Highly Unlikely to Attend an In-Person Event in 2021

Traveling has been the thing I have missed most during the last year or so. Just a couple of weeks after a trip to Costa Rica last year, we were pretty much on lock down here in my part of the US. We were fortunate to make several fun trips over the Summer by car, but I have not been on an airplane since a somewhat harrowing return trip home (that’s another story!).

I have been asked by a few different people about whether or not I would attend an in-person domain industry event this year. While I should be fully vaccinated within the next several weeks (thanks, Pfizer), I would say it is highly unlikely that I will attend an in-person domain industry event in 2021.

At this point, I do not think it is feasible to assume that most domain industry people will be vaccinated this year. I do not think it would be comfortable for conferences or organizers to ask people if they have been vaccinated or prevent people from coming if they haven’t been vaccinated. In addition, it could be tough for industry companies to require their employees to be vaccinated to attend or prohibit them from attending. Maybe that is going to be the norm and how we move forward at some point, but it seems like a hard ask right now.

I am not willing to take on additional risk for my children who will not be vaccinated for a while. I will also not take on additional risk for myself or my family with different Covid variants floating around. It’s one thing for my family to do some pleasure traveling where we can mitigate our risk by dining outside and staying away from other people we don’t know. it is a totally different thing to attend a business event with people from different parts of the world where the whole idea is to spend time with other people.

While I am probably as eager as many others to attend a domain industry event, I think it is highly unlikely I would attend an event this year. I would certainly consider visiting with industry friends and colleagues for something small, but I just don’t see myself traveling to attend a business event this year.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “I do not think it is feasible to assume that most domain industry people will be vaccinated this year.”

    As I’m sure the comments will bear out, a vocal segment of “domain blog commenters” are openly hostile to the idea. Whether that translates into actual persons who attend conferences, or simply the usual keyboard warriors is an open question.

  2. I only associate people who are fully vaccinated and you have to show proof.

    Others can f off, my health is more important and I don’t give a shit who the f you are 

    If you don’t have the vaccine passport, you can’t attend concerts and sports events and you can’t visit other countries because they required one.

    Wearing masks will be here for 2 more yrs and I love wearing masks…esp required for males..so I don’t have to smell your bad breath,see your boogers and nose hairs..

  3. Some points to consider:

    • Masks:

    The real randomized control trial science (RCT, the scientific gold standard) shows that masks not only do not work, but risk making things worse and real harm. What is being pushed on you via mainstream media is the lie, and those who push it are the actual “science deniers.”

    • “Vaccines”:

    One can hardly know where to even begin, and it would take too much time to adequately cover it here at all. Long story short, it is a PR lie to begin with to even call the mRNA ones “vaccines” at all, which they are not according to the normal true historical understanding of the term. That alone is straight from The Twilight Zone. They are dangerous experimental products, with the global public being made the guinea pigs of this dangerous experiment. The lessons of history are clear about even real actual vaccines to begin with, especially rushed vaccines (see what happened under Ford for instance), let alone gene hacking experimental measures that are not even real vaccines. And note: this statement does not arise from any “anti-vax” position either, and I’m confident that in some cases in history some vaccines may have been good and beneficial to a meaningful degree (so don’t even try it).

    Also, contrary to the rather successful brainwashing on the “vaccine” agenda (sadly no surprise), if you have lifted even a single finger to learn what is really being promised then you should know: 1. they do *not* prevent infection, nor are they designed to, and 2. they do not prevent transmission, nor are they designed to. Your only promise is that if you take them you will *not* receive normal life back, while you are misled to believe that is the promise.

    • Extra bonus – the “PCR” test:

    Even the Nobel prize winning inventor himself not only denounced what it has been used for during this “crisis” (never let a good crisis go to waste, ay?), but also denounced Fauci himself personally as the liar that he is.

    • And for the especially stupid, ignorant and pigheaded:

    Yes, the illness itself is most certainly real and not a hoax. It’s the great web of corruption and lying added to it that’s the problem.

