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Breaking News: CCIN Joins ICANN Business Constituency


Castello Cities Internet Network, owners and operators of geo websites PalmSprings.com, Nashville.com, WestPalmBeach.com, LagunaBeach.com, Daycare.com, Whisky.com and many other great Internet properties, has been accepted into the ICANN Business Constituency. The Business Constituency is made up of Internet leaders such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Walt Disney, Ebay, and several other prominent companies. This is good news for the domain investment and development community, as CCIN has proven to be a leader in this space.
I had the chance to chat with David today:
EJS: As Chief Operating Officer of CCIN, how do you hope to contribute to the Business Constituency, and what does your company bring to the table?
David Castello:CCIN develops domain names into successful, business entities. One of our priorities is to protect the property rights of professional domainers and developers. The current Bad Faith clause in UDRP arbitration must be maintained and not diluted. If anything, it should be strengthened to put more burden of proof on the Complainant. Over 80% of all UDRP arbitration ends in transferring the domain name. Of course, many of these complaints are totally justified and we are opposed to those who would purposely infringe on another’s trademark. However, we are also opposed to those who may wish to broaden trademark powers to the point where it would infringe on the property rights of generic domain name owners and leave them susceptible to reverse domain name hijacking.
I believe David and his brother Michael have the knowledge, experience and personality that will allow them to transcend the invisible line that often pits domain investors against others in the Internet community. The Castello Brothers’ strong and rationale voice is a big win for the domain investment and development community, and I think it’s great that they are representing us in the Business Constituency.

Is There Money in .Mobi Development?


I know many people who make money from developed or parked domain names in the .com, .net, and .org extensions (myself included in the .com and soon .net). I haven’t spoken with anyone who has made money with .mobi names – other than a couple people who were very happy when they flipped a name to a speculator for a profit. Maybe I am just not networking with people who are doing big things with their .mobi names – a distinct possibility.
That said, I am wondering if any domain developer/investor has a financial success story around the development of a .mobi website (either generating revenue from direct to advertiser sales or even PPC). I don’t want to turn this into any type of pissing contest, but I am interested in knowing if there is money to be made in developing or parking .mobi domain names.
I am sure there is some traffic on the great one-word names like news.mobi or traffic.mobi or directions.mobi, but I am wondering what type of return people are seeing on these names. I am looking for independent investors and developers (like myself) rather than on large companies whose mobile websites can be reached using .com or .mobi (like BOA).
I paid a considerable amount of money for Lowell.com and Burbank.com knowing how I would develop these names and knowing the approximate amount of time it would take to earn a return on my investment, but I have no clue about .mobi. It’s been over a year and a half since the launch of .mobi names, and I would like to know if money has been made with development.

Reseda.com – Geodomain for Sale – Great BIN Price


An acquaintance of mine is brokering the domain name Reseda.com, a great west-coast Geodomain. I would buy this name at this price, but am looking to invest in an east-coast city domain name. Reseda is a suburb/district of Los Angeles in an area called the San Fernando Valley. The BIN price for Reseda.com is just $25,000! To buy this great domain name, post “sold” in the comments section or send an email to Sally, who is brokering the name for her friend.
As reported in DNJournal a couple weeks ago, SimiValley.com recently sold for $90,000. Below is a comparison of key figures between Simi Valley and Reseda:
—-Comparison of Reseda, California to Simi Valley, California (courtesy of Sally)——
Reseda – 99,000 (Year 2008, Source: LA Times – 68,000 in 2000 according to Wikipedia)
Simi Valley – 118,687 (Year 2005, Source: Wikipedia)
Average Home Value:
Reseda- $550,000 (Year 2007, Source: BestPlaces.net)
Simi Valley – $545,000 (Year 2006, Source: CNN Money.com)
Median Household Income:
Reseda- $45,996 (Year 2007, Source: BestPlaces.net)
Simi Valley – $85,175 (Year 2006, Source: CNN Money.com)

Floyd Mayweather Files Cybersquatting Suit


TMZ is reporting that Floyd “Money” Mayweather has filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Sports & Entertainment Marketing for publishing an unauthorized fan website on FloydMayweather.net. According to the legal documents filed in the State of Nevada, Mayweather is suing for damages related to cybersquatting, as they used his name and fight footage in order to generate revenue. Mayweather is seeking unspecified damages in this lawsuit.
Interestingly, FloydMayweather.com was just transferred to the Greenberg Traurig law firm on or around May 17, 2008. This is the law firm that is representing Mayweather in the case against Atlanta Sports & Entertainment Marketing.
As foes like Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton know, you don’t mess with “Money” Mayweather!

Results of TRAFFIC East No/Low Reserve Auction


Moniker’s Low and No Reserve Auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East was held Tuesday evening, and the results of the auction are here:
daycare.org – $16,500.00
refinancing.net – $8,000.00
SpaceForRent.com – $8,000.00
DietChocolate.com – $7,500.00
TreatmentProgram.com – $4,000.00
but.net – $2,900.00
period.net – $2,750.00
15yearloan.com – $2,750.00
licensedrealestatebroker.com & licensedrealestatebrokers.com – $2,200.00
semisweetchocolate.com – $2,000.00
BroadwayShows.info – $1,750.00
encyclopedias.net – $1,000.00
ForexTradingTools.com – $800.00
any.biz – $800.00
XXX.SC – $300.00
Total sales: $62,750
Top sale: $16,500 for DayCare.org
Percentage of names sold: 53%
The highly anticipated Moniker Live Auction will take place this Friday beginning at 2pm. If you are interested in bidding online, make sure you sign up ASAP and download the auction software.

GeoDomain Expo Announced


The date and location of the 2008 GeoDomain Expo has been finalized and announced. For those of you who are in the GeoDomain space (or are looking to get into it), this is a fantastic opportunity to network with, and learn from the best of the best. The event is co-sponsored by The Kelsey Group and Associated Cities.
The event details are as follows:
When: July 10th – 12th, 2008
Where: W Chicago – City Center
Sponsors: The Kelsey Group & Associated Cities
Tickets: Purchase at AssociatedCities.com (Early Bird Special is only $595 until May 31st)
A sponsorship by the Kelsey Group shows just how important GeoDomains are to so many different companies. From what I’ve been told, the conference will be geared towards GeoDomains of all TLDs.
I am going to be there, and I look forward to meeting other people in the Geodomain space. Let me know if you can make it as well.
***This is an unconfirmed rumor, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that there might be a comeback performance from the 1980’s hit rock band, Michael Seven during the GeoDomain Expo. Stay tuned for more details…

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