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It seems that whenever there is a Presidential election in the US, there are people who call for the President’s impeachment. We are at a divisive time in US history, and despite the fact that President Donald Trump has been in office less than a month, there are people who would like to see the President impeached. For those who are on that side, the perfect domain name is in auction right now.

The domain name is currently in auction at GoDaddy Auctions. There have been two bids placed in the auction, and the current high bid is already at $1,524. The starting bid was $1,499. There is approximately one day remaining in the auction. There does not appear to be a reserve price that I can see, so it looks like the high bidder will win the auction.

This is not a typical expiring domain name auction at GoDaddy as does not expire until January of 2018. Interestingly, was registered long before Donald Trump even took office! has a creation date of January of 2011. I guess the person who registered this domain name thought that if Donald Trump were ever elected to be President, this domain name could become valuable. The domain name is privately registered, so the current registrant of the domain name is not known to me.

On the other side of the aisle, the domain name was registered  back in 2010. US President Bill Clinton was impeached back in 1998. I presume had Hillary Clinton been elected President, the domain name would have held more value today. I can’t imagine that the domain name will ever have more than historical value unless another Clinton is elected President.

With one day to go in the auction, I would not be surprised to see this domain name sell for quite a bit more money. I am sure there are plenty of groups who would like to own and use this domain name, and there is still a lot of money in politics.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. As has been historically proven countless times, the Leftist-mindset is an absolute scourge to Humanity and must be countered at every opportunity by those who embrace the ideals of Liberty.

    • @STRIKER,

      “[T]hose who embrace the ideals of Liberty” – like Donald Trump, you mean? A guy whose notion of “freedom of religion” is to ban muslims?

      U.S. Constitution: “no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

      Meh. They’re just 1/4 of the human race. Chuck them out!

      A guy whose notion of state rights is to threaten to invade Chicago and to withdraw funding unless governors force local police to round up immigrant families?

      A guy whose notion of “freedom of the press” is to threaten to shut down the New York Times because of negative coverage? And at every rally to point out journalists so that an angry mob can boo the people reporting the truth?

      “[T]hose who embrace the ideals of Liberty” … Like the guy who said he’d torture people whether they have any information or not? Who promised to murder the families of enemy combatants? (Both war crimes under the Geneva Convention.) A guy who admires Vladimir Putin, a murderous dictator who poisons his political rivals and assassinates journalists?

      Let freedom ring!

    • @Joseph Peterson,

      I didn’t mention President Trump in my post, but since you called me to the carpet…sure, I’ll play:

      1. There was never a ban on “Muslims”. Out of the 50 majority-Muslim nations of the world, the Trump Administration placed a moratorium on travelers from those nations until a more suitable vetting process was put into place. Although this moratorium has been blocked by a Seattle-based Judge, most Constitutional experts agree that the Trump Administration will win on appeal.

      2. The U.S. Constitution grants rights to American citizens, not illegal aliens.

      3. I’ve seen nothing in writing or on-air showing that President Trump has ever “threatened to invade Chicago”. Please share any links to the contrary.

      4. I’ve seen nothing in writing or on-air showing that President Trump has threatened to “shut down the New York Times”. Again, any links you might to the contrary would be appreciated.

      5. Enhanced interrogation techniques are certainly debatable; however, they pale in comparison to the atrocities that have been committed by Radical Islamic Terrorists.

      6. Elections have consequences – hmmm…where have I heard that one before;-)

      God Bless America

    • Forgot to type “7” before “those nations”…sorry. Bottom line, this moratorium affected 7 of the 50 Muslim-majority nations of the world.

      1. There was never a ban on “Muslims”. Out of the 50 majority-Muslim nations of the world, the Trump Administration placed a moratorium on travelers from 7 those nations until a more suitable vetting process was put into place. Although this moratorium has been blocked by a Seattle-based Judge, most Constitutional experts agree that the Trump Administration will win on appeal.

    • Immigration proceedings are matters of administrative law, not criminal law. (As a result, the consequence of violating your immigration status is not jail but deportation.) And Congress has nearly full authority to regulate immigration without interference from the courts. Because immigration is considered a matter of national security and foreign policy, the Supreme Court has long held that immigration law is largely immune from judicial review. Congress can make rules for immigrants that would be unacceptable if applied to citizens.

      Still, immigrants facing deportation do have some rights. Most are entitled to a hearing before an immigration judge, representation by a lawyer (but not one that’s paid for by the government), and interpretation for non-English-speakers. The government must provide “clear and convincing” evidence to deport someone (a lower standard than “beyond a reasonable doubt”).

      Bottom line, those who somehow have the idea that non-citizens in the U.S. have the same rights as citizens could not be further from the truth.

    • @STRIKER,

      1. Trump advocated “a ban on muslims”. Literally.

      2. You can say non-Americans have no rights, if you like. But you can’t do that and praise the “ideals of Liberty” in the same breath. That’s just laughably contradictory.

      In any case, what you’re saying is nonsense. The Constitution, which I quoted, prohibits laws that discriminate on the basis of religion. Explicitly. There’s no loophole saying government can make discriminatory laws for non-citizens. Read the actual words.

      3. Use Google to educate yourself on this point. I’m busy.

      4. See #3.

      5. Don’t be naïve. The USA tortures innocent people – not just terrorists. People have been rotting in Guantanamo because their neighbors in Afghanistan or wherever wanted to collect a $5000 bounty for turning somebody in. George Bush Jr. talked about “enhanced interrogation techniques” and at least had the decency to claim getting info was the goal. Trump, however, wants torture. Trump doesn’t use the euphemism you brought up. He advocates for “torture” explicitly. And if it doesn’t yield info, Trump doesn’t care because “they deserve it anyway”.

      Note: Torture is illegal both internationally and under U.S. Law. Yet torture is precisely what Trump is advocating. No use pretending he’s for “enhanced interrogation techniques” when he himself doesn’t use that phrase to cover up the sadistic goal.

      When I was in the Navy, the only thing protecting me from being captured and tortured was the Geneva Convention. The USA is a signatory nation to treaties. So the USA does have obligations to honor the rights of non-citizens. Otherwise there’s nothing stopping other countries from capturing U.S. troops and torturing them just for the hell of it.

      Rights DO apply to foreigners. According to law. If you don’t share those ideals of common humanity, of “justice and liberty for all”, that’s up to you.

      6. Duh.

    • Again, the moratorium on travel was from 7 out of 50 Muslim-majority nations — this stat alone disqualifies the “Ban on Muslims” statement…so stop with the straw-man argument. Plus, the moratorium (by definition) is temporary until a better vetting system is implemented.

      We are a nation of laws, and to that end, every single illegal alien on U.S. soil should be sent back to their nation of origin – End of Story. If you don’t like this, work to change our laws. The fact that the last few U.S. Presidents chose to largely ignore these laws in no way invalidates said laws.


    • @STRIKER,

      Who said anything about this executive order on travel? I quoted Trump advocating a “ban on muslims”.

      Who said that illegal aliens ought to be allowed to stay? You are fighting with phantoms.

      I’m only discussing 1 thing – the absurd contradiction between (A) Donald Trump and (B) the “ideals of Liberty” you alluded to.

      Obviously, I despise Trump. We’re not going to agree about politics, which is fine. But I can’t help laughing at anybody who simultaneously admires Trump and talks about the “ideals of Liberty”. That’s like saying, “I moved to Kansas because of the great beaches.”

      Authoritarian nationalism is a political option – the option chosen in the last U.S. election. Trump supporters who are self-aware enough to realize they WANT a more authoritarian country are at least logically consistent. I can respect their deliberate choice, even if I disagree vehemently. But to imagine that Trump is for the “ideals of Liberty” is absolutely delusional!

      Trump supporters have chosen an authoritarian leader who attacks a whole religion, attacks the free press, attacks judges on the basis of race, threatens to coerce city and state governments, threatens to beef up libel laws to silence his critics, thinks protesters ought to be roughed up or thrown out into the cold without their coats, and thinks torture is great. This isn’t debatable in any way, shape, or form. His words speak for themselves.

      If you want that, then ok. But you can’t interpret that as our traditional “ideals of Liberty”. IN every single case – freedom of religion, freedom of the press, separation of powers, state’s rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, opposition to “cruel and unusual punishment” – on every single point, going 1 by 1, Trump is on the side of coercion and restriction. Not Liberty.

      If people want to live in Kansas, ok. But if you praise its beaches, you’re going to get laughed at. If people want Trump, ok. But if you love his “ideals of Liberty”, then you’re surfing in Kansas.

    • @Joseph Peterson,

      Your attempt at wit with the Kansas/beaches thing almost made me smile…almost.

      The Leftist Press showed its collective “true colors” in the months leading up to this last election. There really is no debate on this issue – only a myopic and/or ideology-driven fool will defend their actions then (and now).

      You say Authoritarian Nationalism; whereas most who voted for President Trump will say Strong Anti-Globalism. A matter of perspective, I suppose.

      The Affordable Care Act was FORCED upon Americans by a heavy-handed Obama Administration and now threatens to upend the entire Healthcare and Insurance industries unless repealed and replaced (the Math doesn’t work). To most Americans, “Obamacare” was about as “Authoritarian” as it gets.

      Some view Islam as much as a political movement as it is a religion. Some say that those who adhere to core Islamic principles can’t coexist with Christianity and Judaism based on those principles. I personally am very concerned with the actions of Radical Islamic Terrorists as well as those who embrace the ideals of Sharia Law…the consistent actions of these people and their loudly proclaimed core beliefs are in juxtaposition to the core ideals of Liberty and Justice.

      Unfortunately, America’s Judicial Branch has become extremely politicized in recent years, with myriad examples of judges legislating from the bench. This is undoubtedly the reason why we are seeing President Trump’s frustration with certain judges. Again, this most recent issue with the Seattle judge was ridiculous (he didn’t even include a legal precedence in his stay).

      When you accuse President Trump of “coercing cities”, I’m guessing you are referring to his threat to suspend federal funding to those so-called “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens. For you do defend the illegal actions of these cities says far more about you than it does our President.

      We are a nation of laws, young man; recent history notwithstanding. If you don’t like it, there’s always Canada.


    • “Some say that those who adhere to core Islamic principles can’t coexist with Christianity and Judaism based on those principles.”

      Some people are poorly educated bigots.

      Talk to me about Islam. Go ahead! I speak Arabic and studied tajweed al qur’aan in Cairo.

      “We are a nation of laws, young man …” Yes, and Trump has violated and advocates violating many of them.

      “If you don’t like it, there’s always Canada.” Telling someone you disagree with that he has no place in your country doesn’t square well with the “ideals of Liberty” you pretend to espouse, sonny boy.

