GoDaddy Rolls Out 2 New Commercials


GoDaddy is set to launch two new television commercials next week, and I think both are excellent. For your convenience, I embedded both of them below.

When a small business needs to have a website built, I would imagine most seek out a local web developer for their project. This is great for some businesses who are lucky enough to have competent web developers and designers that charge fair prices. For many people, finding someone local is difficult.

In my opinion, GoDaddy didn’t do such a great job of letting people know what the company does. With the change in marketing strategy, I think that has been changing, but I don’t think the Super Bowl and Jean Claude Van Damme commercials did enough to let people know exactly what GoDaddy does. With these two new television spots that are set to air on May 5th, I think GoDaddy is taking a step closer to doing that.

These new commercials, collectively called “Share Your Gift” are a part of the “It’s Go Time” campaign. These commercials were created by a company called The Red Brick Road.

Have a look at the two commercials and let me know what you think of them.

I first learned about these commercials via Jen Faull on, and you can read more about the commercials and the creative team behind them by navigating there.


  1. I thought they were good, they show how important a domain name is.
    But nothing to promote the new extensions, i thought on the second one i would see a .shoes

  2. Godaddy didn’t use GTLD’s in these commercials because their smart enough to know they will never catch on, far smarter than GTLD investors who cant see the writing on the wall. Besides, they have their reputation to think about.

    I must say though it’s nice to see them transition from scantly clad airheads to business professionals, Nice move GD.

  3. Not bad. I like that they’re keeping it simple and fun with the idea that it’s about web presence and success rather than only domains. Which would be even better if when you went to their site it was about web presence and success. But it reverts back to domains. I’m not dissing domains (From a guy who makes a living on them) but the industry seems to forget that most consumers want websites, even if what they mean is domains.

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