GoDaddy Auctions Outbid Email Should Have High Bid Amount

When I place a bid on an auction at GoDaddy Auctions, I receive an email with my maximum bid amount. I typically place my bids on the morning, and the auctions close several hours later in the afternoon. By that time, I’ve lost track of how much I initially bid on the auction.

If I am outbid on an auction, I also receive an email from GoDaddy to notify me. For some unknown reason, GoDaddy Auctions does not state the current high bid in those emails, and I find it frustrating. Here’s an example of an outbid notice I received yesterday afternoon:

When I am bidding on multiple domain names each day, I have no recollection of what my high bid was. In order to decide whether or not to participate in the auction further, I need to either visit the domain name and click through some links or log in to my GoDaddy account. With 2FA enabled, it’s a multistep process. It can also take a bit of additional time, which I may or may not get depending on when I click the bid link. No, I don’t use the app, but that shouldn’t penalize me.

In my opinion, there is no reason to not include the current high bid in these emails. I also think it should be a super quick fix. It’s something I have mentioned several times over the years, but nothing was ever done to remedy this, so here’s my public recommendation.

Several years ago when you sold a domain name on Afternic, the congratulations email did not have the sale price. Sellers would need to log in to their Afternic account to see the sale price. After suggesting that the sale price be added to those emails, the change was made.

I don’t see why GoDaddy Auctions can’t make this simple fix.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Its a marketing ploy to get you to up your bid. They know they have a much better chance at you upping your bid if you are logged into your account and can easily pull the trigger.

    • Not for me. Unless I really want a name, I tend to ignore those emails. I figure I placed my competitive bid at the beginning and if I was outbid it is beyond what I would spend. I don’t even second guess the average inventory types of domain names.

  2. Todd is correct– human psychology, when you are in front of a nice screen and more relax, you tend to splurge and spend more money!!
    That how the lure you to have more screen time
    Go see the netflix the social dilemma

    Elliot- anyway you lost the bid because the other bidder is more eager and aggressive than you to get that domain and s/he could be on the screen on real time to win that domain. If you are real serious and really really want that domain, you will do anything to win that domain but apparently you did not put in the 100% warrior bidding fight…no excuse!!

    • I win auctions almost every day. I can say with almost near certainty that I place follow-up bids much more regularly on NameJet and DropCatch than I do on GoDaddy Auctions, and a big reason is that it is more difficult for me to place follow up bids. Not only do I not see the current price in the emails, but I always need to re-log back into my account to bid with password and 2FA. When I am bidding on replaceable inventory that I can find elsewhere, I am too lazy to jump through hoops and just let most of them go.

  3. One of the reasons they may not share this data in the email is because they don’t want Google or other companies to have easy access to the data. The same reason Amazon removed a lot of numeric data from their emails to customers.

      • It’s not less accessible, but Google can put the data in an email together with the person using that Gmail account. That is one of the reasons that Amazon removed some order data from the emails that they send to their customers.

  4. I use GoDaddy Investor app. This I am using since long. Just go to the app see how much is the current bid and place bid if you want to increase it. As simple as that.

    Even I used to make domain win auctions payments from GoDaddy Investor App only.

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