History of the GoDaddy Logo


Since the company was founded by Bob Parsons in 1997, GoDaddy has become the largest domain registrar in the world, and it is one of the leading web service providers as well. Since that time, the GoDaddy logo has undergone quite a few changes. Some of the changes were small in nature, while others were quite major.

You can see some of the GoDaddy logo changes over the years. There were a few notable changes worth highlighting:

  • In 2013, GoDaddy removed the .com from the corporate logo.
  • In 2018, the GoDaddy man icon was removed from the logo.
  • In 2020, the company announced a totally new logo.

Here’s a look at the evolution of GoDaddy’s header logos over the years (the actual logo may have been slightly different than what was shown in the header). Thanks to Archive.org for providing many of these GoDaddy logos:

Circa 2000 (may be original GoDaddy Software logo):




Circa 2001:




Circa 2003:




Circa 2004:




Circa 2005:




Circa 2008:





Circa 2011:





Circa 2012:




Circa 2013:




Circa 2015:




Circa 2016:



Circa 2018:




Circa 2020:




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  1. You just had to talk about the GoDaddy logo again didn’t you. Lol
    I still don’t like the new GoDaddy logo and it will never grown on me either.
    2016 logo was the best GoDaddy logo IMO.

  2. Agree with Mark….
    Reminds me of pampers logo.
    In the very least a slight break at top of G would be a better visual for the word.
    The patchwork tote looks like something a grandma would appreciate
    A generic globe for the O with the G
    superimposed would be better.

    the good- it will change again according to history

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