Podcast.com Domain Name Acquired by Amazon

It is now confirmed that Amazon acquired the Podcast.com domain name, and the company is now forwarding Podcast.com to a page within its Audible-brand website. Jamie Zoch tweeted and emailed me about the sale of Podcast.com in 2019 when the domain name transferred under privacy to MarkMonitor using their DNStinations, Inc. privacy proxy service:

As you can see by visiting Podcast.com, Amazon was the buyer of the domain name. In addition to the forwarding, the Whois record at DomainTools now shows Amazon Technologies, Inc. as the registrant of Podcast.com:

Another domain name that was mentioned as possibly acquired by Amazon was Podcasting.com. That domain name also forwards to Audible, and Whois records show Amazon is the registrant of that domain name, too. Jamie also mentioned that Podcaster.com changed hands, but that domain name does not resolve to an active website, and the domain name is still registered under privacy proxy.

Judging by the screenshot history at DomainTools, it would appear that Podcast.com had been parked at Uniregistry. Historical Whois records at DomainTools show the domain name was previously registered to Domain Capital, a New Jersey company that offers domain name financing.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. We sold it. Are you sick of us winning yet? We sold them Podcasting.com also!

    Domainers need to stop thinking so small. We hold the keys to the most valuable assets on Earth.

    Fasten your seat belt because we are going to the moon!

  2. I’m sure it was sold for an amazing price but i really dislike the word in general and am rather surprised Apple didn’t try to claim ownership of it in one way or another. These days however “podcast” is a dated term as no one is listening them on ipods anymore. I’ve always disliked the term because it is linked to the Apple product. You’d think a better term would of caught on by now.

  3. Congrats to Media Options. One note, it’d be nice when in this scenario if a broker that is also an investor would say they “brokered the sale of [domain]” instead of saying “we sold it”. Saying “we sold it” is too confusing. Did you own it and sell it or did you broker the sale on behalf of someone else? A little clarification can go a long way. Just my 2c.

    • Agreed JA. In addition to being confusing, it takes away from a broker’s well-deserved credit for handling a sale for the actual owner.

  4. Even if you don’t like this Rosener guy for all the right reasons, he can still be right about some things nonetheless. That applies to anyone no matter who it is or what they’ve done. And people should take note of this statement below because he’s right, and so many of you need to snap out of having domain value dictated to you by those who even benefit from devaluation (including in the industry itself) and most importantly dictated without regard to real world end user value. Both commercial and sometimes with regard to even non-commercial value. In fact, although it requires using an actual mind to see and apprehend it, on rare occasions sometimes even the immediate and ongoing non-commercial value of a super valuable domain can exceed the immediate direct commercial value. Stop thinking like a mindless “flipper” and stop thinking of domains the same way you think about the value and “appraisal” of residential real estate.

    “Domainers need to stop thinking so small. We hold the keys to the most valuable assets on Earth.”

    • You know the response – NDA

      Rosener thinks he is in the same league as Schilling, Ham, Mann, so on. Just be humble and go ahead with your success.

      There are successful brokers better than Rosener, who keep a low profile.

      • Yes, there are a number of exceptional brokers.

        Schilling and Hamm are no longer really even in the “league.” As far as I know, Andrew likely sells and brokers far more domain names and a much higher dollar amount than Mike.

        Andrew and his company won the Escrow.com award last year (and prior years), which is given to the broker who does the largest volume of deals through Escrow.com: https://domaininvesting.com/2020-escrow-com-master-of-domains/

        I don’t think there are more successful brokers than Andrew (by volume), although that $30 million GoDaddy broker of Voice.com did pretty well.


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