    • Sharia Law, as practiced by modern-day Muslims (those who adhere to it), is clear in its view of women, homosexuals, Christians, and Jews. Sharia Law is bigotry, by definition.

      Congrats on your bilingualism.

      I have yet to see evidence of President Trump violating any laws since becoming President.

      I stated that if you don’t like the fact that America is a nation of laws, you don’t have to live here.

      President Trump seeks to serve American citizens of all faiths, all ethnicities, and every other differing attribute that have traditionally been the targets of the Leftists who seek to divide us.

    • Your fucking words – “As has been historically proven countless times, the Leftist-mindset is an absolute scourge to Humanity and must be countered at every opportunity by those who embrace the ideals of Liberty.”

      Scourge of the earth? For some reason, that paints a picture in my mind of cockroaches that must be exterminated, no?

    • @D,

      Look up the definition of the word “countered”, and then try again.

      Also, if you’re going to respond, please do so in a less profane manner.

    • @D,

      You strike me as being one of relatively low intellect, and even less self-control so I’ll help you to understand my words:

      “Countered”, as in to counter in the realm of ideas. To counter the Leftist lies of Globalism with the truth and righteousness of national sovereignty, as well as the importance and right of every nation to protect their culture. Those who seek to smash all cultures and religions together until it’s one big, tasteless homogeneous glob are called Globalists – and “they” do this in an effort to consolidate wealth and power while simultaneously weakening the inherent rights of the individual. In a nutshell, this is the “where” from whence I was coming.

    • @STRIKER,

      “Sharia Law … is clear in its view of women, homosexuals, Christians, and Jews. Sharia Law is bigotry, by definition.”

      Yes, it’s clear. But you know nothing about it. It’s fine that you haven’t studied this topic; but until you’ve learned from muslims what Islam is, you’re wrong to lecture people about it. To me it’s very frustrating to see so many Americans swimming up to their eyeballs in anti-muslim propaganda. If you have any self-respect, any sense of dignity at all, think for yourself! Don’t eat the garbage they’re feeding you! You’re better than that.

      Like a lot of people, you probably imagine that moderate muslims are practicing a diluted form of Islam, whereas radical terrorists are (perhaps) the true fundamentalists. In fact, you’ve got it backwards. Organizations like Al-Qaeda are a recent aberration. They derive from Wahabbism, which is a puritanical form of Islam that emerged in Saudi Arabia in the 18th century. It’s no accident most of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Yet, strangely, that country isn’t on Trump’s banned list. Incidentally, Trump has several companies incorporated in Saudi Arabia because he’s planning to build a hotel there. Funny coincidence …

      Before you go preaching about the superiority of Christian values, consider this: The founder of that movement, a guy named Abd al-Wahhab, was born 1 decade after the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts. Christians in America, at that time, were calling women “witches” and crushing them to death under piles of rocks. Let that sink in. Is that the true Christianity? The true America? Of course not. Well, neither is Wahhabism a good representation of Islam.

      By the time Wahhabism got started, Islamic civilization had been around for 1500 years. All of the accomplishments of muslim scientists, from Spain in the West to Indonesia in the East, are a representation of the true Islam. Europe exited its dark ages and embarked on the Renaissance BECAUSE they began learning about medicine, physics, and algebra from the Islamic centers of learning. In Baghdad, Iraq, during the medieval period, muslim physicians had learned enough about optics and the eye to perform cornea surgery. Europe didn’t begin doing this until World War 1, in the early 1900s.

      During all those centuries, christians and jews lived harmoniously as honored citizens within the muslim world. I’ve visited synagogues in Cairo that remained active until the modern state of Israel was created in the 20th century, which displaced Palestinians and thus led to tensions between jews and arabs. Moses Maimonides, perhaps the most famous Jewish scholar ever, lived peacefully in Cairo in the 1100s and wrote in Arabic.

      Think that’s a fluke? It isn’t. Islamic fundamentalism doesn’t get any more fundamental than the Qur’aan itself, which is understood by muslims to be the literal words of God – unlike the Bible, which is cobbled together from the words of human prophets and historians. If you want to know the REAL Islam, then you must acknowledge the Qur’aan. Muslims can’t disregard it without ignoring God Himself.

      For instance, Europe didn’t acknowledge freedom of religion until John Locke argued in favor of tolerance in the 1600s. Islam had this idea hard-wired into the Qur’an 1000 years earlier. The anti-muslim propaganda you’ve been steeped in won’t tell you this, of course. But the Qur’an (2:256) – i.e. God Himself – says:

      لا اكراه في الدين
      La Ikraah fi-d Deen

      Translated: “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion.” I promise you, that is a faithful, literal translation of the Qur’an. I’m not fudging it, leaving anything out, or playing with the context AT ALL. In other words, God tells every muslim to leave conscience and religious observance to the individual. Jews can remain jews. Christians can remain christians. Only gentle persuasion and rational argument are to be used.

      Do radical extremist muslims believe or practice this? No, they absolutely do not. Which means they are in defiance of the Qur’an – i.e. of the voice of God. Just because they’re extremists doesn’t mean they know the Qur’an well. Because the Qur’an is believed to be the literal word of God, muslims don’t acknowledge translations as legitimate. Which means the Taliban in Afghanistan mostly has no clue what the Qur’an says. They don’t speak Arabic. (Similar to Latin in traditional Catholicism.)

      Islam specifically designates christians and jews as “Ahl al-Kitaab” – i.e. “people of the book”. You see, from Judaism (the most ancient) through Christianity (which came later) to Islam (the most modern), all 3 of the world’s major monotheistic religions are based on the same original scripture – what you’d call the Bible. Muslims acknowledge the same prophets as Jews and Christians do, though muslims differ in accepting Jesus as a prophet as well.

      What does the Qur’an – i.e. God – say about the other monetheistic religions – Christians and Jews? As follows (29:45):

      “And do not argue with the People of the Scripture except in a way that is best, except for those who commit injustice among them, and say, ‘We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you. And our God and your God is one; and we are Muslims [in submission] to Him.'”

      In other words, God says that muslims should live peacefully alongside Jews and Christians, not picking fights with those neighbors unless someone treats you unjustly. Muslims are supposed to say to Jews and Christians that “We believe what you believe – in the same prophets and the same God”. The last line is an expression of solidarity with Christians and Jews, saying that we all submit – “muslim” means someone who submits – to the very same God.

      The professors who taught me in the USA and Egypt were mostly women wearing the hijab (head scarf). They had PhDs, spoke 3-4 languages each, and started up their own businesses entrepreneurs. They’re all deeply religious and conservative. Because they believe in traditional Islam – unlike ignorant crazy fringe terrorists – they believe in peaceful coexistence with other faiths. I find that tradition of tolerance – which predates the Western idea of liberty by 1000 years – deeply admirable. That’s the true Islam.

    • @Elliot Silver,

      Am I not being civil?

      Realistically, Elliot, if you’re going to post about, which is overtly political and inflammatory, then you must expect the discussion to include arguments about politics. It’s the nature of the topic you selected, isn’t it?

    • @STRIKER,

      I see. So you acknowledge that Muslim values are just as good as Christian values, then. Pleased to hear it!

      A few of your statements had given me the opposite impression:

      “Some say that those who adhere to core Islamic principles can’t coexist with Christianity and Judaism based on those principles.”

      “Sharia Law is bigotry, by definition.”

    • My statements were a condemnation of Radical Islam and/or Sharia Law, but I was careful not to “preach” the merits of any other religion or faith. I have no quarrel with Muslims (or anyone) who believes in the philosophy of “live and let live”.

    • Given the aggressive/bullying posture and off-topic nature of your post, I felt no need to engage you with the civility to which I am normally inclined.

      That, combined with your use of the phrase “scourge of humanity” to imply that the PEOPLE that you consider to be your policitcal enemies are sub-human, negates any benefit of the doubt that you think you may have achieved by using the vague, but semi-neutral sounding, verb “countered”.

      If the group you are scapegoating were actually as bad and evil as you seem to suggest, I severely doubt that your call to “counter” them would not extend beyond simply rhetoric, if not by you personaly, then certainly others inspired by that same belief.

      I personally find that more profane, and dangerous, than using a couple of terms that are on Carlin’s Dirty Words list.

      And I could give a shit if you believe me to be of relatively low intellect and even less self control, since, as is common in all human beings, you appear to be wrong about many things.

    • The phrase I used was “scourge to Humanity” and I stand by those words. Also, I was quite clear in a subsequent post with regards to my intent with use of the word “countered”.

      I get it – you hate what stands today as America’s aggregate-culture, if you will. You wish for less national sovereignty and clearly lean towards (or perhaps aggressively embrace) Globalism…again, I get it. Fortunately, there are (still) enough right-minded voters in this nation who disagree with Leftists like you. For the time being, we’re in charge, Snowflake…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • @STRIKER,

      “For the time being, we’re in charge, Snowflake…and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

      That’s the quintessence of authoritarianism. Grab power, then force your will on others. Quite the opposite of the USA’s founding principles of liberty, tolerance, and power sharing. Originally, this was a federation of 13 separate nation states. The framers of the Constitution were primarily concerned with guaranteeing minority rights against the “tyranny of the majority”. No single group is supposed to seize power and inflict its whims on others.

      Trumpkins who strut about pointing, shouting, and attempting to intimidate their neighbors into silence ought to remember that THEY are in the minority. 54% of voters voted against Trump. And half the Republicans who went along with the candidacy of this orange, game-show-hosting, con man did so only reluctantly, plugging their noses. Hard core Trump supporters like you, STRYKER, constitute only about 1/4 of the population.

      The demographic trends in the USA indicate your “tribe” will shrink quite a bit over the next decade, as old white people die off and young latinos reach voting age. So before you celebrate by wreaking vengeance on half a country of “snowflakes”, bethink yourself. If the Trump regime overreaches, removing regulatory safeguards on the environment and Wall Street, undermining civil liberties, playing into the hands of terrorists by proclaiming a Holy War against Islam, destabilizing foreign relations, etc. … then you may wake up 4 years from now as part of a reviled minority yourself. The USA is already a country with NO majority group. We’re all minorities here now.

      As for Globalization, if you dislike that broad trend in human civilization, then that’s your prerogative. But if you believe Donald Trump genuinely shares your opinion, then congratulations, you’ve been duped! That guy’s trying to build hotels and golf courses in countries all over the world – from Turkey to the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. At his Mar-a-Lago yuppie club in Florida, during the campaign, Trump would ONLY hire foreigners! His red MAGA hats, like his daughter Ivanka’s clothing, are manufactured overseas in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. Sure, Trump pays lip service to the anti-globalism of his supporters, attacking companies that do what he himself does. But he’s just a charlatan. He’d say anything for the sake of money and adulation. Sorry to break it to you.

