240 .UK Domain Names Sold via Sedo Auction

Sedo hosted a .UK domain name auction that concluded earlier today. 240 .UK domain names were sold via auction. The total sales value of the auctions was 76,149 GBP, which is approximately $95,254 USD.

There were quite a few excellent keyword .UK domain names in auction, and the order of the results was a bit surprising to me. Put another way, if I had to guess the order of the sales ranking them from largest to smallest before the conclusion of the auction, I would have been way off.

Listed below are the 240 domain names that sold via the .UK auction. Since the auction just concluded today, these sales have not yet transacted.

Now that the first set of public sales has concluded, it will be interesting to follow the development of the .UK domain name market as domain names change hands.

accountancy.uk GBP 4422
court.uk GBP 3641
setup.uk GBP 3293
hostels.uk GBP 2800
webserver.uk GBP 2499
mediation.uk GBP 2000
perfect.uk GBP 1800
smartphone.uk GBP 1600
sitebuilder.uk GBP 1550
barista.uk GBP 1450
coworking.uk GBP 1350
espresso.uk GBP 1100
mountainbike.uk GBP 1050
gameplay.uk GBP 1000
bankloan.uk GBP 950
fair.uk GBP 938
callcentre.uk GBP 875
fairplay.uk GBP 851
ppl.uk GBP 805
aupair.uk GBP 780
heartbeat.uk GBP 699
scc.uk GBP 686
crepes.uk GBP 680
update.uk GBP 650
ayurveda.uk GBP 625
fis.uk GBP 561
cdw.uk GBP 560
agree.uk GBP 510
armour.uk GBP 499
penis.uk GBP 499
netbook.uk GBP 499
technologies.uk GBP 499
reiki.uk GBP 498
ssb.uk GBP 476
bonsai.uk GBP 460
sluts.uk GBP 450
hsc.uk GBP 443
ott.uk GBP 421
teddy.uk GBP 420
fms.uk GBP 415
gokarts.uk GBP 409
authentic.uk GBP 399
fbc.uk GBP 375
atlantis.uk GBP 374
emg.uk GBP 360
dtr.uk GBP 360
bits.uk GBP 360
imc.uk GBP 350
exodus.uk GBP 343
itb.uk GBP 343
psw.uk GBP 335
smug.uk GBP 333
osm.uk GBP 332
essence.uk GBP 331
skischool.uk GBP 331
rgl.uk GBP 330
isd.uk GBP 321
lia.uk GBP 321
oho.uk GBP 321
ede.uk GBP 321
tei.uk GBP 320
standards.uk GBP 309
macho.uk GBP 302
covergirl.uk GBP 276
dent.uk GBP 275
wsg.uk GBP 270
wbb.uk GBP 267
ritual.uk GBP 261
pse.uk GBP 260
generation.uk GBP 259
montage.uk GBP 254
barn.uk GBP 250
cheaptravel.uk GBP 249
brighter.uk GBP 243
electrics.uk GBP 243
goodnight.uk GBP 235
hotspot.uk GBP 230
casanova.uk GBP 222
lyra.uk GBP 221
because.uk GBP 221
laird.uk GBP 221
presentation.uk GBP 221
puff.uk GBP 221
everyday.uk GBP 221
mead.uk GBP 221
glaze.uk GBP 221
e-bike.uk GBP 220
aikido.uk GBP 211
gels.uk GBP 211
launderette.uk GBP 201
jazzy.uk GBP 199
bikers.uk GBP 195
vad.uk GBP 187
carfinder.uk GBP 185
grind.uk GBP 185
infographic.uk GBP 185
dead.uk GBP 181
flexi.uk GBP 181
bernhard.uk GBP 176
longbow.uk GBP 165
medications.uk GBP 161
cityguide.uk GBP 160
signup.uk GBP 158
induction.uk GBP 156
ballerina.uk GBP 155
sink.uk GBP 154
heavymetal.uk GBP 151
typo.uk GBP 145
frontpage.uk GBP 143
twin.uk GBP 139
greencity.uk GBP 139
fingerprint.uk GBP 135
kama.uk GBP 132
thinkbig.uk GBP 130
effect.uk GBP 121
mueller.uk GBP 121
gown.uk GBP 121
hoteldiscount.uk GBP 119
maier.uk GBP 119
freeroll.uk GBP 119
industrialdesign.uk GBP 110
surfschool.uk GBP 110
mychoice.uk GBP 109
facility.uk GBP 109
turtles.uk GBP 109
becker.uk GBP 109
hypnotism.uk GBP 109
niro.uk GBP 109
freud.uk EUR 109
prettywoman.uk GBP 99
winetastings.uk GBP 99
safemode.uk GBP 99
hotelsbarcelona.uk GBP 99
useless.uk GBP 99
healthproducts.uk GBP 99
missworld.uk GBP 99
tvstudio.uk GBP 99
smallworld.uk GBP 99
ladiesfirst.uk GBP 99
leddisplays.uk GBP 99
serverfarm.uk GBP 99
slowcooking.uk GBP 99
lifecare.uk GBP 99
reallife.uk GBP 99
greenroofs.uk GBP 99
goldenretriever.uk GBP 99
bellavista.uk GBP 99
dictator.uk GBP 99
meindl.uk GBP 99
taxback.uk GBP 99
flashmob.uk GBP 99
lakehouse.uk GBP 99
bookme.uk GBP 99
zbr.uk GBP 99
rookie.uk GBP 99
barometer.uk GBP 99
hip-hop.uk GBP 99
confession.uk GBP 99
it-consulting.uk GBP 99
mute.uk GBP 99
federation.uk GBP 99
bitcoinatm.uk GBP 99
iman.uk GBP 99
cucina.uk GBP 99
kandinsky.uk GBP 99
verus.uk GBP 99
liar.uk GBP 99
maritim.uk GBP 99
dict.uk GBP 99
upstairs.uk GBP 99
furry.uk GBP 99
imperium.uk GBP 99
takeoff.uk GBP 99
fidget.uk GBP 99
dimitri.uk GBP 99
lakeballs.uk GBP 99
bookit.uk GBP 99
interracial.uk GBP 99
postmaster.uk GBP 99
tresemme.uk GBP 99
sanchez.uk GBP 99
mandate.uk GBP 99
reeve.uk GBP 99
fuerteventura.uk GBP 99
melinda.uk GBP 99
alina.uk GBP 99
cryptofund.uk GBP 99
bavaria.uk GBP 99
homeland.uk GBP 99
mock.uk GBP 99
kaufmann.uk GBP 99
icarus.uk GBP 99
jule.uk GBP 99
digitalsolutions.uk GBP 99
coffeehouse.uk GBP 99
riz.uk GBP 99
provence.uk GBP 99
brandless.uk GBP 99
iska.uk GBP 99
dreamcatchers.uk GBP 99
something.uk GBP 99
statement.uk GBP 99
cremation.uk GBP 99
shiatsu.uk GBP 99
bild.uk GBP 99
gigi.uk GBP 99
cryptofinance.uk GBP 99
kali.uk GBP 99
skeet.uk GBP 99
leger.uk GBP 99
miriam.uk GBP 99
icar.uk GBP 99
geoip.uk GBP 99
crossmedia.uk GBP 99
responsible.uk GBP 99
mems.uk GBP 99
insert.uk GBP 99
onlinebackup.uk GBP 99
dolby.uk GBP 99
moebel.uk GBP 99
codename.uk GBP 99
located.uk GBP 99
gasket.uk GBP 99
mastiff.uk GBP 99
lightroom.uk GBP 99
gantries.uk GBP 99
workit.uk GBP 99
homecooking.uk GBP 99
powerbar.uk GBP 99
machinetools.uk GBP 99
movo.uk GBP 99
gadgetstore.uk GBP 99
wineonline.uk GBP 99
workroom.uk GBP 99
golftravel.uk GBP 99
citycars.uk GBP 99
kidsparty.uk GBP 99
homeshop.uk GBP 99
marryme.uk EUR 99
diaspora.uk GBP 70

