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New EggI bought a new MacBook Pro a few weeks ago, and I set it up this week. For the first time, I opted to purchase a computer monitor so I can sit at a desk in lieu of hanging out on the couch with my laptop.

I did a bit of research, and I opted to purchase a 23″ LG monitor. The best price I could find was on, by quite a margin. I ordered the monitor late on a Monday night, and I had it by Wednesday. Unfortunately, it looked a bit grainy and had what looked like a shadow when I used Excel, so I went shopping for another monitor today at Best Buy.

After taking home a Samsung monitor and seeing that it was much more clear than the LG monitor, I went through the return process with NewEgg. Truthfully, I was expecting the worst and figured it would be a pain to do. Luckily, I was wrong – it couldn’t have been easier. Not only did the UPS return label get emailed to within moments, they didn’t even charge me a re-stocking fee.

Although I didn’t keep my purchase from NewEgg, I had a great experience with the company. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in the future, and if you have computer needs, you should keep them on your list.


  1. Newegg consistently has the best prices on hard drives. I’ve bought several 2 TB drives for 79.99 with free shipping.

    The Samsung 2343BWX-1 23inch has a max resolution of 2048×1152, not sure if it’s in stores any more.

  2. Thanks for sharing. NewEgg seems to run a quality online business. Good customer service involves handling product flaws and returns.

    Restocking fees are used as a countermeasure to reduce returns. Thanks.

  3. Wow, just checked the price differences between the .com and the .ca for camcorders and the price on the .ca is like +$300

    Too bad the .com doesn’t ship to Canada.

    If I buy something from them, I’ll defintely use an American middle-man to save some $$$

  4. Excellent example of ‘see in person’ at local store, then order online strategy that i have been practicing for some time

    Observe ‘look and feel’ then order equivalent model online for major savings

    Just did that with a toaster oven at Target; saved 45% buying at Amazon with free shipping; and arrival within 2 business days

    If you can wait a few days, major savings available through this strategy

    • @ Paul

      If you can’t wait a few days, you can buy one locally and online, and when the one arrives from the online store, you can return the one you purchased locally. Just make sure the store has a good return policy and that you bought the exact same product!

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