    • “That’s the quintessence of authoritarianism. Grab power, then force your will on others.”

      Obamacare, along with executive orders taking unconstitutional stances on the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, immigration, The Paris Accord, and the bank bailouts after 2008 is the very definition of “authoritarianism”. Your hero, the Kenyan-born Marxist, almost destroyed this country and the witch would have finished the job. Thank GOD for President Trump and the decent people who cast their votes for him.

      “54% of voters voted against Trump.”

      And he’s now your President, along with a GOP controlled House, Senate, most Governorships, and most State Legislators. Expect this gap to widen in coming election cycles, as Globalism continues to be repudiated at the polls by a slowly awakening electorate.

      “As for Globalization, if you dislike that broad trend in human civilization, then that’s your prerogative. But if you believe Donald Trump genuinely shares your opinion, then congratulations, you’ve been duped!”

      Fair global trade is GREAT, but not at the expense of national sovereignty and the rule of law. I anticipate much wailing and gnashing of teeth by DNC leadership as more and more traditional Democrat voters begin enjoying the fruits of the Trump Administration’s labor and decide they want more of it. It only takes 10 years to grab the collective mindset of a generation…that’s how the libtards came to power in 2008 (GW Bush was a dunce).

    • @STRIKER,

      Ranting about your imaginary enemies – witches and “libtards” some nefarious “Kenyan-born marxist” – may help you achieve climax within the privacy of your own padded cell; but if you’re going to try conversing with other human beings, then you must try to focus on what the person in front of you actually says and thinks. Remember, the rest of us can’t see or hear the phantasmagoria you take for granted.

      Exhibit A: “Your hero … almost destroyed this country …” My hero? Clearly you’re under some delusion that I voted for Obama. Not so. Exhibit B: “wailing and gnashing of teeth by DNC leadership”. OK, you’re trying to lump me in with the Democratic Party. Since you hate them, all you need do to discredit me (in your own eyes) would be to say I’m a Democrat. Sorry to disappoint. I’m critical of both parties and have never voted for anybody. While you may paint your face to match some home-team jersey, I don’t play those partisan games.

      Since the USA I live in isn’t a post-apocalyptic waste land, I was going to ask which hallucinations cause you to envision it as having been “almost destroyed” during the past 8 years. But this could go on forever. You probably believe the crime rate has gone up (even though it’s at a near-record low) … just because Trump says so. And unemployment is 40% … because Trump says so.

      There’s no point debating reality with someone who buys into ye olde birther conspiracy! Didn’t Trump claim he had sent detectives to Hawaii years ago who had supposedly found proof that Obama was a muslim Kenyan marxist impostor? Now that Trump has the FBI and CIA at his disposal, he should have no problem putting together evidence, right? But Trump got what he wanted out of that lie – a horde of gullible supporters. You guys barely notice when his old lies fizzle out.

    • Trump is President.

      Jeff Sessions is Attorney General.

      Mad-Dog Mattis is Sec. of Defense.

      A lifelong oil-man is Sec. if State.

      And Betsy will drive the Leftists from the Dept. of Education.

      And the DOW is 20,000+.

      The Wall is getting built and the mass deportations have already started.

      The SCOTUS will reinstate President Trump’s moratorium from the aforementioned 7 nations.

      DNC leadership is absolutely scrambling, as their party of lies crumbles.

      America is already roaring to Greatness. I hope you enjoy the ride;-)

    • @STRIKER,

      To exult in mass deportations is truly despicable.

      These are families who have lived in this country (in many cases) for decades, working honorably, filling a void in the economy and providing services that greatly benefit the rest of Americans.

      Children have been raised in the USA since infancy. This is the only country they know; and they’re effectively as American as you or me – whether they’ve got paperwork in order or not.

      Yet their parents are being dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night, locked up, trucked off, and dumped in a strange land. Most undocumented workers have committed no crime except to provide for their own children. The work they do is work American citizens rely on and, in many cases, work that Americans are too spoiled and lazy to perform themselves – e.g. harvesting crops or cleaning their own slovenly homes. The irony is that, by demonizing and deporting undocumented workers, Americans will undermine their own economy.

      Asking for immigration reform is 1 thing. Turning a blind eye as innocent families are divided and discarded is much worse. But to celebrate this needless human suffering, as you are doing, is sadistic, inhuman, and absolutely vile.

    • These people are here illegally, and the legal remedy to their crime is to deport them. They knew they were breaking the law, and they knew what the potential outcome was to their crime (deportation).

      Illegal aliens have driven down wages for many blue collar and low-skilled labor jobs for decades, which has adversely affected uneducated American citizens of all races. I hope every single illegal alien is sent packing to their country of origin – this will truly Make America Great Again.


    • @STRIKER,

      A worker overstays her visa. She continues working as a productive member of U.S. society. The whole time, she’s paying taxes.

      And your solution is to label her a “criminal” and throw her out of the country.

      Very well, let me turn the same stupid logic on you. You park your car and put coins in the meter. Then you go shopping. But you stay out too long.

      My solution is to label you a “criminal” and repossess your car.


    • Yes, in that case she’s a criminal.

      Parked cars that overstay their meter time get a ticket (that’s the law).

      We are (still) a nation of laws.

    • That’s the one thing you can’t accuse President Trump of – law enforcement by POTUS Trump is the bulk of his appeal to most of his supporters

    • @STRIKER,

      Flouting the law – “That’s the one thing you can’t accuse President Trump of …”

      You’ve got to be kidding! Trump’s rampant disregard for the Law is the primary concern of his critics. Defend Trump if you like, but to be absolutely unaware of his legal violations makes you look incredibly naïve.

      Jesus! Where to begin?

      #1. Trump’s hotel in Washington D.C. is leased from the federal government. The contract explicitly states:

      “no … elected official of the Government of the United States … shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom.”

      Trump is in flagrant violation. Even YOU can see that, I’ll bet. But, of course, as the most corrupt president in U.S. history, the Donald will simply appoint some yes man to oversee that chunk of the government – someone who will turn a blind eye.

      #2. The emoluments clause of the constitution explicitly prohibits receiving money or gifts from foreign leaders. Yet Trump is the only President in modern history who refuses to separate his business profits from his responsibility to run the federal government. This orange-faced scoundrel has left the door wide open to bribery.

      Foreign leaders are funneling money into Trump’s pockets on a DAILY basis. They’re not idiots. They know they can grease Trump’s palm by spending lavishly at his resorts, pushing through construction permits for new Trump hotels, or giving Trump’s children favorable deals. All of this is 100% illegal – prohibited by the Constitution.

      #3. Trump University defrauded all sorts of gullible people. Which is why they sued this creep for fraud. He settled for $25 million because he was guilty.

      #4. Trump pumped other people’s money through his bogus non-profit foundation and used their funds settle his own personal lawsuits, buy giant paintings of himself, and even to bribe the Florida Attorney General not to file suit against Trump University. Did I say “bribe”? OK. Let’s just say he gave her a very generous campaign contribution. Naturally, it’s illegal to use non-profit funds in this way. Trump got caught recently and admitted to double dealing.

      #5. Trump’s modeling agency “reportedly had foreign models lie to customs officials and work in the U.S. illegally, and kept them in squalid conditions while they earned almost nothing for the work they did”. (Washington Post). So much for him being tough on illegal immigration!

      #6. Trump has a long history of stiffing his contractors, refusing to pay them as promised.

      #7. Trump used hundreds of undocumented Polish workers in the 1980s and effectively paid them slave wages. Hiring illegal immigrants is a crime, wouldn’t you say? Wasn’t it you, STRIKER, who was insisting this is a “nation of laws” and that such behavior ought to be punished ferociously?

      #8. Trump violated anti-trust laws back in his casino days and was fined for it. Back then, he was also writing letters full of glowing praise on behalf of mafia bosses.

      #9. Trump has a long history of housing discrimination against black people. That’s illegal.

      #10. Trump advocates torture and murdering the families of non-combatants. Both of those actions are illegal under U.S. and international law. So Trump is 1 inch away from being declared a war criminal.

      #11. Trump attacks the independent judiciary constantly. Which shows how much respect this petulant arrogant narcissist has for Law and Order, really. Ultimately, Donald Trump admires force and likes getting his way. But he disregards the Law when it’s convenient for him. Most appalling of all, 51% of Trump supporters now believe that Trump simply ought to ignore the courts if they don’t find in his favor. Law and order? Not so much!

      #12. Trump is fleecing tax payers. It’s not just the unnecessary money being spent in NYC to protect his tower. Beyond that, Trump is having the pentagon rent a whole floor of Trump Tower. Money goes straight into Trump’s pocket. Same thing when he drags his entourage down to his Florida yuppie club, Mar-a-Lago. Siphoning money from the federal government straight into Trump’s pocket. As soon as Trump was elected, he doubled the membership dues to $200k per year per head. Naturally business leaders, foreign and domestic, know where to go to BUY access and influence. Wasn’t this what you were condemning Hillary Clinton for – selling access? Well, Trump is doing it on a MASSIVE scale … in broad daylight … right in front of your noses.

      #13. Banning muslims from entering the USA is flagrantly unconstitutional. Whether you think that’s what his travel ban does or not, Trump DID advocate a muslim ban. Which shows that Trump has ZERO respect for freedom of religion, as enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

      #14. Trump sent his official White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, to go make a sales pitch on FOX News for his daughter’s clothing line. That’s illegal:

      “An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, …”

      Even if Trump can get away with abusing the presidency, what Conway did would normally result in the person getting fired. Especially since this happened within 1 week of her lying about a nonexistent massacre as a way to scapegoat muslims. But Trump won’t fire unethical employees because Trump is unspeakably corrupt himself.

      #15. Based on General Flynn’s under-the-table dealings with Russia, it’s beginning to look like the Trump campaign may have colluded in Russia’s illegal interference in the last election. If that turns out to be true, then Trump was conspiring with an enemy government to undermine U.S. democracy. Which is borderline treason.

      We could go on and on.

      Here’s a question for you, STRIKER: Will you still scream about law and order, still enthusiastically support Trump once you realize he’s ILLEGALLY accepting money from foreign leaders, ILLEGALLY disregarding judges’ orders, ILLEGALLY torturing people, ILLEGALLY banning religions, ILLEGALLY defrauding consumers in pyramid schemes, ILLEGALLY promoting his own business, etc., etc., etc.?

      Will you still kiss Trump’s feet? If you had any dignity, you wouldn’t. If you had any curiosity, you’d read more and be more skeptical.

