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Peter Askew is a domain investor who I admire because of his knack for website and business development on nice domain names. Earlier this year, I wrote about his business, and I also wrote about the launch of In addition to these lines of business, Peter also found time to build and launch, a geodomain with a focus on the town of Brevard, North Carolina.

This afternoon, Peter shared the story of how he built, launched, and ultimately sold Peter’s story was shared in a series of tweets, and it’s a pretty quick read.

Based on my experience with owning, building, and ultimately selling geodomain names like,, and,the geodomain development business is challenging. There are some people who have done well with their geodomain-based businesses, but for many, it is more of a labor of love than a highly profitable endeavor.

Here’s Peter’s Twitter story about


  1. The David and Michael Castello Brothers and their might have the best first hand experience in what is involved in operating a geo dot com

  2. Brevard County Florida has plenty to offer in attractions, hotels and tourists. would be great for that destination. When I saw the article it was the first place i thought of.

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