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Rumor Has It…


Rumor has it that Internet domain mogul Rick Latona will be going live on his new blog very soon at RickLatona.com. Rick’s company has been making big waves recently with his “Daily Domains” subscription email, selling high value domain names at great prices. His sales have been peppered across DNJournal’s Weekly Sales Report of late, and it’s sure to continue.

netRocket Reaches Milestone


netRocket, an online bookmark scheduling service recently passed the 100,000 bookmarks milestone. This is huge considering the company recently went live. The upward growth is sure to continue as the amount of information and information sources on the Internet grows. The company made news at last month’s DomainFest domain auction by paying over $300,000 for the domain name Bookmarks.com. netRocket’s service is perfect for domain investors looking to track expired domain auctions and other time-sensitive bookmarks.
Congratulations to the team at netRocket for reaching this great milestone!

Importance of Maintaining Liquidity


In difficult financial times and tough market conditions, it is very important to maintain a portfolio of liquid domain assets that could be sold very quickly if necessary. Two and three letter .com (LL.com & LLL.com) names, strong dictionary .com terms, city/geographic terms and some numeric domain names are considered liquid domain assets.
There are reasons for maintaining solid liquidity, other than having bills to pay. For one, other people may need to start selling their liquid assets, and if you are in the right place at the right time – and you have the capital to make the purchase, you could benefit. Additionally, it costs quite a bit of money to develop and maintain a website. If you need to finance a web project, you may need the cash in short order.
When you evaluate whether your portfolio has enough liquidity, think about

Before You Develop Domain Names


If you are like many other domain investors, you probably have quite a few domain names with an idea of how to develop each of them – or a thought about what type of website each could become. As mentioned on this blog and on other blogs, development is difficult. If you are strongly thinking about developing (and not just contemplating), I would like to offer a few suggestions to help you decide which name(s) to develop and how to plan it out.
1) Review your portfolio and identify your best domain name – either the category killer name or a great niche name. Determine whether you think this name is worth spending between $5,000 – $100,000+ for a functioning website (depending on how well-functioning you want it). IMO, to spend money to develop a domain name, you either need a great new idea for your website to attract visitors or your domain name is the category killer name that people type-in expecting to find information on the subject. Honestly, if you don’t have either, you probably shouldn’t spend a lot of money developing the name. Don’t fret – just spend the extra money to buy one of these names instead of 500 fresh registrations!
2) Write an outline of how you see the finished product.

Domain Psychology


If others are like me, they probably find themselves searching for domain names based on events going on in their life. Lately, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time searching for wedding, pet, and real estate domain names. I do some keyword research via Keyword Discovery in addition to the “real world” research that I am constantly doing. I also look-up category killer names on iWhois.com.
Exploring new areas can

Domain Industry Making News


The domain industry has made the news again this week, this time with an article appearing in Investors Business Daily (found on CNN). With the domain industry maintaining its strength, mainstream news outlets are taking notice and beginning to cover the industry. These positive articles discuss how the industry is becoming more mainstream, which will continue to make venture capital companies more comfortable when investing millions of dollars.
Here are a few other recent articles that have appeared in mainstream press:
Christian Science Monitor
The Telegraph (UK)
International Herald Tribune
While much of the world’s economic systems are going through tumultuous times, the domain industry appears to be strong. The continued success and growth of the industry is leading to greater focus as it’s becoming an alternative to traditional investing vehicles. As more venture capital firms invest in the domain space, I believe we will see similar articles in the mainstream press. With the domain industry becoming less secretive, the fruits the industry bears may become even more lucrative.

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