Mining the Long Tail


I am in the process of developing a debt-related mini-site. I am writing the articles for it and would like some keyword research related to debt so I can mine the long tail and dominate the long (but high paying) keywords. I want to target some low hanging fruit keywords that others may not notice. The competition will be less, and my site will hopefully rank higher.
Can anyone recommend a place to get a large list of keywords for a good price?


  1. Hey Elliot – Do you ever use Estibot? Although it’s now a tiered site, they have some pretty good tools. I have a premium membership ther and use it almost every day. Good value for the $$…..Bob
    BTW – Thanks for your kind words a few weeks back….

  2. Thanks, guys. I’ve used KD and WT and like them both. I didn’t know if anyone had alternatives for debt-related keywords – thanks for the advice 🙂

  3. once you get to the long tail you can’t trust keyword discovery or wordtracker at all. Sometimes you can’t even trust them on the short tail.
    go to wordtracker and type in the word “student” to see what I mean. “student rentals niagara ontario” is evidently the 3rd most searched term containing the word student according to wordtracker….
    Use the adwords tool, it’s as good as anything.

  4. Google, etc “debt” to review all the industry-related terms used in both the organic and paid results; then Google these terms as well.
    Time consuming but effective.

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