Mike Mann Reports Aux.com Sale


Mike Mann just announced that his company sold the three letter Aux.com domain name for $100,000. The news was announced in a Twitter tweet and public Facebook post:

In an update on the Facebook post, Mike mentioned that he acquired acquired the domain name for $30,000 in 2008. Based on a screenshot from earlier this year it appears the original asking price was $300,000.

Whois records show that Aux.com is still registered to Mike, so the deal should still be considered pending. I am writing about it because Mike made it public, so I have no reason to believe it will not go through.

Assuming the deal goes through and is reported to Ron Jackson at DNJournal it will rank in the top 100 publicly reported domain name sales of 2015. As of today, the sale of Aux.com would rank at #62 tied with Gang.com, BSH.com, Autism.Rocks, and Net.Work, although that could change depending on other sales that are reported prior to this.

I couldn’t even guess what company bought this domain name for $100k, so I guess we will have to wait until the Whois changes.

Congratulations to Mike on the sale.


  1. Thanks, the fact is it sold way too cheap as a way to keep good cash flowing. Any investor in the world would make out at that value. That is the most we ever discounted (also the most I ever paid for an unused name.) Cant imagine how it could ever be worth less in the future but can predict him selling it for $1M+ in the future.

  2. Apple’s stock averaged around $20 in 2008. It is $110 today. $30k would have gotten you $165k now. Only saying since he wants to make it look like he got a ridiculous return.

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