    • If President Trump is charged and convicted of a crime, it would be my hope and expectation that he would face whatever the legal consequences would be.

      Thus far into his Presidency, I have seen no instances of lawlessness by President Trump, your list of accusations included.

    • @STRIKER,

      “I have seen no instances of lawlessness …”

      Dude, you’re like the guys who looked through Galileo’s telescope and declared they saw nothing. The earth is the center of the universe; therefore there can be nothing to see.

      It doesn’t get any more obvious than Trump’s hotel in D.C. Elected officials are prohibited from leasing that property. Gave you a direct quote. The only way you can squirm out of that is to deny that Trump was elected or to deny that he has anything to do with the D.C. Trump Hotel.

      “If President Trump is charged and convicted of a crime …”

      Although he’s facing charges of sexual assault, you’d presumably dismiss those. He has already paid heavy fines as a result of committing fraud with Trump University. But as long as he settles and pays people off, he isn’t convicted.

      As president, Trump is basically immune. He appoints the people who enforce the laws. So he will pick loyalists like Jeff Sessions as Attorney General who are guaranteed to turn a blind eye to Trump’s abuses. The only way Trump can be “charged and convicted” of wrongdoing is impeachment. But congress is full of spineless partisan hacks who vote strictly along the lines of party loyalty.

      Trump doesn’t have a blank check to break the law, fortunately, because the courts DO stand up to his illegal actions. And the free press DOES shine a light on Trump’s corruption. But, of course, Trump is trying to undermine the judiciary and the news media. If Trump’s supporters are gullible enough to go along with the Donald’s preposterous self-serving make-believe, ignoring the free press and overriding the courts, then we’re effectively looking at a police state or a dictatorship.

      Based on polling, 51% of Trumpists actually WANT that kind of authoritarianism. No judicial oversight, no criticism from the press.

    • @STRIKER,

      Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.

      “Why are you so hate-filled?”

      Poor little snowflake! Did I hurt your fragile world view by criticizing Donald Trump? I’m not ridiculing you, really. I’m mocking ideas like birtherism, which you didn’t have to pick up and can put down whenever you’re ready to quit cuddling comforting lies, whenever you’re ready to seek out the truth yourself instead of waiting for Trump to tell you what to think next.

      Despite your bigoted pronouncements about muslims and intolerant views on undocumented immigrants, I don’t hate you. After all, I don’t know you. Millions of people think the same things you do – false ugly hateful things about their neighbors. Still, “Hate the sin, not the sinner”, so to speak.

      Naturally, if I lived where you live, had been raised as you were raised, and listened to the propaganda you’ve had the bad luck to be surrounded by on TV, radio, online, in conversation, pretty much wherever you turn, then I would probably think and talk just like you. World views are mostly inherited or absorbed from our surroundings. I’m no better than anybody else. But, based on where I’m situated, I can see some things you don’t see. And I’m sincerely trying to help you get past your own blind loyalty to Trump, past some of the anti-muslim / anti-immigrant prejudice. Don’t believe what you hear or do what you’re told! Stop, read, befriend a muslim, talk to an undocumented Mexican worker, listen, think! As soon as you stand up for yourself and stop believing whatever that bigoted orange billionaire tells you to is “real”, then you’ll be free.

    • Undocumented immigrant? Try illegal alien. Followed by deportation by the ICE squad.

      I was quite clear in earlier posts that I have no quarrel or issue with anyone of the Muslim faith, other than those who use their faith as a reason to commit violence (this goes for all faiths).

      Trump is a great leader. After his 8 years, I hope his daughter gets her 8 years as our President. The Trump family represents the Best of American Exceptionalism.


    • @STRIKER,

      That’s right, worship those NYC elites! The presidency ought to be a hereditary monarchy, just as you say. Princess Ivanka is a celebrity. Clearly she’s better than normal people and ought to rule over you.

      Rich spoiled brats who’ve never worked an honest job in their lives … and the working class that licks the soles of their $500 shoes.

      Can’t you hear how cravenly sycophantic you sound?

    • Why do you hate people who happen to live in NYC, or who happen to be wealthy? This is typical Leftist thinking — hating on someone for being “too rich” or because their world view happens to differ from yours. Historically, Leftists have proven to be the most vile, hateful, and ultimately, violent group of people on the face of the earth…and you’ve openly outed yourself as one on numerous posts like your latest. I pity you.

    • @STRIKER,

      There’s nothing wrong with being rich. But it’s a pathetic surrender of dignity and rationality for you to act like a peasant bowing down to kings and princesses. Why do you want to be dominated by 2 generations of spoiled brats who inherited their money and know next to nothing about hard work, normal people, or the world around them?

      Mitt Romney, who ran for President 4 years earlier, is quite rich. He has my respect because – unlike Trump – he worked for his success. Also, I know how Romney interacts with ordinary people. Romney doesn’t share Trump’s arrogant attitude to “lesser” people. Can you imagine Romney ever doing what Trump does:

      – Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.
      – Trump acts as though he OWNS women, bragging about he would invade the changing rooms to stare at nude girls in the “Miss Teen USA” pageant.
      – Trump defrauds people with fake universities.
      – Trump cheats workers out of pay.
      – Trump has discriminated against black people, refusing to rent to them.
      – Trump is constantly threatening to sue people, intimidating them into silence.

      Rich people don’t always do that. But when a spoiled rich brat’s sense of entitlement means trampling the rights of ordinary people, then, yes, absolutely, I despise such arrogance.

      This has nothing to do with what you call “Leftist thinking” or being “too rich”. I happen to dislike people who abuse their power. You, on the other hand, are naturally submissive and love them for it. As long as they’re abusing someone else, you can live out your fantasy vicariously, imagining that you’re a big tough guy attacking your neighbors.

      Trump is the wet dream of bullies. People admire him because they like the idea of beating up protesters who have the audacity to disagree … because they can’t win arguments through rational discussion but dearly love the idea of telling people to shut up … because they fantasize about the police cracking the skulls college students, jailing more black people, and kicking muslims and mexicans out of the country.

    • Unsurprisingly, you’ve shared another post filled with lies, misrepresentations, & biased and/or fake news. You’re better than this (I hope).

      Your mind has clearly been poisoned by Leftist propaganda – so sad. I can only imagine the squalor within which you were raised – probably in a one-parent and/or abusive household. It’s ok, I can see why you think many of the things you do – hopefully you will get your mind right one day. My advice is: stop using your past as a crutch, as it only serves as a roadblock to you one day having a happy and successful life.

    • @STRIKER,

      “Unsurprisingly, you’ve shared another post filled with lies, misrepresentations, & biased and/or fake news.”

      Remember 6 posts ago when I challenged you to:

      “Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.”

      Once again: Point to a single one of my “lies, misrepresentation, [etc.]”. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.

      As for fake news, take a hard look in the mirror, kiddo! You’ve just concocted a whole preposterous biography for me! All about the “squalor within which [I was] raised – probably in a one-parent and/or abusive household”.

      Come on! You’re looking as crazy as Donald Trump here. Reality doesn’t work like this. You and the President can’t just invent fantastical “facts” about the world whenever you please. Merely because reality contradicts your world view, that’s no excuse for raving about 5 million illegal voters, insisting on some “Bowling Green Massacre” that never happened, nor for pretending that the guy you disagree with online – me in this case – has whatever abusive parents your deranged imagination wants to foist on him!

      What, do you really believe ANYBODY is going to think – just because you coughed up a hairball – that my father is dead and my mother abused me? Alright, suppose you do have magical psychic powers. Once this idea popped into your head, my Dad instantly died of a heart attack 30+ years ago. And my Mom (retroactively)kept me chained to a radiator in the basement when I was 5.

      Even if that were the case, you’d still look just as foolish based on the words you’ve written. My terrible childhood wouldn’t make you any less WRONG. Even if I’m not a human being at all, merely an AI chat bot, you still have disclosed the weakness of your case.

      Come out, come out, wherever you are, my cutesy-pie snowflake princess! For 6 posts now, you’ve been hiding under the table, hoping nobody would notice your inability to cope with my challenge:

      “Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.”

    • @STRIKER,

      I take it you don’t have the guts / intellect to respond:

      “Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.”

      You’ve been hiding from that for 10 posts now.

    • My time is valuable. At least 70% (possibly more) of your abusive, anti-President Trump, anti-Liberty, and anti-rule-of-law claims are either baseless, biased, and/or completely made-up.

      This is why nobody else reading our back-and-forth is stepping in to defend your foolishness (they know you from this blog and others, yet they won’t stand for a fool).

    • @STRIKER,

      You’re not fooling anybody, bro. All the blubbering about “fake news”, all the screeching about the “lies” I’m supposedly telling, all the drivel about “libtards” you imagine are destroying civilization – none of it will get you out of the head lock I have you in! Since you’re too stubborn to tap out, you’ll just run out of oxygen.

      Either way, you concede defeat.

      Is your time valuable? B.S. You had plenty of time to denounce me as a liar, but when I asked you to make your case, you ran away yipping like a chihuahua with its tail between its legs.

    • @STRIKER,

      Not sure I follow you. Taking a stab in the dark, are you referring to LGBTQ? That’s the only acronym I can think of where “butch” would be relevant.

      Based on your pattern of responding with childish insults, it seems fair to interpret your comment as some sort of contumely. Though ideally an insult would be clearer than what you said:

      “You are a long-tailed of an acronym community.”

      Given how incoherent that is, I might be wrong in thinking that you’re calling me gay. But that is the kind of kindergarten retort you’ve offered so far. And, until you offer another explanation, I’m comfortable adding homophobia to the islamophobia and xenophobia you’ve already displayed.

    • It amuses me as you flail around, huffing and puffing, and ready to take on the whole world with that keyboard of yours as you zing countless accusations at all who disagree with your lies or who dare to counter your vomit-laced rhetoric with reason and wisdom. You’ve never tasted success, and I suppose that is the basis for much if not all of your vitriol – envy, envy, envy…envy of President Trump, of me, or anyone else who has all those things you can never seem to get your hands on.

      Trust me, Josie – envy will rot you from the inside out if you let it. Let go – smile…be happy.

    • @STRIKER,

      I envy you? Of what?

      “… all who disagree with your lies or who dare to counter your vomit-laced rhetoric with reason and wisdom.”

      What wisdom? When did you ever “dare to counter” ANYTHING I’ve said. You just ran away. It’s not that your arguments are weak. Rather, you’ve been too cowardly to offer ANY evidence of ANY kind.

