Rick Schwartz Sells Property.com

In a deal announced via his Twitter feed, Rick Schwartz shared that he sold the Property.com domain name:

Although Rick did not announce the value of the deal, he did reveal that he will retain a 10% interest in the new company. Rick mentioned that he will “hold the paper,” and I believe that means the deal is being financed by him. My read is that the buyer will be making payments directly to Rick rather than to a third party. This can be a good way to retain control of the domain name in the event the deal doesn’t work out. It appears that this deal does not involve Properties.com, another domain name owned by Rick.

Rick mentioned the Candy.com deal in his tweet. As some people may recall, Rick owned Candy.com before reaching a deal with a company called Melville Candy Company. Rick sold the domain name for $3,000,000 plus royalties and a 10% ownership stake.

When it comes to domain name dealmaking, Rick is still one of the best.

I look forward to seeing who is behind the Property.com acquisition. Hopefully it is a win/win deal for Rick and the buyer.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
  1. My guess is Rick will ring in the new year with the highest sale of 2017, with property.com eclipsing the sale of Fly.com. Bravo to buyer/seller!

  2. This is a long time coming, I remember this from early 00’s, took almost 2018 to get it sold, such a generic domain, makes you wonder.

  3. I understand he had a 20 year plan but he’s sold enough high value names the last couple of years to accumulate at least 10-15 million. Why continue to sell if you don’t need the money? Does he see the domain market tanking? Sure makes me wonder what his real thoughts are.

    • Relax. Your thinking is backwards. The domain name market is not tanking because Rick sold his domain name. The domain name market is growing because this end user bought it from an investor. Remember, end users are more important to the market that we investors are. When we see higher sale prices and more transaction volumes, the market for domain names is doing well because end user demand for domain names is there. Congratulations to Rick and to the buyer, who has made a wise investment in his or her business future.

    • Rick is in his 60s. Why wouldn’t he plan on cashing out in his retirement? How do you know he doesn’t ‘need’ the money? For all you know he might be trying to buy the Carolina Panthers or run for Governor, etc. I’ve never heard Rick mention not ‘needing; the money, just oscillating between part-full time retirement. Domain market isn’t tanking at all. In fact, the tax cuts will flush companies with larger budgets, new gTLD experiment has failed, and the retail B&M market correction should be complete in 2018. If anything, sales & marketing departments are going to have $$$ to secure all the digital assets for their purposes next year. Which means that all the premium domain names with commercial meaning are about to take center stage. Its just the domain speculators with worthless assets that are going to tank and go bankrupt…the tide is going out sooner than later.

  4. re “Does he see the domain market tanking” I can’t and won’t speak for Rick but the better statement might be that Yes the domain market and industry is maturing IMO after 20 plus years of watching the tides and ins and outs.

    PPC has been in decline for a decade and yes the GTLD activity had some (debatable) impact and of course apps social media sites etc.

    Many factors have affected domain investment value and strategy.

    One thing remains the same however and we changed our home page to a very simple design today.

    this is our new simple call to action statement

    “If they can’t remember your name Nothing else matters”

    And that especially applies in an era of sharing where having a good brand domains that can be easily remembered and shared is paramount to having an army of unpaid secret salespeople being ambassadors for your business products and services and driving uncounted numbers of free traffic to your business website.

    So obviously we at BrandsTek feel very strongly that domsins as brands and as growth and protection assets will remain a viable investment but Only for those willing to wait possibly for years as in the case of this reported sales.

    In addition to support the value of domains to end users allow me to remind us of Ricks own comparison to the cost of setting up a brick and mortar office and you will see that internet real estate aka domains are a very good value indeed.

    Congrats Rick

    • The time a domain name investor needs to wait for a futuristic of tech concept is getting shorter and shorter day by day

      I buy tech concept. Com domain names for reg fee

      You only have to look back in time to realise that back in the 80’s etc if you had the idea of flying cars etc you’d have looked a bit stupid talking about it to others and trying to secure investment for such a concept back then but now there are quite a few self made bored billionaire tech investors who understand tech and how it works and who have vast capital to invest in such ideas etc and who are more than willing to invest because they may have made their fortunes in as Co founders of an Internet giant but now using their fortune to be the sole investor in future tech etc

      An example of my tech concepts

      Virtually everywhere you go these days there are coffee chain drive thru’s and fast food drive thru’s etc but no grocery drive thrus etc

      So I though it’s only a matter of time before people get groceries via a drive thru so I bought the self explanatory two keyword dot com for reg fee and currently it just sits on the shelf until either I want to do something with it or someone else has the same idea I have for it and wants to buy it off me etc

      But tech concepts are going from idea to multiple billion dollar tech giants within 4 to 5 years and many will be seed funded eg have a good few quid to spend on the right dot com of their idea and they almost have to have the dot com of their idea at virtually any price

      So yes I am. A domain name investor but I tend to buy my own tech concept idea dot coms and just sit on them

      But either domain names eg dot com or crypto eg buying g it or day trading it or grocery concepts and ride sharing concepts etc

      We are in quite a special era in history

      Living the dream

      Prices of digital property haven’t started to increase in value partly because most of the alleged property experts who allegedly know about property haven’t got a clue that digital property exists and or what it’s worth and or that it’s worth anything at all

      Example? Write your best domain name on a bit of paper and show it to your bank manager lol and see if you can secure a loan against it? Lol its digital property so by rights if they know about digital property you would be able to secure a loan against digital property?

      But a person can secure a loan against an actual house that they own eg property etc

      You couldn’t secure a loan against 1000 bitcoin in 2010 but the same 1000 bitcoin if held in 2017 can buy half the street for cash outright no mortgage required

      That’s the era we live in now but the majority are clueless as to this new era and it’s digital property

  5. Congrats to him!
    As long as he is happy, made a profit who cares how long the deal runs etc. If you get enough cash up front the rest is all cherry.

  6. What is a value of a higher sale to someone in his 60s? Does any of you idiots think of the meaning behind it all? What is the meaning to EXTRA MORE money when the dick is limp and skin is saggy and the body aches every day? Bozo the Clown should’ve sold for less when the money would’ve made all the difference in quality of his remaining manly energy. Not now. Too late. 20 years ago a young girl could’ve called Rick a daddy. Today a young girl calls him a grandpa. You go gramps, keep up a good work, lol!


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