NameJet Holding Focus Groups at NamesCon


If you’re a NameJet customer attending NamesCon, the company will be hosting focus groups during the conference. Here’s what was emailed to me this morning:

“NameJet will be conducting a series of focus groups at NamesCon 2020 in Austin TX from Jan 29 – Feb 1, 2020. If you are attending NamesCon and would like to participate, please click the link below.

NameJet will be providing a gift to everyone that participates in the focus group.”

There was a sign-up form to choose a time, which you can access via this NameJet tweet:

I am not going to participate in a formal focus group, but I thought I would share some feedback as a NameJet buyer:

  • Require all private auction domain names to be registered at a registrar to ensure fulfillment. It might annoy sellers to have to pay for a transfer in advance, but that pales in comparison to being a buyer who paid substantial money for a domain name only to have to wait weeks to have the name provisioned.
  • If a domain name is not provisioned to a buyer within one week (arbitrary), NameJet should proactively update the buyer and give the option for a refund.
  • Offer at-cost transfers to registrars to give sellers a deal when they are listing their names for sale.
  • Improve customer service response time. If nobody is going to answer the phone or return a phone call promptly, remove the customer service phone number from the website. Provide an email address that is monitored and respond to customers within a 24 hours (at most) during normal business hours.
  • Provide better communications to sellers about when their payments will arrive.
  • Add search functionality to allow buyers to avoid private auctions if they would like. Unless I really want a name, I totally skip over names with reserve prices since those are all private auctions and I do not really want to bid on private auctions for a variety of reasons.
  • Eliminate the 2.5% sales fee that was implemented a few years ago.
  • Search NamePros for “NameJet” and follow-up with people who have outstanding issues.


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