Infographic: Nominet Shares .UK Release Data

Yesterday, I wrote about the results from Sedo’s .Uk domain name auction in which 240 domain names were sold at a value of approximately $95,000 USD. A reader named Steve asked if I could share sales data from the initial .UK domain name release held between July 1-5. I reached out to Nominet, and I was sent a link to an article published by the registry last week.

Eleanor Bradley, COO at Nominet, penned a blog post on the Nominet Blog that gave a high level overview of the .UK domain name release. Nearly 1.8 million .UK domain names were made available by Nominet for registration, and just over 41,000 domain names were registered during the first week of availability.

Within the blog post, Nominet published an infographic that I shared below. The infographic has additional details about the domain names that were registered and the number of domain registrars that participated in the release:

Keep an eye on Nominet’s blog for further updates.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Better yet, just read it here:

    By NP user “platey”:

    “OK here goes lol

    I am from the uk etc

    To understand the



    You have to forget domain names

    And go way back in the uk to about 40 years ago to the era of the yuppie in the 80’s awash with dough Eg money buying porsche etc in the uk you done OK if you bought a porsche or rolls Royce etc but in the uk back then there was a little white booklet that used to list personalised number plates by a company called

    Elite registrations where a person could buy a personalised licence plate or as we say in the uk number plates etc so that people who had a few quid could pose and buy a number plate with their initials on it and a couple of numbers on it etc but a person even if they had quite a few quid could only buy a personalised number plate for their car within a certain format which had to consist of numbers and letters and they would pay a pretty penny for these personalised number plates etc but then a company called

    registration transfers

    Entered the personalised number plate market and the prices of these personalised number plates started to soar in value

    Check out

    Elite registrations


    Reg transfers.

    And you’ll see the prices these personalised number plates sell to the wealthy in the uk etc

    Bear with me lol

    Before the Internet people used to have to speed scan pages and pages of these personalised number plates trying to make words from letters and numbers using zeros for the letter o etc and 1’s as the letter I etc etc

    Which I thoroughly enjoyed finding these very desirable personalised number plates etc

    But there was a problem lop

    I could save money for toffee and couldn’t afford to buy these personalised number plates in order to be able to profit from them etc and still can’t today lol

    But but one of these personalised number plate companies has also gone in to the domain name market


    Elite registrations

    The number plate company



    A domain name reseller / registrar

    But it appears to only sell



    Website addresses

    But it’s main number plate business has over 40 years of premium top dollar end users as does

    reg transfers who also have some of the best potential buyers for. Uk website addresses

    Isn’t that right wizard lol

    Wizard knows most of them and understands the market too

    But when reg transfers eventually enter the domain name market

    The prices of. Uk Website addresses will soar in value like the uk has never seen and achieve millions for some. Uk Website addresses purely down to the fact that these two companies have significant amount of wealthy end users as customers who trust these two companies and they have the dough to buy pretty much anything suggested to them. By these two companies

    And when you understand both these markets and the potential uk end users for the. Uk Website address extension you’ll understand just how important buying the most premium Website addresses in the. Uk Website address extension could prove very lucrative

    And when the prices of very good
    .uk Website addresses start to soar in value it will attract the big. Com dough investors from the states

    It’s just that the uk market currently is still digitally asleep but only until

    Reg transfers

    Enters the domain name market as a reseller and or registrar

    But although I never made money on number plates in the uk

    I learned my domain name skills from the big. Com investors in the states but have a very good understanding of the uk domain name market and have managed to build up a little portfolio of domain names for reg fee using 40 years database experience scamming pages of number plates manually extremely quickly and now the Internet is hee my experience at playing the fruit machines back in the day lol works well with domain names etc lol

    But suffice to say

    The domain name market in the uk is still digitally snoring at the moment but this week investors in the states are buying up the uk domain names because domain name investing in the states is understood but these. Uk domain names became available whilst the uk domain name market was still asleep but it won’t be for long and when the uk domain name market wakes up and realises that the domain names they need are already bought the wealthy end users will start paying proper dollars for these premium. Uk domain names

    But the best domain name auction for


    Domain names



    Domainlore. Uk”

    It is found here:

  2. Thank you, Elliot,

    I should mention the customer support at Nominet is superb. I was very impressed with detailed and personalized emails to my inquiries.

    Do I expect a ROI for my UK domain “wins”? Maybe, but if so, it will take quite a while. I really don’t expect anything in the near future, They are super key word domains, but so not big demand for .uk.

  3. Our registrar picked up several hundred for clients where they didn’t inherit the rights to the .UK (e.g. those who has the and not the, or where the was taken so they had something similar but felt a shorter .uk would be preferred)

    From both the “generally available” and the “dropped in July” ranges, we also secured most of the matching .UKs where the client has their .UK.COM with us as a free treat for them 🙂

    Managed to catch 8 that I wanted to use for projects myself or initials of family, and around 90 for development/resale

    We then picked up another 163 at auctions handled by other tag holders – of which half are known wanted
    and half speculative/maybe wanted. And a further 40 from auctions to monetise/sell.

    So in total, we ended up with less than 1/4 of the 6000-or-so we’d have liked.

    The release process was at best chaotic, and at times a complete shambles – unlike most things nominet do, this was definately rushed and not well tested – even having limited registrars to X connections and Y attempts per minute, at “release” time they had several minutes of refusing connections for a lot of participants, but which time (as if planned like that) most of the “good stuff” had gone.


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