    In closing, the above barely even scratches the surface. There has been vast censorship going on about it all too, but the truth is still easy to find, and great doctors and scientists have been brave and principled to sound the alarm and speak the truth. The art of propaganda has been being honed to a science since long before you were even born, and it’s time you wake up to reality.

    That’s it for now.

    • Sorry, not interested in your opinion on science, the pandemic, or mask wearing, but I am curious if you have attended a domain investor conference like NamesCon, DomainFest, TRAFFIC, Domain Roundtable, Domainer Mardi Gras…etc.

      • Well someone had to start bearing out J. Berryhill’s comment re “I’m sure the comments will bear out, a vocal segment of “domain blog commenters” are openly hostile to the idea.” No doubt some who are not anonymous agree with me completely but would be reluctant to say anything.

        As for all the domain conferences and events over the years, to answer your question I have never attended any of them. However, J. Berryhill also wrote this:

        “Whether that translates into actual persons who attend conferences, or simply the usual keyboard warriors is an open question.”

        If I was in the mood to attend any and felt up to it, I would do so with no masks and no vaccines required of anyone. I would never attend any event with any such requirement.

        • Why would I care what a rabbi thinks about a matter related to science and medicine? Is it because I am Jewish that you think I would value the opinion of a rabbi over a scientist or medical professional? That’s idiotic.

          Perhaps you should take your non-domain related commentary elsewhere.

        • FWIW, I am not calling you, personally, idiotic.

          I think it is idiotic to trust or consider the opinion of a religious leader on a health related issue. I would certainly consider asking a rabbi for advice about religious ceremonies, but I don’t care what any religious leaders think about medical or health topics.

        • You are making a huge blunder with how you are thinking. That kind of segregation and compartmentalization of people and areas of life is a huge fallacy and mistake.

          You have been more unusually “triggered” here than I have ever seen you before, and I’ve seen you get a bit annoyed or offended or whatever one wants to call it a few times over the years. I have a hunch why and what is going on with that, but perhaps another time.

          I certainly did think and at least hope being Jewish and your connection to Torah.com would at least give you some pause and make you more inclined to at least give his “opinion” a good look instead of just dismissing it, though you’ve got your psychological method of compartmentalized dismissal far more established than I would have guessed.

          Your mistaken line of thinking on all this also feeds into the ugly and horrific agenda and reality of ever encroaching “technocracy.”

          I could say more, and I did say more, but decided to shorten it to this.

        • To keep it short, I have no interest in discussing health or medical issues, particularly on my domain investing blog. Your choice on whether you want to get a vaccine, eat in a restaurant, get together with friends… etc.

          I am happy to discuss how exciting and hot the domain aftermarket is right now, but I am not interested in discussing or debating health or medical topics.

      • Not going to lie, Elliot, this was possibly the strangest post you’ve ever made. Clearly it’s everyone’s personal choice on whether they’ll get the jab or whether they feel comfortable traveling right now, but honestly, your blog entry just comes off as a gigantic advertisement of assumed virtue and for the vaccine itself. If you’re not interested in other people’s opinions, then why bother posting about this topic at all, Elliot? Or maybe just post your virtue signals and then close the comment section if you’re not interested in receiving criticism or varying ideologies? You accused someone here in the comment section of discussing “non-domain” related topics, yet your entire post is barely (and in mean barely) domain related itself. But I digress, since we all know that intentionally posting controversial topics will more hits and engagement, so have at it.

        • My point was simple and in response to several people who have reached out to me personally and asked if I would attend a domain industry event in person this year – no I would not.

          I have found that when a few people ask me something there are others who are also interested in knowing. People are thinking about putting down deposits and/or making plans to host events, and I’m sharing my personal decision about not traveling for a work event this year.

          Get a vaccine, don’t get a vaccine. Your call. Not my business and not my concern. I don’t have any interest in discussing that personal choice with anyone.

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