Loser.com Forwarding to Republican Voters Against Trump Video

Loser.com is a neat domain name, and it has an interesting history. Loser.com has been used as a forwarder many times, including to web pages about Kanye West and Donald Trump. It is such a well-known domain name that it has its own Wikipedia page., and it has been featured in the news many times over the years.

I was curious to see how Loser.com is currently being used, and it is once again being used as a forwarder. If you visit Loser.com, you are taken to a YouTube video created by a group called Republican Voters Against Trump. In the video (embedded below), South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham offers unflattering personal commentary about President Donald Trump and praises former Vice President Joe Biden. You can read this Forbes article to learn more about the making of this video.

It will be interesting to see if Loser.com is promoted as we get closer to the Presidential election. It would be pretty interesting to see Loser.com emblazoned on various political material, leading people to this video or a similar video. Unless the domain name is acquired or leased, a third party might be reluctant to print out marketing and campaign promotional material when the owner could change the redirect elsewhere.

With all of the money floating around during an election season, someone should make the owner (Brian) an offer to buy or lease the domain name (his email is brian@ for anyone with a large enough checkbook). I have no stake in this nor do I have anything to gain, but I think using a one word .com domain name in this manner is pretty creative and it would be neat to see it promoted.

Loser.com is a high value domain name asset, and while it would make a neat brand name, it could also be used and promoted in the upcoming Presidential election and beyond.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. that’s funny. As a “Former Never Trumper” I own the domain CalltoVote.com similar to a “Call to Action”. I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican so “Call to Vote” will go to the highest bidder☺

    • I had a brief conversation with the registrant before publishing, and I do not believe he is being compensated for the forwarding, nor do I believe he has any deal in place that would keep the name forwarding here.

    • David….you’re new buddy from VB here. You’re like the gift that keeps on giving. Not sure how you know RVAT aka Defending Democracy Together has a “sizable advertising budget”, but that’s great intel. Almost as good as your wordpress recommendation. You can be my Clarence any day, and thanks again.

      • Courtesy of the Union Leader (June 15, 2020):
        “Some anti-Trump Republicans have all but given up trying to persuade elected officials to publicly join their cause. Instead, longtime Trump critics _ including Bill Kristol, a conservative writer, and Tim Miller, who advised former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign _ have started a new group, Republican Voters Against Trump, that focuses on mobilizing rank-and-file GOP voters.

        The group asks people to submit iPhone videos of anti-Trump testimonials, which it plans to turn into $10 million worth of digital and broadcast ads.”

  2. I’m fascinated by this history. How did the public find it? Was there a way for the owner to monetize it as he forwarded it to YouTube etc.?
    I bought suploser.com many years ago with a plan back then that never happened. I guess I need some YouTube magic huh?

  3. Trump’s loss worse than I thought.

    From Merriam-Webster
    Loser. A person or thing that loses esp. consistently 2. a person who is incompetent or unable to succeed; also something doomed to fail or disappoint.

    • The election is not over. As John Ratcliffe (Director of National Intelligence) said on 6th, the fraud issues have to be investigated before the winner is declared and “we’ll see who is in what seats and whether there is a Biden administration”.

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