      The pattern here is simple:

      1. STRIKER makes some outrageous claim.
      2. I reply with facts that contradict you.
      3. STRIKER screams that everything I say is “fake news” and “bias” and “lies”.
      4. I ask for evidence.
      5. STRIKER throws monkey poop and runs away.

      You’ve been running away now for 16 posts consecutively:

      “Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.”

    • @STRIKER,

      Point to 1 thing I’ve said about Donald Trump or about you that you consider to be untrue. And provide evidence refuting what I’ve said. If you don’t do that, then you’re admitting that 100% of what I’ve said is true.

      And conceding that all your talk about my “lies” and “bias” is nothing more than drooling slanderous idiocy.

      Simple as that. Can you? Nope.

    • ALL of it is either baseless, biased, or just plain fake (as in parroting the libtarded media machine). C’mon – you can’t possibly be this ignorant.

    • @STRIKER,

      If you can’t point to 1 untruth, then you’re admitting everything I said is 100% true.

      22 posts ago, I challenged you to sit at the big boy’s table:

      “Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.”

      And for the past 22 posts, you’ve been spewing juvenile insults and fleeing in terror. If you have any facts or arguments to make, let’s hear them. Otherwise, you’re just a coward blubbering about a lot of insecurities and hurt feelings.

      Ever heard the phrase, “Put up or shut up”?

    • I’ll bet you were on the debate team in HS…probably donned a bow-tie too. Then went home to pet your cats and comb your dolls’ hair. I digress…everything negative you’ve posted about President Trump was either baseless, lies, distortions, taken out of context, biased, and/or fake. This is why I didn’t pick a specific example – ALL of your claims were falsehoods.

    • @STRIKER,

      Every human being has 3 heads, 17 arms, wings, and a tail. No need for me to point to any specimen.

      Everything you said was written in Chinese. No need for me to point to a single Chinese word in any of your posts. It’s just obviously true.

      “This is why I didn’t pick a specific example – ALL of your claims were falsehoods.” Method of proof? Shouting about 3-headed, 17-armed, flying lizard men for 24 posts in a row.

      Do you believe 42% of Americans are unemployed? Donald Trump says so. On camera. Naturally, if I point out he lied in that instance, that would just prove I’M the liar. Right?

      Let’s be clear. Donald Trump says there’s 42% unemployment. I say he’s a liar. We’re contradicting one another. So at least 1 of us DOESN’T tell the truth. Who’s lying about unemployment – me or Donald Trump? Come on, I want to hear you say it. Tell us all that you agree with the Great Orange Leader.

    • @STRIKER,

      You’ve watched me stomp on your “Great Leader”, ridiculing him for his lies, and ridiculing you for believing those lies.

      You sobbed and sobbed about how “biased” and “unfair” all my “fake news” was for hurting your feelings. So I challenged you to point to a single falsehood. You couldn’t.

      Now all you can do is whimper and grunt. At this stage, I think I can safely plant a flag in your back and claim your carcass for the empire.

    • Everything you said was false (your inability to recognize this fact just makes you look foolish). You must really be bored, or lonely…regardless, you’ve proven nothing except that you are an arrogant, liberty-hating, purveyor of falsehoods.

      Carry on, Chump-Change.


    • @STRIKER,

      “Everything you said was false”

      Indeed. Every human being has 3 heads, 17 arms, wings, and a tail.

      Point to 1.

      If you want to mock me as a liar, then all you have to do is imitate what I did to your “Great Leader”. You saw how easy it was to mock Donald Trump for his lie about 42% unemployment.

      Since I have facts on my side, it’s a piece of cake to point out lies on YOUR side. Yet you can’t do the same. This has been going on for days. The whole time, I have challenged you to point out a single lie. And you haven’t been able to.

    • If you’re counting folks who are working one or more part-time jobs, along with un-or-underemployed teens and elderly people who want to work, then yes…that 42% figure is spot-on and has been corroborated by multiple authorities on the subject. Google is your friend – feel free to use it.

    • @STRIKER,

      Hey, genius, try actually googling this yourself. SERPs are full of articles de-bunking Trump’s lie as false.

      “corroborated by multiple authorities”

      Point to 1. Citations, kiddo. Evidence. Make-believe is for children.

    • @STRIKER,

      Back to monosyllables?

      A grunt isn’t evidence. “False” isn’t a citation.

      “42% figure is spot-on” for unemployment, you say? Alright, dig up a reputable article to back up your ridiculous claim!

      Just look around! You live in the real world. No need to take Donald Trump’s word when he says the sky is green. If you went WalMart today and asked grocery shoppers if they’re currently unemployed, do you really think HALF of them would say yes? Reality is 4.8%. Not 42%.

      Seriously, if Donald Trump hadn’t told this colossal fib, you would never DREAM of insisting 42% of people are unemployed. The only reason you’re touting this B.S. is to defend your glorious “Great Leader”. Deep down, you have enough common sense to know that the unemployment is 1 person in 20 … not every other person you run across!

      Be smarter than Trump. It’s not hard.

    • David Stockman, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s budget director, calculated that there are currently 210 million Americans between the ages of 16 and 68 — what he calls a “plausible measure of the potential workforce.” If you assume that each of those people is able to hold down a full-time job, he wrote, they would offer a total of 420 billion potential working hours. However, during 2014, Stockman noted, only 240 billion working hours were actually recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      If you run the numbers, “the real unemployment rate was 42.9 percent,” Stockman wrote.

    • Actually, I apologize. At least you’re trying to find evidence now. I mean that sincerely.

      Obviously, you were in a hurry. But if you take the time to read that article all the way to the end, you’ll see the 42% unemployment claim is utterly bogus.

    • The (approximate) 42% number is solid when measuring labor slack in the economy. So much untapped potential. Doubt it if you wish – you’re wrong, just as you’re wrong about every single false claim you’ve made in this thread. You really aren’t very smart…actually, I’m almost ready to label you as a low-IQ, short-bus rider…wouldn’t surprise me.

    • @STRIKER,

      Just read the article, you lazy sack of shibboleths!

      You yourself pasted a paragraph from an article that REFUTES you. The final paragraph of the SAME article you copied from says:

      “[G]etting a percentage that high requires believing that being a high school, college or graduate student, a senior citizen, a stay-at-home parent, a job-training participant, or having a disability is no excuse for not holding down a job, or for working less than 40 hours in a week.”

      And the final sentence says:

      “We rate his claim Pants on Fire.”

    • It’s a clear example of labor slack, so whether the true underemployment number is 20%, 30%, or 40%, it is much higher than what is reported by the governenment and only a libtarded snowflake will fail (or refuse) to see the point that President Trump successfully made. Bottom line, his words shone a spotlight and grabbed attention (this is a good thing), Dummy.


    • What a beautiful headline to see this morning:

      “ICE Arrests 600 in Nationwide Raids After Trump Order Expands Criminalization of Immigrants”

      This is why President Trump was hired. A nationwide clamp-down on illegal aliens is a beautiful thing to see by those who believe in the rule of law.

    • @STRIKER,

      Like I said before, only a VILE human being celebrates human misery. Deporting the mothers of children, dividing families. Like the case of a woman who moved to the USA at the age of 14, has lived here for 21 years, has been complying with ICE since 2008 with regular check-ins, has committed no serious crime, and yet was suddenly deported to please the white supremacists:

      So her 14-year-old daughter, who has spent her whole life in the USA, must now be kicked out of the United States too just to keep the family together? This is your SICK idea of justice?

      Don’t bother covering up your sadism with the fig leaf of “rule of law”. Instead of issuing executive orders to purge the USA of undocumented workers, the President could just as easily have done the opposite. But he’s a xenophobe and a racist supported by xenophobes and racists.

      Laws could EASILY be written allowing undocumented workers to apply for citizenship and get their paperwork in order. Like I pointed out long ago, when your car overstays the parking meter, they give you a ticket. They don’t impound your vehicle right away or repossess it. Leniency like that is ALSO “law and order”.

      Law enforcement has always had discretion. Just because the police CAN give everyone a ticket for going 1 mph over the speed limit, are you saying they SHOULD? When you drive down the freeway, you and everyone around you is technically speeding. I say you’re all criminals who should be handcuffed and locked up. Police have that power, don’t they? You ARE violating the law, aren’t you?

      You don’t strike me as someone who knows his Shakespeare. But it seems to me you’re hungry for a contractual pound of flesh. “The quality of mercy is not strained”. Only racism and bigotry would cause someone to apply the smallest laws to do the most violence to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Only racism and bigotry would cause someone to celebrate human misery as you do.

    • @STRIKER,

      “whether the true underemployment number is 20%, 30%, or 40%”

      Hey jackass, the article YOU YOURSELF cited was written to disprove the nonsense you’re spouting. It isn’t 20%, 30%, or 40%. For the same reason that it isn’t 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, or 500%.

      “It’s a clear example of labor slack”

      No, it’s a clear example of a Trump lie. Read the article you copied from! Once you’re caught spreading a lie, you can’t make it true simply by pounding your fist on the table.

      “his words shone a spotlight and grabbed attention (this is a good thing)”

      He’s a demagogue telling lies. Donald Trump’s goal has always been to convince the most gullible Americans that their nation is in terrible shape and about to fall apart. Donald Trump knew he could rely on people’s bigotry, racism, islamophobia, and xenophobia. So he relies on deceit and fear mongering. He dangles lies like fish hooks, and people like you swallowed the bait, got reeled in, and are now being gutted and fried up for dinner.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if ICE starts wearing masks as they black-bag the illegal alien criminals before throwing them in the paddy-wagon. Swift and fierce enforcement of the LAW will hopefully encourage other illegal alien criminals to leave our nation on their own accord.

    • Why are you libtarded snowflakes so quick to throw-out accusations of “racism”, “bigotry”, and “xenophobia” whenever someone disagrees with your world view?

      Is my Hispanic wife and her Hispanic parents who all voted for President Trump racist for wanting illegal aliens removed from our nation? (In case you are wondering, my wife and her family emigrated to America LEGALLY from South America decades ago. Again…they came here LEGALLY.)

      What else you got princess?

    • @STRIKER,

      Don’t worry. The other Trumpkins will come for your wife next. All it will take is 1 of your white supremacist buddies to mistake her for an illegal; and, now that Donald Trump has stoked the xenophobia and racism, she’ll face violence in the streets.

      Don’t believe me? This is already happening to muslim women. White dudes like you are tearing the hijab off women’s heads, while shouting “Trump”. Recently at an airport, one of your buddies started kicking a muslim woman, literally shouting about how Trump “will get rid of all of you”. The same crap you’ve been shouting here in the comments section.

