applicable for them, for their brand or trad marks and its usage by their clients.

    TLDians is not only offering its services for the awareness about the Business Models and implementation training but also facilitating Developing Economies with the core consultancy services and bridging between prospective applicants of new gtLD and the technologists and Financial Investors.

    TLDians is providing free-of-charge consultancy services for Internet user Community of the Least Developed and under Developing Economies (IC of DgEc). However, its consultants are allowed to charge their fee from Business Community from of these areas (BC of DgEc), if affordable for them.

    TLDians has a fellowship travel grants for the knowledgable gTLD consultant, expert if they need financial support to travel in Developing Economies to deliver their lecture to a reasonable audience encouraging them to enter in the Global Internet Business to strengthen their National/Regional Economies.

    Volunteers are invited to join the TLDians Consultants Team in public interest and support of under developed economies.


    for TLDians.com


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