Peter Askew’s Vidalia Onion Story is Inspiring


I was the underbidder in the auction in November of 2014. My maximum bid was $2,121, and the winning bid was $2,200. Fortunately, Peter Askew won the auction, and he has since become the “Vidalia Man.” He described how he got there in a great article that he published that made its way to the top of Hacker News yesterday:

Like Peter, I also have an affinity for Vidalia Onions. It started many years ago on a trip to Georgia. I was young, but I remember seeing Vidalia onions sold everywhere – from markets to gas stations. I don’t remember how we got them in New England, but we managed to get some Vidalia onions every year. My Mom makes a great salad with Vidalia onions, sweet cherry tomatoes, black olives, and a vinegar-based dressing that ties it all together. It’s a great salad that reminds me of the Summer. Anyway, I digress…

Peter’s story about turning into a direct to consumer retailer is inspiring. In fact, it reminded me of a similar story from another Georgian, Warren Royal, who turned into a direct to consumer retailer with a big following. I have always thought about doing something like what Peter and Warren have done, but I have never actually gone from thinking about it to doing it.

I think just about all of us have a domain name that we acquired because we know it can be built into something special. Perhaps it involves a passion – or maybe we just had a vision about the potential of the domain name. Most of us don’t take action and build a brand like Peter has done with Maybe more of us should?

One thing is for sure, Peter’s story is inspiring. It’s also a great story to share when someone asks about the business of domain investing and its potential.


  1. I’m so proud of what Peter has done – and we support him every April by getting a large case of product for everyone in the office to share with their families. Great guy, great story, great business!

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