Listfish “Connecting Domain Owners with Creators”

I received an email from Anton Waldburg who let me know about his interesting domain name project called Listfish. The objective of Listfish is to connect the owners of unused domain names with people and startups that can utilize them. The domain names can be donated or an investment proposal can be made.

Here’s a description of Listfish and how it can help connect domain name owners and people who can use a domain name for their project:

“So you have an old domain that you can’t use anymore? Have you thought about donating or possibly even investing it in a new idea?

On we connect people who have old unused domains available, with people who have new ideas an might be able to use these domains.

There might just be someone out there who can use your old domain to create an exciting project, wouldn’t that be great?”

This is an interesting concept, although I don’t know how much utility it will have amongst domain investors. I think there are probably developers and startup founders who own domain names that haven’t been used, and they would be happy to do a solid for someone else, especially on a hand registered domain name that hasn’t been used yet. I am sure there are many domain names that would fit the bill, and I bet there are people who would be happy to help someone else by giving them an unused domain name.

Some of the current Listfish listings include:, Familiar.To, and I am sure other domain names will be added as others learn about this concept.

You can learn about how Lisfish works on the website’ about us page.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Ha! Hard to take a company seriously that ends with an .SH cctld, no matter how cutesy it is intended to be. Let them buy a good .com and I will check them out at that time. Until that time, I suggest that they look into getting a new domain for themselves.

  2. I have been thinking about something similar lately, so this kind of thing could be the beginning of exactly what I have been thinking about.

    What I have been thinking about is a revenue sharing side, which closely corresponds to the investment side.

    In my case, however, I don’t like the idea of just fully handing over a domain and accepting a % in return for an uncertain project. What I think is much better is a % while retaining the domain, especially in case the project fails or the people fizzle out.

    This could be an excellent way for domain investors to monetize.

    Let’s say you have a great domain, but you don’t have the wherewithal or time to develop it or you just don’t feel up to it. But maybe you don’t want to just sell it either, especially not for less that what it’s really worth, and you don’t want to just discard it either.

    Along comes an idea like this and like what I have been thinking about lately. There are people out their who have the time, motivation, personnel and wherewithal to develop and run a business on your perfectly suited domain. So the deal is, you let them use and manage it while still retaining possession in exchange for a % of gross revenue. Yes, gross, not net. I shouldn’t need to even explain that, but anyone who’s ever had any accounting classes should at least know how important it is to think in terms of gross and not net, considering the various “ways and means” by which “net” can be an exercise in futility.

    You do not just give over the domain completely in this scenario. And naturally there would need to be some legalities in place to guarantee the other side that they would be able to continue using it and you couldn’t just decide to fizzle out yourself. This scenario is also win-win and I feel much better than just an uncertain handover.

    This could be the start of something excellent for domain investors who aren’t just in the business of flipping and selling, but rather interested in sustained income in lieu of such forms of elimination. I hope that is exactly what occurs, and I definitely have some domains I would gladly place as candidates for such use and which I daresay would be perfect for such a purpose.

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