Educating Clients About New TLDs LogoI strongly believe that the more that domain registrars publicize and promote new gTLD domain names, the greater the likelihood these TLDs will gain traction with consumers and be in demand. I’ve mentioned how eNom is promoting gTLDs, and I wanted to share the interesting way is also promoting them.

When you visit under Products, there is a section called “New TLD Watcher.” This section is devoted to gTLD domain names, which is calling “nTLDs.” I think that variant is interesting in and of itself because of the confusion factor, but the real area of interest for observers is the amount of information the company provides about these TLDs, including a fairly comprehensive but understandable FAQ page. takes things a step further than many other registrars at this point, and the domain registrar has created a splash page for around 60 proposed TLDs. The new TLD guide discusses the benefit of owning each TLD and has availability information as well. I assume these pages will be updated as release dates become more clear. Have a look at the .APP page to see what’s discussed.

In my opinion, new TLDs are going to become a profit center for many domain registrars. I believe the TLD registries are going to have to make sweet deals with domain registrars like to have “shelf space,” and the registrars who educate clients about these new TLDs are going to benefit. It’s especially wise to take non-binding pre-orders, since the company can use the information to negotiate with registries and create a lead list for when the TLD becomes available.

Nearly all of my domain name investments are .com, and I am quite confident that will stay true for the long haul. However, it’s good to see what’s happening in this space and be ready to make acquisitions if opportunities present themselves. Staying aware of how domain registrars are educating end users is important and will ensure that domain investors don’t fall asleep at the wheel as new TLDs become available.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • What exactly am I “propagandizing?”

      There are many industry experts (and millionaires many times over) who are very bullish on gTLDs. I tend to give them a bit more credence than a blog commenter I know nothing about.

  1. Hello Elliot,

    If you really had a clue on what will be coming down you would quit foolishly selling your .COM Profit Centers. You truly do not understand the powerful Strategic Marketing qualities of .COM Profit centers and their future usage by the SMART Money.

    History will record us all, and I am on the right side of the line in the sand being drawn right now.

    My professional Marketing Analyst advice is treasure your current .COM holdings or look the fool 5 years from now.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    • It makes me chuckle when people tell me that I am being foolish when I’ve been investing in domain names full time for 5+ years and as a profitable hobby since 2003.

      I buy and sell high value domain names on a weekly basis. I sell them when I can get a great ROI and use the funds to buy more and better domain names. You can see some of the names here:

      Until you tell me your credentials aside from being a “professional Marketing Analyst,” I am not going to waste my time debating you. It would take just a few moments to tell me some of your domain holdings and I’ll decide whether you’re someone whose opinion I should trust or someone who is full of hot air and/or has ulterior motives.

    • Elliot,

      I respect the fact that marketers are marketers and investors are investors.

      I don’t think we should disqualify marketers point of view based on portfolio nor development.

  2. You post as if you are an expert on all the blogs around here. What are your best domain names and largest sales so we can judge for ourselfs about how much of an expert you are.

  3. Hey guys, full disclosure I do marketing for but wanted to let you know we also have a blog series around nTLD information everything from to keep people informed.

    If you search, ‘nTLDs’ on our blog it aggregates all the posts, or you can click here:

    Interesting stuff…everything from updates to the process (ICANN) to what it means for end user and brand holders to some of the more controversial topics like who should be awarded .ART.

    Hit us up @namedotcom if you have questions or comments!

  4. @ Timmy,

    I am Market Analyst Professional, how bout you Timmy?

    Instead of showing everybody how uneducated you are about me and the Internal Market dynanmics of whats going on research me and read what M.I.T. has to say . These are professionals not Registrars interested in selling broken dreams to the masses.

    Elliot I have in my client book many millionaires times over, go to Linked-
    In Jointventures Group and look up my profile.

    The body of evidence on the new gTLDs is very telling if you look at unbiased market participants, and not the Registrar shake down going on.

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group) (Metal tiger)

    • I have hundreds of connections on LinkedIn (and hundreds of endorsements), and I don’t know many of them, so our social media connections don’t really mean much in terms of validating your or my expertise.

      I am very open about my domain name investments and sales, so people can see that I am not just a commentator from the sidelines.

  5. Hello Elliot,

    If thats the best attempt a character assasination you have to aim at me its weak. I have 45 years + market analysing experience and know that Social playground cnnections mean nothing in a real world scenario.

    You are being duped with the wrong info. and you will realize it shortly. Yes I am a commentator and by your defamation of commentators as being what ??? What are you feabily trying to imply here?

    I really dont have time to play with you but only am giving you advanced warning of being on the wrong side of End- User counciling with your solicitations of gTLDs. History will record you from here on out.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    • I clearly know nothing about you so your characterization of my comment is way off base. I asked you to share some of your domain names so I can get an idea of who you are and know whether I should value your opinion.

  6. @ Elliot,

    Your Ego precedes you with this ignorant response. The real joke is that you judge knowledge by your perceived values of URLs only. You will not LOL when shakes the newspapers.

    Ps. I will bet you have not checked my profile over at Domain Kings Joint Venture Group on Linked- In , which tells me you are sophomoric in verifying authentic truths. Good luck friend you will need it.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. Wow! Jeff Schneider is such a dick.

    Someone that arrogant and aggressive generally is not successful, plus he doesn’t even state his Domain sales.

    Also, I had a look at
    Jeff did you make that with Microsoft Word? Also, what the F**k are you talking about? That nonsensical garbage/drivel you have on that site explains nothing… like your posts in this blog.

    The domain name is garbage. You know what I loved though. How the company is “destined to be a strategic world mass-marketing asset”!

    I love it! It sounds exactly like what many people are doing already. A CPC advertising network.

    You’re my hero Steve. You’d be so innovative and respected if you had a time machine (and a copy of Dreamweaver).

  8. Also, if you were such an expert on Domain Name speculation, wouldn’t you understand that it’s the market that dictates the value. Their speculative aspect and perception, which dictates the value of the asset?
    I’ve been working in I.T. for years mate, as a tech, engineer and manager and I can tell you, I would not touch your bogus scam with a ten foot pole. Your idea already exists mate.
    I just showed our CEO and Marketing Manager your site. We had a great chuckle. Could use some more CAPS and underlines though. Rubbish!

  9. Mobiles have made life easy. Gone days when you used to say ‘full domain name’ over phone or personally. Today – you just send a link.
    With this development in mind. A normal user don’t mind what extension is added to a particular domain name as long as that link is available digitally.

    Acquiring top notch premium domain name under new gtld’s will be a good investment from both long/short term perspective.

  10. Let the games begin and the journey.

    Wont be a good result in pump and dump. Bloggers and owner of .noise will be the benefits.

    3 out 100 new extensions will possible make it. Better odds at casino. Will there be upside to things? Yes.

    Besides this topic, enjoy Elliots posts and on sales, news and experiences. Flipping and progressing. He is a pure .com domainer. Learned a lot from him. But disagree on this post.

    We shall see where things are in 5 years. For me focused on pure on pure type in traffic and .com


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