      A Canadian kid, inspired by Trump, went and shot up a mosque in Quebec, killing 6 and injuring more. But you were probably thrilled. After all, those muslims who were praying were probably secret terrorists; and the white boy wanted to Make Canada Great Again. In Texas, your fellow Trumpists burned down a mosque and spray-painted schwastikas all over.

      At an alt right convention in D.C. a group of Trump supporters literally gave the Nazi salute while shouting, “Heil Trump!” They did it brazenly, on video. So when I make the obvious link between Trump’s scapegoating of minorities, your bigotry, and neo-nazism, I’m doing it based on facts. Not just any facts – actual murders, actual assaults, actual harrassment, actual schwastikas, actual church burnings.

      Marrying 1 person doesn’t mean you can’t be a bigot, dude. Your wife ought to know better than to stay with you, given all the bigotry and sadistic glee you’re putting on display here. She may have voted for Trump, but there were jews who worked for Hitler too. Doesn’t mean Hitler wasn’t racist.

      Do you really care about illegal immigration? Do you really love strict law enforcement? Nonsense! You voted for a guy who has violated these laws for a long long time. Donald Trump himself has hired illegal aliens to work for him now for decades. I pointed this out long ago, but you ran away from it:

      #5. Trump’s modeling agency “reportedly had foreign models lie to customs officials and work in the U.S. illegally, and kept them in squalid conditions while they earned almost nothing for the work they did”. (Washington Post). So much for him being tough on illegal immigration!

      #7. Trump used hundreds of undocumented Polish workers in the 1980s and effectively paid them slave wages.

      Special rules for you “Great Leader”, right? His hypocrisy and lies will #MAGA. Trump supporters will #MAGA anyone who disagrees. They’ll #MAGA them out of the country. They’ll #MAGA their churches on fire. They’ll #MAGA schwastikas on the walls. They’ll #MAGA the muslims and the mexicans to death.

    • You really do live in your own little world, don’t you? Shouting nonsensical accusations and projecting baseless Leftist propaganda from the mountain-top…good luck with that – LOL!


    • @STRIKER,

      You keep talking about “Leftist propaganda”, which is nothing but a phantom.

      Meanwhile, take a look at your tangerine-faced POTUS! He relies on the National Enquirer, InfoWars, and Breitbart, for Christ’s sake!

      #1. The National Enquirer! A tabloid that says the government is covering up our contact with extraterrestrials on the moon! Trump cited this rag when he spread his lie about Ted Cruz’s father being complicit in the Kennedy assassination. Because, as Trump says, “I’m like a smart person”.

      Trump calls CNN “Fake News”. But look at how stupidly gullible he is regarding The National Enquirer! Trump said on TV:

      “This was a magazine that, in many respects, is respected.”


      “I’ve always said, ‘Why didn’t the National Enquirer get the Pulitzer”

      This is your Great Leader? What does that say about YOU?

      #2. InfoWars! This talk show host, Alex Jones, insists the government causes tornados, calls the Sandy Hook shooting a government hoax with child actors pretending to be dead, and believes Obama and Hillary Clinton are possessed by trans-dimensional demons. No kidding!

      What does Trump think of this nut? He says:

      “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.”

      Naturally. Trump is a conspiracy theorist who invents nonsense all day long – from birtherism and 42% unemployment to 5 million illegal voters who didn’t exist. Donald and Alex Jones are kindred spirits.

      #3. Breitbart! A white supremacist website that calls black people gorillas, demonizes Islam, and mocks women. Steve Bannon, who ran this “platform for the alt right”, was a propaganda film maker who wanted to make movies titled, “The Islamic States of America” – terryifying rural white America into believing that they’re on the brink of sharia law!

      Bannon is a catholic jihadist who went to the Vatican trying to persuade cardinals and the pope to declare another set of Crusades, another Holy War against muslims. Bannon and Bin Laden are 2 sides of the same coin.

      Bannon ran Trump’s campaign. Now he effectively runs the country. We all know Donald Trump is a sock puppet. The only thing we don’t know is how Bannon and Vladimir Putin divvy up the joint custody. Who gets to shave his hand up Trump on which days, etc.

    • @STRIKER,

      Bannon is a muslim hater, a religious extremist, a war monger. If you call him “a great American”, then you confess to being those things yourself.

      The irony here is that Bannon wouldn’t have allowed even your wife to immigrate to this country. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Bannon is on the record wanting to stop even LEGAL immigration. For instance, he says: “We’ve looked the other way on this legal immigration that’s kinda overwhelmed the country”.

    • @STRIKER,

      You keep running away. Answer these simple questions:

      #1. Does The National Enquirer deserve a Pulitzer, as your “Great Leader” says? Or is he an idiot for citing it?

      #2. Do you believe, as Donald Trump does, that InfoWars and Alex Jones have a an amazing reputation? Or is Donald Trump a dangerous fool for supporting and spreading conspiracy theories?

      #3. Do you believe referring to black people as gorillas is racist? Or do you side with Breitbart and Bannon, who enabled this, whom you call a “Great American”, believing that it’s ok to refer to suggest that black people are subhuman?

    • Your comments on Mr. Bannon seem kind of slanderous. Care to retract?

      Also, even legal immigration should be scrutinized to make sure the skills match the needs of our nation. We DO NOT need more unskilled laborers. Engineers, Physicians, and Scientists – YES.

    • @STRIKER,

      “Care to retract?”

      Not at all. Facts are on my side. Point to 1 falsehood. I can back up every assertion.

      “We DO NOT need more unskilled laborers. Engineers, Physicians, and Scientists – YES.”

      In that case, why did Donald Trump issue an executive order that blocked PhD students, professors, engineers, programmers, doctors, and surgeons? Those people ended up HANDCUFFED in detention centers within airports.

      As a matter of fact, America DOES need unskilled laborers. Unless the privileged white people are going to start working as house cleaners. Unless a lot of Trump supporters want to go work in the fields picking crops, they ought to think about a way to allow temporary workers to come to this country. They come here BECAUSE the labor market has a vacancy for them. Otherwise, they’d arrive in the USA, find no job openings, and go home again.

      People like Donald Trump hire undocumented workers for a reason. Those workers don’t sneak over to be criminals. They sneak over because American employers WANT them.

    • @STRIKER,

      By the way, you say we ought to let in “Engineers, Physicians, and Scientists”. I agree. But the fact of the matter is, those people – even the people who had green cards and were working in this country already – were blocked.

      Why? Because “Steve Bannon personally overruled DHS decision not to include green card holders in travel ban” (CNN). Steve Bannon INSISTED on blocking the non-Americans. Because he’s a xenophobe and a white nationalist with an extremist agenda.

    • @STRIKER,

      Trump is twice as bad with Steve Bannon whispering in his ear. Bannon is the dangerous ideologue who controls those executive orders. Both Bannon and General Flynn ended up wielding huge power, even though neither of them was elected and congress didn’t even get the chance to vet them (as is normal for cabinet posts).

      Bannon used Trump to get himself a seat on the National Security Council. Not just that: Bannon saw to it that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence were both REMOVED!

      What’s the guy up to?

      Exhibit A: Bannon says, “We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years. There’s no doubt about that.” Alright, I guess we should preemptively attack China then. I mean if it’s inevitable, why wait for them to build up military strength? Same logic as Iraq under Bush Junior.

      Bannon says similar stuff about Iran. Bet you didn’t know we almost started a war with Iran this past week. Not kidding.

      If you want to #MAGA, start by telling Trump to dump Steve Bannon. We already got rid of Flynn.

    • In certain high-profile & highly influential circles, Steve Bannon is considered to be our country’s version of Winston Churchill, with a dash of Benjamin Franklin thrown-in. Bannon is 3-parts Genius and 7-parts Patriot.

      You really shouldn’t slander people; it’s poor-form, my friend.

    • BTW, I concur with Bannon’s assessment under your “Exhibit A”, and I also agree with you that the powers-that-be should give serious consideration to some sort of preemptive action.

      The China Threat is not the same as Iraq. Iraq wasn’t a threat to anyone, while China is a potential threat to everyone.

    • @STRIKER,

      So you’re saying you think

      #1. The National Enquirer deserves a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on extraterrestrials living on the moon.

      #2. InfoWars / Alex Jones is right about Obama and Hillary being demon-possessed, about the government creating tornados, about the Sandy Hook shootings being a hoax, and about the water “turning the frogs gay”.

      #3. It’s ok for Steve Bannon’s publication to refer to black people as subhuman gorillas.

      If you deny any of those statements, then you’re impying that your “Great Leader”, Donald Trump, is a fool and a conspiracy theorist. Also that he, Bannon, and you yourself are a racist.

      If you think you’re NOT a racist, then condemn Breitbart and Steve Bannon – your “Great American” – for suggesting black people are gorillas.

    • @STRIKER,

      Do you also think the following?

      #4. The USA ought to go to war with China during the next 5-10 years.

      #5. Islam is worse than Nazism under Hitler. And worse than the gulags under Stalin. Steve Bannon says so because he’s pushing for a Western jihad against 1/4 of the world’s population.

      Keep in mind, Hitler killed 6 million jews and started WW2. We don’t know how many people Stalin killed, but estimates range as high as 60 million.

      Do you agree with your “Great American”, Steve Bannon, that Islam is fundamentally worse than Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia combined? I’m not exaggerating. Bannon literally said that Islam ought to have been the focus of the world’s fears during 1938 – overlooking Hitler and Stalin to focus on a War with Islam:

      “You could look in 1938 and say, ‘Look, it’s pretty dark here in Europe right now, but there’s something actually much darker. And that is Islam.’ ”

      Bannon isn’t just planning on these wars. He’s PROCLAIMING them! Based on the way Bannon rushed out the immigration ban, King Bannon isn’t going to wait for China to start this war. Better to start more wars ourselves. You agree?

    • @STRIKER,

      You pathetic little coward!

      As long as Trump gives you permission, you’re ready to declare CNN and DemocracyNow to be “fake news”. Never mind any evidence.

      Meanwhile, when I ask you point blank whether you believe (1) the National Enquirer and (2) Alex Jones’s InfoWars, you don’t have the guts to go against Donald Trump and criticize them.

      And when I ask you point blank whether (3) Breitbart is right to refer to black people as gorillas, you’re too gutless or racist to do it.

    • I don’t know.

      I am, however, comforted by the fact that President Trump is in office and being advised by Steve Bannon on these matters.

