How GoDaddy is Celebrating International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day, and organizations and businesses around the world are celebrating and honoring women and highlighting the importance of gender equality and gender balance. GoDaddy, the largest company in the domain name business, has made gender equality a corporate priority for the last several years. In fact, you may recall that Paul Nicks wrote an article about women in the domain industry several years ago, and the company has been striving to improve its diversity and equality.

To that end, GoDaddy is an active participant in International Women’s Day, and the company shared a number of ways it is celebrating women and the importance of gender equality in its business and among its customers.

Karen Tillman, GoDaddy’s Chief Communications Officer, had this to say about how International Women’s Day and how GoDaddy is participating in the holiday:

“International Women’s Day unifies people across the globe around gender parity and raises awareness against bias, while celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women … and at GoDaddy we believe that’s something to celebrate.

Today we’re honoring women with a special video and treatment of our brand. More importantly, we’re engaging online and having candid, transparent conversations about the steps GoDaddy has taken to increase gender balance across our organization. We know that diversity results in better outcomes for our customers, which makes our business better all the way around.”

For people who visit GoDaddy’s website or social media accounts, the logo change from GoDaddy to “GoWomen” is the most obvious way the company is recognizing the holiday. It is a simple way to show that GoDaddy wouldn’t be the company it is without the leadership of its female employees and the successful women entrepreneurs who are clients.

Throughout the day, GoDaddy’s social media team will be highlighting its women customers who are a part of the recently launched “Make The World You Want” marketing campaign. The company produced a special International Women’s Day video featuring some of its entrepreneurial spokeswomen and partners:

GoDaddy will also be using social media to discuss the steps it has been taking to ensure gender equality and pay equality amongst its employees. For those who are unaware, GoDaddy annually publishes a report with information about salary equality between male and female employees.

In addition to these external events, I was also told the company will be holding a variety of internal events and will be facilitating related discussions internally.

Today is an important day for women around the world, and GoDaddy is participating to promote gender balance and equality internally and amongst its customers.


  1. Equal work=Equal Pay=Equal Benefits

    No taxes on all women’s medical accessories like tampons.

    More transparency in pay benefits in the company and publish them.

    More women in the CEO positions.

    Paid maternity leave for a year like in Canada

    More daycare/childcare onsite.

    Job flexibility

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