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Elliot, do you have sales data from the .uk auction – July 1-5 ?— there were some very high sales. Credit, Stream, and more.

    • I assume you mean SnapNames?

      The only sales information I received was from Sedo for this auction. If SnapNames would send it to me, I would gladly publish it.

      • Elliot, I’m referring to the .UK auction from July 1-5 that Nominet sponsored with over 50 registries participating, including GoDaddy. These were names that were not declared by the owners of the same co.uk names in .uk, like credit.uk, creditscore.uk, forever.uk. and hundreds more. Some of these domains had high sales, with the usual frenzy bidding in the last 3 minutes. I let forever.uk go after it crossed into 4 figures, But I scooped up some decent names — which would be premiums in .com. I still don’t know why I didn’t win stream.uk, as I received notice that I had won it, but that’s fine, as I got the names I really wanted. These UK sales on Sedo would pale compared to the sales tally for the .UK auction between July 1-5. Was it a smart investment on my part? More speculative, but I can’t afford to pay 5-10 million USD for the names I like in .com, I know many people who visit this forum can — but not me, as I have tuition bills to pay.

        • I don’t think I have a contact there, but let me reach out and see if I can get that info.

        • Yes, much appreciated. See you at Fenway soon. Still think they have a shot at the wild card. Sale is pitching like an ace again.

    • You’re probably right. My investment wasn’t significant. .Com is where it’s at. But I’ve had some nice .ai, .me, .org sales. At least 80% of my sales are .com. Some super premium key word .ai domains sold for relatively high prices to end-users. In fact, I made a mistake by keeping ONLY the super premium key word .ai domains, as 3 that I let drop sold for xxxx in the .ai auction 2 weeks ago. I could have renewed the 3 for 450 USD (for 2 years). The 3 sold for collectively over 7 K USD — c’est la vie. But then again, I realize auctions bring out FOMO bidding, so it’s hard to fault my biz acumen in letting them drop.

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