Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 4/30


This week’s domain broker submitted listings are posted below. If you want to buy one of the domain names, contact the broker directly, as I am not involved in the sale in any way.

You may post one of your domain names for sale in the comment section. As always, keep it to one domain name, make sure it has a buy it now price, and it shouldn’t have been marketed before to keep it interesting to readers. I ask that people keep their listing to one comment and that readers don’t post comments about the submission.

If you choose to buy a domain name here, due your due diligence and use a licensed escrow service to transact!

Thank you to the  .CLUB domain registry  for sponsoring this weekly post.    The .CLUB Landrush ends on May 1, and General Availability begins on May 7.

Here are this week’s domain broker submissions:

  • Experimenting.com – $15,000 – Cax.com
  • Motors.com – $750,000 – Sedo (Dave Evanson)
  • SeniorHealthBenefits.com – $49,000 – Afternic (Rich Green)
  • FreeGames.com – $2,500,000 – Media Options (Andrew Rosener)
  • PartnerMatch.com – $50,000 – Media Options (Tess Diaz)


  1. NNNNN.com Value Pak


    Total Estibot appraisal $1640

    Selling Lot for $849 USD -BIN
    PayPay / Godaddy ‘push

    Thanks Elliot..!

  2. This thread has become so tired Elliot. How about revising the rules for a while. Under $100 or $500 domains only for one week, or LLLL.com’s only with a $1000 cap, anything to make it interesting again!!

  3. BreckenridgeLuxuryRentals.com


    Sales price above only valid for 48 hours from time of this post
    Payment via GoDaddy or Escrow
    Contact info via whois or Contact form on domain

  4. TelSoftware.com BIN: $37,500 USD

    (For Telephone/Telephony Software Manufacturers)

    Contact via WHOIS.

    Thanks ELLIOT.

  5. RTPHotels.com, $1850 RTP= Research Triangle Park. This is the area of North Carolina near Raleigh which has the University of North Carolina, Duke, and North Carolina St. With those schools alone, the need for hotels is great!
    If you have the ability to develop, this is a winner.

    Thanks Elliot!

  6. 360Architect.com

    BIN $4999

    contact WHOIS

    Ps: 360Architects.com & 360Architecture.com are developed

  7. Prostituted.com BIN $1100.00 14 years old domain.

    Original registrant

    Contact through WHOIS

    Thank you Elliot

  8. Experimenting.com

    Nice list of names! $2.5 million for freegames made me do a double take, but that is forward thinking with the news of app advertising that has just been reported:

    Free apps with in-app purchases account for more than 90 percent of revenue, but that’s not the case in all app categories. In-app purchases have worked most effectively for monetizing games, accounting for 40 percent of downloads and 74 percent of revenues.

    For quick revenue in advertising, free games are it!

  9. Games drive the majority of app revenue now . . . Free apps with in-app purchases account for more than 90 percent of revenue . . . mobile apps are hot, and that games have taken the lion’s share of revenue so far

    according to VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi, in a summary of a Digi-Capital report! You go, @ Andrew Rosener. When I saw the price of $2.5 million for FreeGames.com, I did a double take, but it seems fair, in view of the current and future trend in app revenue.

    Deep Link Ad[s]dot com 17,777 pair via Moniker Escrow, good through May 15th, 2014. After May 15th, the offer expires.

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