“#MoscowMitch:” Cashing in on a Trend


I’ve never been a huge fan of buying trend domain names. More often than not, a trend peters out super fast or has some legs before being forgotten (see covfefe domain names, for example). One trend domain name apparently resulted in a $2,500 sale, as reported by the buyer:

A Whois search shows that the MoscowMitch.com domain name was originally registered in January of this year. The domain name was registered under privacy proxy at GoDaddy, so the registrant is unknown. #MoscowMitch has been a trending hashtag on Twitter and seems to be growing more popular. It is related to the US Senator from Kentucky (and Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell.

According to the tweet referenced above, the domain name was acquired for $2,500. The domain name recently transferred to Google Domains under privacy. I looked at the GoDaddy Appraisal tool to see if it listed the sale as a comparable, but it was not listed. Because of this, the sale and / or sale price can not be verified.

In the whole scheme of things, a $2,500 sale isn’t all that big, but I am sure the registrant feels great cashing in on the trend.


  1. All domains started from “trend” . chicken or the eggs.
    Look at cloud,marijuana, hemp,bitcoin, crypto and now meatless vegan….etc

    Most of my domains are hand reg following trend and there are money to be made.

    • Very rarely is there any money to be made. Hundreds of thousands in reg fees for every thousand dollars in sales I’d say. Mostly it is stuff that lasts 2 weeks.

      • Agreed – that is why I thought this was worth highlighting.

        People seem to register time sensitive domain names like these with ridiculous price expectations. By the time they realize they overpriced their domain names, the trend or topic has passed, as has the opportunity to sell. Pricing at $2,500 seemed to be a wise decision.

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