GoDaddy Whois Contact: Your Domain Name is Infringing


Earlier this month, I wrote about receiving several emails from GoDaddy that originated from the GoDaddy Whois contact form. Those emails were all domain name purchase inquiries that appeared to originate from the same entity based on the email address(es) used to originate the emails.

In my opinion, using the Whois contact form is a good way to contact domain registrants since it comes from an official GoDaddy email address and has GoDaddy branding within the email. It can also be frustrating for domain registrants who receive many of these redundant emails.

GoDaddy gives visitors four options when they choose the “Contact Domain Holder” link on a Whois lookup page for domain names registered at GoDaddy:

  • Interested in purchasing the domain
  • Domain name or content is being used in malware, or for spam or abuse
  • Domain name or content is infringing on a trademark or violating local laws or regulations
  • Research or other purpose

Yesterday, I received an email via GoDaddy that was similar in nature to the emails I received earlier this month, but the content was different. It is apparent the person chose the third option instead of the first. The domain name that was the subject of the email is, a domain name I have parked at Uniregistry. The message was similar to the prior messages, but here is the difference:

“Your domain name or the content on your website may be infringing on a trademark and/or violating local laws or regulations. It is important that you respond at the earliest.”

I do not believe the email was a genuine infringement notification. I am not sure what the intent of the email was, but I am not going to respond. I am sharing this because it is possibly a tactic used to elicit a response from a domain registrant, and if others receive it, too, they are not alone.


  1. I received an email yesterday myself from GoDaddy, but it was letting me know that someone was inquiring about purchasing one of my domain names. The email simply said to reply back.

    The email look official from GoDaddy, however, I was suspicious and looked at the clearly marked address and I knew it was not valid. So I sent it to the trash.

    Thank you for posting this Elliot, it helps everyone in the community be aware of these imposter emails and steer clear of them. I appreciate you.

  2. Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for posting this. I received an email with the exact same info today and I have to admit it initially made me a bit nervous.

    Did you ever hear else from the party that contacted you?

  3. Received this notification too. Please understand that trademarks are not “universal”. They are given to goods or services in a specific region, for a specific field (e.g. Nice classification) for a specific time. Even if someone has the exact same word(s) of your domain as a trademark, it does not automatically mean that you are prohibited to use it for another field even in the same region. Let alone a different region. I dream about a website where these trademark bullies can be exposed anonymously. Something like Rick was doing

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