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I read a report that is for sale and being brokered by Right of the Dot. I reached out to Right of the Dot CEO Monte Cahn, and he confirmed that his company is actively seeking a buyer for this high value domain name. Monte shared that the owner is seeking $20 million for

Monte has a pretty large list of prospective buyers for The domain name seems like a perfect fit for a company that operates in the online poker space. A casino – either virtual or brick and mortar – might also be a good prospect for There are other organizations and businesses related to the world of poker that might also have an interest in this domain name.

While $20 million seems quite high for a domain name, there have been quite a few large gambling domain name sales. According to NameBio, the 5 largest publicly reported gambling related domain name sales are:

  • – $5.5 million
  • – $5.5 million
  • – $3 million
  • – $1 million
  • – $957,937 USD

Commenting on, Monte told me the “Domain gets thousands of unique visitors every month and is probably one of the most valuable domain names in the world and certainly with poker tournaments being televised every day all over the world its the most valuable domain name in the gaming industry by far.” Monte believes that online poker will be legalized in the US, and if that happens, this domain name will be worth more. is not listed in the NamesCon live auction, although Monte indicated that this domain name could be added should a deal not be reached prior to the auction. There are some (potentially) gaming related domain names already in pre-bidding prior to the live auction, including,,, and

Prospective buyers should reach out to Monte via Right of the Dot’s website if they would like more information about the domain name or if they would like to purchase it.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
    • $5.5m for was a low steal of a price, so the comparison to now is completely not a valid “comparable” at all. $5.5m later for was a partial recognition/correction of that low price for in some ways. In fact, I personally may have had something to do with the $5.5m price for instead of it being less than that, though I won’t elaborate.

  1. with AI bots now able to beat even the best poker players, online poker may be doomed in the long run even if it does become legal across state lines again. a case of holding on too long. I can’t see 20 million for this name any longer.

  2. $20m is a bargain for It would be a shame to see it go for much less than that. Would love to see a sealed bid auction with a minimum bid of $10m or $15m, otherwise I really have to wonder about what could happen outside of my years-long fantasy of seeing Christie’s enter the arena. I would even be willing to list this one at Heritage if they agreed to the right kind of minimum bid.

  3. bargain at $20 Mill.

    With crypto going off and .com domains becoming rarer, domains like will become more valuable.

    The ROI on this domain will be phenomenal if they legalize online Poker!

    Now can someone lend me $20 Million so I can deal up a Royal Flush!

  4. Just for the record:

    Based on my often (and often acknowledged) rather keen gifts of observation and perception :), I sense that there is a great and dark wave of extremely great BULLSH-T underway in the world at large to try to devalue this truly rare great domain and lower the owner’s expectations. That would be bad for a whole lot of reasons, not the least of which includes the domain name industry itself and a lot of people in it.

    • Would love to know some of your domain names or even a few of your sales. John with the polar bear icon doesn’t really give me enough information to know if you are an expert or a blowhard.

      I would never consider myself a Bitcoin expert, so why should anyone believe me if I go on a Bitcoin forum and say that Bitcoin is going to $50,000 by Q2 ’18 or Bitcoin will be trading at $200 by March. If I showed that I have made millions of dollars on BTC investments, that would give some credence to my predictions and opinions.

    • I understand, Elliot. Not only is it fair to want to know, but if it were the other way around I would be right up there myself. And I have at times tried to get the same info from others who stay private too no less. But I also understand that some folks like to go that way and have their valid reasons, and was just even explaining the same to Tony for instance over at DNW recently: Perhaps in another five years or so I’ll “out” myself, but too many reasons not to now.

      I even explained about Bitcoin there too. My two big regrets in terms of matters of this life: domain names, and Bitcoin.

      As far as domains go, I probably only have a few that would be considered truly interesting really, with perhaps a bunch of “honorable mentions,” but I do have one that I expect will probably get very interesting in the perhaps not so distant future. If someone were to make an offer now for instance I’d counter with something not very far from $50 million in fact for just the one. 🙂 (Yeah baby – let the trolls roll in after a statement like that.) In fact, I struggle with wondering if even making a vague allusion is a good idea, let alone saying more.

      And yes, I did work in Uncle Sam’s house for a while in the past, one of the great privileges of my life’s journey.

    • Separately, I think is worth more than some of the commenters here. I like it more than to be honest. Perhaps that is because I have an affinity for certain casino brands where I play blackjack and no brand affinity to any poker venue.

    • I will say this, however: I was “there” when was about to be sold, and you can be damn sure I made a huge and if I can say so myself very powerful statement about the value of such domain names and “the way things oughta be” when recognizing the real true value of such online “commercial real estate” assets. And that statement occurred in a context in which the seller was involved and “there” too, and it is also more or less inconceivable and even virtually unfathomable that the buyer also did not see everything I expressed on that. If that helps the guy above, lol.


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