Sold for $100,000 AUD


Another $100,000 AUD domain name sale was reported over the weekend. Erhan Karabardak, Director at Cooper Mills Lawyers, reported that was sold for $100,000 AUD. His firm was involved in the deal. At today’s exchange rate, that is approximately $68,349 USD:

The sale was reported by Domain Name Junction, a publication that focuses on the Australian domain name marketplace. was reportedly acquired by the company that operates the business.

In May, it was reported that the domain name was also sold for $100,000 AUD. This sale currently ranks #34 on the DNJournal year to date sales report. Once Ron Jackson archives the sale, it will rank in the top 10 ccTLD domain name sales of the year. The sale of will also rank near the top 10 domain name sales of all time, as recorded by NameBio.


  1. $100,000 AUD was on with less than 24 hours notice and not on a weekday.

    High bid on rival platform was $151,419 AUD inc GST (sales tax).

    Namebio is a great go-to for public sales, however many sales that were public or have been made public do not appear on there, Namebio is missing a lot of data in respect of

    A good list is kept at:

    Here is the top 20 extracted from that list as of today, is one of another 9 sales that could be described as ‘near’ the top 10: ($1,600,000) ($400,000) ($300,000) ($250,000 – sold on eBay!) ($200,000+) ($168,300) ($153,000) ($141,000 in 2002 – later sold for much more) ($137,501) ($132,000) ($110,000) ($100,000 USD) ($100,000+) ($100,000+) ($100,000) ($100,000) ($100,000) ($90,585) ($90,000) ($66,000)

    However, these are merely public sales.

    Most sales are private, for example the recent acquisition of by Champion USA from a NSW law firm Stacks Champion only 4-6 weeks ago. Another example is Foxtel’s recent acquisition of from a Brisbane-based digital agency.

    .com investors who are looking to diversify may want to consider, which is the most bankable ccTLD in the world, well ahead of .de and ARBNs and TM applications are methods some use to overcome Australian presence requirements.

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