Jeff Kupietzky Out as CEO


A couple of people called me yesterday asking if I heard anything recent about CEO Jeff Kupietzky, and I had not. I also noticed a few Google searches with Jeff’s name yesterday, and I thought that something might be up at the company, especially in light of the recent shakeup at the company covered by DNN.

I reached out to Oversee spokesman Mason Cole, and he has just confirmed the upcoming departure of Kupietzky as company CEO.  According to Cole,

“I am confirming the departure of Jeff Kupietzky from his executive role with Oversee at the end of August.   After five years with the company and the last two and a half years as CEO and President, Jeff has elected for personal reasons to relocate his family to Israel.   The day-to-day operations and strategic vision for Oversee will be led by the company’s Co-Presidents, Debra Domeyer and Scott Morrow.   They are supported by an operating committee which includes CFO Liz Murray, and General Counsel Todd Greene.”

In addition to Cole’s confirmation, the company issued a statement about the departure of Kupietsky:

“On behalf of the Board and all Oversee employees, I thank Jeff for his service to the company,” said Board Chairman and Oversee co-founder Lawrence Ng. “He successfully navigated the company through some difficult challenges and positioned it as an industry leader. We all wish him the best of luck in his new home and as he continues his successful career.” Mr. Ng also expressed his confidence in the company’s leadership: “We feel extremely fortunate to have such a talented team of executives who are well respected throughout the industry. We are extremely confident in their knowledge and capabilities, as well as their passion to lead us to our next chapter of growth.”

I am not sure if Kupietzky is leaving the company completely, as I was simply told it was a departure “from his executive role with Oversee.” I wish him all the best with whatever his future plans may be.


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