    • @STRIKER,

      Here’s where you stand:

      1. You believe space aliens and the government and the moon are in cahoots.
      2. You believe Obama and Hillary Clinton are possessed by demons.
      3. You believe the government creates tornados.
      4. You believe Barrack Obama is an impostor born in Kenya.
      5. You believe the Sandy Hook shootings were faked by the government.
      6. You believe 42% of Americans are unemployed.
      7. You believe we ought to have focused on exterminating Islam instead of worrying about Hitler or Stalin.
      8. You believe black people are subhuman gorillas.
      9. You believe Ted Cruz’s dad helped assassinate JFK.
      10. You believe 5 million illegal voters – all of them so far invisible – are the reason poor Donald Trump didn’t win his popularity contest.
      11. You believe Jewish groups are secretly harboring islamic terrorists.


      If you deny any of these things, say so.

    • Your Breitbart assertion is completely false, as is the rest of what you’ve written.

      Aren’t you the least bit concerned that potential clients or business partners will find this thread of ours and see with their own eyes just how unstable and Leftist you are? You really are foolish.

    • Shall I keep going? You believe:

      12. People who say they were handcuffed and detained at the airport are liars. Even though you simultaneously praise Trump’s executive order for doing this.

      13. You believe we ought to go to war against China.


    • Your posts get angrier and more unstable by the day…this is like watching a train-wreck in slow-motion. Can’t. Look. Away.


    • I’m done here, dude. I’m going to stop responding to you, as a favor to you. The way this is going, you’re going to type something really unhinged that you may one-day regret; so, I’m going to save you from your impulsive nature and anger and be the better man by just walking away.

      Later Snowflake

    • @STRIKER,

      Wow! I missed the fact that you ARE advocating for war with China.

      I asked if the “USA ought to go to war with China during the next 5-10 years.”

      But you had already agreed with Bannon about starting WW3. Jesus, you’re nuts. I figured you would evade the question. But you actually AGREE!!!!!

      “[T]he powers-that-be should give serious consideration to some sort of preemptive action.”

      Attack China? Alright, STRIKER, let the bloodbath begin, I guess. As long as it will #MAGA. Christ, you partisan xenophobes will say ANYTHING. I really thought that a domain investor, of all people, would think twice before attacking China. Where will people sell their CHIPs and NNNNNs when we’re launching nuclear missiles at one another or facing off against 1.3 billion Chinese people?

      When I was a submarine officer, I’d be the guy dying to please lunatics like you, while you sit around at home in your pajamas listening tor Rush Limbaugh. No thanks.

    • @Joseph,

      Interesting to me that ICE did this raid in one of the most libtarded cities in the U.S. (Seattle).

      Do you think they black-bagged this “dreamer’s” head and whacked him a few times with the billy-club before throwing him like a sack of rotten potatoes into the back of the paddy-wagon? I wonder if he resisted?

      Having President Trump and Attorney General Sessions in power makes me proud to be an American again, for the first time since Reagan was President.


    • If I happen to be eating at a restaurant and see any ICE agents eating there – their meal and drinks will be paid-for by me! These ICE folks are heroes and represent the best of American Exceptionalism.


    • @STRIKER,

      Keep it coming! You’re on record here as a sadist, a xenophobe, an islamophobe, a war monger, a conspiracy theorist, and a racist.

      Still pushing for war with China?

      Still ok with black people being referred to as gorillas?

      If you have the courage of your convictions, sign your real name to this drivel; and quit hiding behind the “STRIKER” alias. After all, you clearly think the country is on your side; so why wear a mask? How will your hero, Steve Bannon, know on whom the medal for jingoism is to be pinned unless patriots like you step forward and announce themselves?

      I could out you. But I’ll let you do it. If you have the guts, that is. Deep down, I think you know that what you’re doing is morally equivalent to painting schwastikas on churches. Which is why you hide your identity.

    • @STRIKER,

      You know who else used to publish lists of crimes by a hated minority group, to prove that they were essentially evil?

      Hitler. The Nazis used to do what the Trump administration is now doing. Nazi Germany would gather up reported crimes by Jews and publish them, as if Jews were more dangerous than other people. You and Trump are now following in the footsteps of Nazis. That’s not hyperbole.

    • President Trump is in no way compatible to Hitler – give me a break.

      All people of all races are equal in my eyes, and for the record, this is the same view held by Steve Bannon and President Trump, your accusations and assertions notwithstanding.

      The law is the law with regards to illegal immigration and unless or until these laws are changed, ICE should vigorously enforce such laws (which they now apparently are doing – this is a good thing as it keeps us all safer)

    • I’ll go further to say I’d place the odds of at least a moderate military conflict between the U.S. and China at greater than 50% within the next 25 years; and probably initiated over Taiwan.

    • @STRIKER,

      “All people of all races are equal in my eyes, and for the record, this is the same view held by Steve Bannon”

      Then why does Bannon’s alt-right propaganda machine, Breitbart, routinely refer to black people as sub-human gorillas?

      Go ahead! Say it doesn’t, and I’ll cite examples. You’re in an awkward position, son, praising Bannon as “Great American” and then having to clean up after his rag’s overt racism. In order to hold on to your “But I’m not a racist” notion, you’ll have to cut ties with Bannon and Breitbart. They’re the black-people-are-gorillas guys.

    • “President Trump is in no way compatible to Hitler – give me a break.”

      Wrong. Although Trump hasn’t had a crack at genocide yet, and we’re unlikely ever to give him the opportunity, his rise to power resembles Hitler’s in many ways. Both Trump and Hitler have used minority groups as scapegoats. As do you. Both Trump and Hitler want to round up minority groups and create a “pure” nation. As do you.

      It’s a fair comparison. When neonazi alt righters celebrate Trump’s election by throwing a convention in D.C. and they literally give Trump the Nazi salute, shouting “Heil Trump”, then should we NOT talk about the parallels between Trumpism and Nazism? Just look the other way and pretend it never happened?

      When Trumpkins like you attack muslim women, they shout “Trump”. And when your fellow Trump enthusiasts burn down mosques or shoot people during their prayers, it’s 50/50 whether they spraypaint “Trump” or a schwastika on the side of the building. The 2 brands have become synonymous in the eyes of the people wielding the spray cans.

      But you missed the point, STRIKER. What I said is that both Nazis and Trump began by gathering lists of crimes committed by minorities and publishing those lists in an attempt to demonize the minority group. Nazis published lists of Jewish crimes. And the Trump regime is now publishing lists of immigrant crimes. The pattern is EXACTLY the same. The motivation is EXACTLY the same.

    • “To claim the Red Chinese Government is anywhere near the moral equivalency of our government is reckless at best.”

      Nobody did, genius. But you would presumably agree that the USA is as bad as Russia under the murderous dictator, Vladimir Putin. Right? Trump said so on FOX News. Bill O’Reilly said, “But Putin’s a killer.” And Trump defended his buddy Putin and trash-talked America, creating just the sort of false “moral equivalency” you’re railing against.

      If you don’t like the USA being compared unfavorably to China (which happened only in your imagination), then why are you comfortable with the USA being compared to a dictatorship where journalists and political rivals all wind up assassinated by the Great Leader?

      Trump insulted your country on national television. And you’re ok with that.

    • “I’ll go further to say I’d place the odds of at least a moderate military conflict between the U.S. and China at greater than 50% within the next 25 years”

      That isn’t “further”.

      You said we ought to attack China. Preemptively, without waiting for any provocation. And do it before the inevitable war Steve Bannon predicted in the next 5-10 years.

      It’s 1 thing to anticipate conflict, which (as a former submarine officer) I know a thing or 2 about. Who do you think ends up between China and Taiwan?

      But it’s another thing to insist that war is inevitable, as Bannon does. And to URGE an unprovoked attack on China, as you have done explicitly.

    • Bannon has never used the derogatory and racist term that you are claiming.

      President Trump wishes to keep America safe from Radical Islamic Terror by enhancing and improving screening practices for ANYONE who visits our nation (I agree with this).

      President Trump wishes to enforce American immigration laws by deporting illegal aliens (I agree with enforcing America’s immigration laws).

      President Trump has condemned any violence against any group of people based on race, religion, or any other differences (I agree with this – violence and intimidation is cowardly and wrong).

      President Trump is a great American; and I firmly believe you and many other Leftist-leaning Snowflakes will one day agree with this based on President Trump’s actions and accomplishments.


    • I did not say that “we ought to attack China”.

      Please don’t misrepresent my statements – I realize this is a typical Leftist maneuver, but it is easily overcome and only serves to delegitimize whatever argument you are tying to make.

    • Alright – I’m done here (for good this time). I refuse to debate someone who time and time again misrepresents what I’ve said and/or throws-up straw-man argument after straw-man argument (you have done this at least 20+ times on this thread).


    • @STRIKER,

      Drop the façade, dude. You don’t get to talk about “law and order” anymore. You began your rant today by HOPING for police brutality:

      ‘Do you think they black-bagged this “dreamer’s” head and whacked him a few times with the billy-club before throwing him like a sack of rotten potatoes’

      Someone who has lived his entire life in America isn’t a “sack of rotten potatoes”. Attacking him needlessly with clubs? Why? Because his mother brought him to this country as an infant?

      You’re not defending brutality as an unfortunate accident. You’re HOPING for it. You showed up out of the blue SALIVATING for blood. And you call the guys “heroes”, saying you want to buy them dinner and drinks as a reward for beating innocent people with clubs.

      Police brutality is illegal. So all your claptrap about how the USA is a “nation of laws” is a hollow farce. You don’t love the Law. You love violence, persecution, discrimination, and pain.

      You don’t love violence against white people though. So what’s the common denominator to STRIKER’s hatreds? Race.


    • Last response: The “sack of potatoes” comment was made in jest to draw your ire, which it did. I retract it.

      I am multiracial, my wife is Hispanic, and not that you care, but I am offended by your accusations of racism – you could not be further from the mark.

      President Trump will restore law and order to the homeland – and yes, I think this is a great thing. You are free to disagree – after all, that is one of the things that makes this country somewhat unique in the world.

      Best wishes, my friend.


    • @STRIKER,

      If you have the courage of your convictions, share your identity with the public. I’ve been writing using my full name this whole time because 100% of what I’ve said is true. Every assertion can be supported with evidence.

      People who burn down mosques and spray-paint schwastikas / “Trump” on the wreckage – they wear masks. The KKK, who supported Trump, wear hoods. STRIKER praises violence and posts xenophobic drivel under an alias.

      Why the cowardice? Why hide? Isn’t this Trump’s America? Didn’t your guy win? Aren’t YOU in charge? Your party owns the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. Your goons are rounding up hated minority groups. Jeff Sessions, famous for prosecuting civil rights leaders in the Martin Luther King Jr. era, is now the Attorney General. So if you don’t have the guts to step forward out of the alt-right shadows today, then when will you EVER grow a pair?

      Are you embarrassed by what you’ve said? Obviously, you ought to be! Do you have something to hide?

