Donald J. Trump Files UDRP for Trump.NYC


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According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, Donald J. Trump has filed a UDRP for the Trump.NYC domain name. The UDRP is case #D2015-0293. Trump.NYC was registered in November of 2014.

Trump.NYC appears to be registered to a company based on Fifth Avenue in New York City. At the present time, the domain name resolves to a default GoDaddy landing page. There are PPC links on the page, but they appear to be pretty random.

According to an article published on Crain’s New York Business that covered the sale of .NYC domain names, Trump.NYC was won at auction for $280.

Mr. Trump and his company are familiar with the UDRP process, as they are protective of the Trump brand and how it is used. The company has filed (and won) UDRP proceedings for several domain names, including,,,,, and others. Mr. Trump also won a cybersquatting lawsuit in March of 2014.

Although the “Trump” name and branding is famous in New York City (and throughout the world), it will be an interesting case because “trump” is also a commonly used dictionary word. Since the Trump.NYC domain name doesn’t seem to be used right now, it could be difficult to prove bad faith.

We’ll see how this proceeding plays out.


  1. Interesting. Ya, since Trump is a dictionary word, should be fun to watch. Also because a company owns it, they might not roll over as would smaller domain owner.

  2. Personally, I’d like him to bring Lanham act charges. I’m so tired of cybersquatters thinking they hit the lottery because “Mr. Trump” missed one and he has lots of money. Personally I can’t stand the guy but this just makes us all look bad. You think Trump, You think NYC.

  3. Scott, i agree completely. I was in the .nyc auctions full on, and i didnt even try to get one of the brand names. And Trump to me is brand name as far as i am concerned. I dont have time dealing with headhes and being called cyber squatter. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who don’t think like that. Heck, there were people who clearly were in the auction for it.
    Interestingly is being used by german digital agency

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