      Sign your John Hancock, dude. Or walk away the lesser man.

    • @STRIKER,

      You racists don’t know when to quit! Thanks for coming back to prove my point about your xenophobic fear-mongering.

      You and the Trump regime are following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany by publishing lists of crimes committed by the minority group you hate. It’s easy for bigots like you to engage in fear mongering like this because EVERY social group contains SOME criminals.

      The real question is why you’re so obsessed with smearing latinos as criminals. Why didn’t you share a link about your white supremacist buddy who was arrested yesterday trying to murder people in a synagogue?

    • @STRIKER,

      Yes, all crime is bad. And all groups commit crimes.

      So why are you going out of your way to demonize latinos? Looks to me like you have a special loathing for certain minority groups.

      Look at yourself from an outside perspective:

      1. A couple of days ago, you show up out of the blue HOPING aloud that police will beat immigrants with clubs.

      2. Now, once again, you show up insinuating that Mexican immigrant children (“dreamers”) will grow up to be violent gang members.

      Gotta admit, if you were somebody else looking at STRIKER’s posts, you would conclude, “Man, that guy is a bigot!” If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …

    • @STRIKER,

      You can claim whatever you want about your ethnicity as long as you’re hiding behind that white hood.

      If you want to feel vindicated, take off the mask. Stop using an alias and be proud of this “patriotism” of yours.

    • @STRIKER,

      “Unbiased” my ass! Who on earth are the Some right-wing cranks printing up fan fiction in their basement? They begin some of their articles with sentences like this:

      “Once upon a time, liberals pushed free speech at every opportunity.”

      That sounds neutral and objective, right? That’s so truthful that none of us can tell where they stand on politics! “Factual”? Are you f***ing kidding? It says:

      “Federal probation officers in Brooklyn are supervising two illegals—a Jordanian and an Egyptian with Saudi citizenship—who look ‘ready to blow up the Statue of Liberty,’ according to a probation official, but the officers can’t get rid of them.”

      When was this? Who tried to blow up the Statue of Liberty? Is there any evidence AT ALL to back up this vague conspiracy theory you dug up from 2004? In the 13 years since, surely they arrested those guys, right? Or maybe George W. Bush just didn’t care whether they blew up the statue or not. It’s hilarious that they refer to an unnamed probation official who can just tell by LOOKING at muslims that they’re plotting this attack! Either that probation official is a racist – and racist paranoia isn’t evidence – or else your little basement publication just made him up.

      There isn’t a single citation in the whole article. Compare that to REAL journalism, which cites its sources


      “[A]bout 7 percent of the nation’s population are noncitizens, while figures from the Justice Department show that about 5 percent of inmates in state and federal prisons are noncitizens.”

      Oh, but that’s just “fake news” right? “The New York Times” can’t be trusted, whereas is the fountain of all wisdom!

      OK. Ignore the NYT, if you feel it. Doesn’t matter. Because real journalists cite their sources, you can track down those sources and check the facts yourself.

      Or maybe you think the Justice Department is also a libtarded hoax? That’s fine too. The NYT cites the CATO Institute. And if you’re an educated conservative, which I HIGHLY doubt, then you’ll recognize the CATO Institute as one of the most famous conservative think tanks in the USA. Their own site says:

      “immigrants are less crime prone than natives or have no effect on crime rates”

      But who cares? Go dig up some basement screed that makes up its own statistics without citing ANY sources at all! That’s probably a reliable way to understand the world. That’s why

      Here’s where you stand:

      1. You believe space aliens and the government and the moon are in cahoots.
      2. You believe Obama and Hillary Clinton are possessed by demons.
      3. You believe the government creates tornados.
      4. You believe Barrack Obama is an impostor born in Kenya.
      5. You believe the Sandy Hook shootings were faked by the government.
      6. You believe 42% of Americans are unemployed.
      7. You believe we ought to have focused on exterminating Islam instead of worrying about Hitler or Stalin.
      8. You believe black people are subhuman gorillas.
      9. You believe Ted Cruz’s dad helped assassinate JFK.
      10. You believe 5 million illegal voters – all of them so far invisible – are the reason poor Donald Trump didn’t win his popularity contest.
      11. You believe Jewish groups are secretly harboring islamic terrorists.


    • @STRIKER,

      By the way, if you disagree with any of those “accusations”, then pick a number. Each of those 11 doors leads to you looking like an idiot.

      And you know that, which is why you’ve been running away from that numbered list for 4 days now.

    • @STRIKER

      “promising to ban Muslim immigration and close all the mosques in the Netherlands”

      That’s what you hope for, right? He isn’t the PM. But you did imply you’d like him to be.

      Logically, that means you’d like to “ban Muslim immigration and close all the mosques in the” USA too.

    • @STRIKER,

      So far, you’re on record wanting to

      (1) Terrorize and destroy the lives of 11 million people, by uprooting them from their homes and dividing them from their families.

      (2) Beat them with clubs.

      (3) Ban muslims from the USA. Not just immigration. You want to close mosques, persecuting muslims who are already here.

      When Nazi Germany began rounding up jews, driving them out of their homes into ghettos, shutting down their synagogues, there were German citizens who turned a blind eye. Bad as their apathy was, the worst people were the actual Nazis, the bigots who advocated for this kind of purge, who enthusiastically supported persecution of minorities.

      Morally, you are in the latter category.

    • @STIKER

      “Do you ever tire of making baseless accusations?”

      Do you ever tire of running away? 7 times now, since February 12, you have evaded this:

      “Point to a single misrepresentation or baseless claim. If you can’t, then quit whining and whimpering about how unfair everything is.”

    • @STRIKER,

      You’re the guy who wants to

      – close mosques
      – ban muslims
      – round up 11 million people
      – beat them with clubs

      So let’s be clear. it’s YOU I’m calling a fascist thug and a bigot. No point hiding behind your buddy Milo.

      Though I’m pleased to hear you admit you think “Milo rocks”. Because he’s 1 of the slime balls who refers to black people as gorillas.

      I brought that black-people-are-gorillas thing up on February 14. And for 5 days since, you were too cowardly to face it. But you finally caved. Not only do you think it’s ok to refer to black people as gorillas. You think it “rocks”!

    • Almost every post you’ve made on this thread is either baseless, biased, an outright lie, or a straw-man argument (some are a combination of all four).

      You are, without a doubt, one of the least intelligent people with whom I have ever debated a topic.

    • @STRIKER,

      Here’s where you stand:

      1. You believe space aliens and the government and the moon are in cahoots.
      2. You believe Obama and Hillary Clinton are possessed by demons.
      3. You believe the government creates tornados.
      4. You believe Barrack Obama is an impostor born in Kenya.
      5. You believe the Sandy Hook shootings were faked by the government.
      6. You believe 42% of Americans are unemployed.
      7. You believe we ought to have focused on exterminating Islam instead of worrying about Hitler or Stalin.
      8. You believe black people are subhuman gorillas.
      9. You believe Ted Cruz’s dad helped assassinate JFK.
      10. You believe 5 million illegal voters – all of them so far invisible – are the reason poor Donald Trump didn’t win his popularity contest.
      11. You believe Jewish groups are secretly harboring islamic terrorists.

      Now that we just proved #8, pick another number.

    • You are a typical libtard. Without any supporting evidence, you sling the accusation of “racism” at someone who refuses to share, and openly criticizes your distorted and ignorant world-views.

      Get a new line – people who’ve been reading our posts can easily see that I’ve never written anything that gives creedance to your list-of-lies.

    • @STRIKER,

      Jesus, you are really clutching at straws. Didn’t you call ME gay earlier to prove how libtarded I am? Now you’re calling me anti-gay?

      Grow a pair, and quit hiding behind your buddy Milo. Third time I’ve mocked you for it.

    • @STRIKER,

      Regarding anti-semitism and racism, let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s long time advisor, Roger Stone:

      ‘Stone’s book “The Clintons’ War on Women” is dedicated to and repeatedly cites research from the late Victor Thorn, who wrote “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed” and blames a ‘Jewish plot’ for the 9/11 attacks. ”

      Would you agree?

    • I have never “called you gay”. Another lie.

      You have absolutely no clue as to standard debate etiquette. Lie after lie after lie – it’s like debating a mentally challenged person who in your case, is also morally challenged and basically unpatriotic.

      Flame away, but my work is done here. Go ahead, you can have the last word.

    • @STRIKER,

      “I have never ‘called you gay’. Another lie.”

      Of course you did. How else would you explain your remark about me belonging to a long acronym group? I asked you if you meant LGBTQ, and you didn’t say No. That was 6 days ago; so you had plenty of time to correct a misunderstanding or come clean.

      Everything I’ve said is 100% true, and you have been running away, unable to point to a single falsehood, from February 6 to February 18.

      Along the way, you have advocated

      – banning muslims
      – closing mosques
      – rounding up 11 million people
      – beating them with clubs

      When I asked if you thought it’s ok to refer to black people as gorillas – which is an age-old racist slur – you spent days evading the question. Today you finally expressed support for it.

      You have attempted to demonize latino immigrants as dangerous criminals, citing bogus statistics and ignoring real data.

      Although you claim not to be a racist, you’re fixated on minority groups. You have ignored white supremacist crimes against jews, muslims, black people, and latinos – including a recent plan to attack a synagogue – in order to dredge up articles portraying hispanic 1st-graders as violent gang members.

      You indulge in crazy conspiracy theories, as long as they demonize muslims or mexican immigrants. For instance, your idea of “factual” journalism is some 4th-rate website that heard a rumor of a guy who says he can tell by LOOKING at muslims that they’re planning to attack the Statue of Liberty. Shouldn’t crazy conspiracy theories from 2004 have an expiration date? We can all see the Statue of Liberty is still there.

      Not only are you a sadistic bigot who wants a totalitarian police state. You’re also a gutless coward.

      When I ask you basic questions, you run away for days and days, evading any answer. Why? Too emotional to focus? Too stupid to read? Or because you know the answer makes you look bad?

      For instance, I just asked you if you agree with Donald Trump’s longtime advisor, Roger Stone, about the Holocaust being a “hoax” and 9/11 being a Jewish plot.

      When you run away from simple questions like that, we all assume the answer.

  2. My mother taught me to never discuss politics, religion and money in public.

    & I came to this blog and there’s discussion on all 3. 🙂

  3. My mother taught me to never discuss politics, religion and money in public.

    & I came to this blog and there’s discussion on all 3. 🙂

    • @steve,

      “never discuss politics, religion and money in public”

      Which is fine. Keeps the peace. Party politics is gross – something I’ve stayed away from my whole life. But, at a certain point, when minority groups are being persecuted, I’ve got to stand up and speak out.


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