GoDaddy CEO Sends Letter to FCC Chairman


On his personal blog, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving published a letter he wrote to FCC Chairman Thomas E. Wheeler advocating to protect Net Neutrality. As the largest domain name registrar in the world and one of the largest hosting companies, GoDaddy wields a great deal of influence, and it is good to see the CEO take a stand on this important issue that has an impact on all Internet users.

I found Mr. Irving’s letter to be well-written, and he made some exceptional points in it. I wish we would see other domain industry companies taking a public stand like this because the issue of Net Neutrality impacts all Internet users.

I am somewhat surprised that GoDaddy is not taking a greater stand on the issue as a company* (See Update below). From Mr. Irving’s letter, you can tell he is passionate about the issue and he understands its potential impact. I would like to see GoDaddy advocating more on its website to let its customers know about the importance of Net Neutrality. With that being said, I think it’s great to see Mr. Irving publicly discussing the issue.

As Mr. Irving pointed out in his letter to Mr. Wheeler, 1.1 million comments have been made regarding Net Neutrality. GoDaddy has millions of customers who would be impacted – both on the publisher side of things and on the visitor side. This is an important issue, and everyone’s voice needs to be heard.

I know GoDaddy is in its quiet period, so making any type of public statement is a big deal. I am glad to see Mr. Irving has written this letter, and I hope that GoDaddy does as much as it can to get its customers informed about this issue and let them know what they can do to help protect Net Neutrality.

Update: Shortly after publishing this article, I saw that GoDaddy published Mr. Irving’s letter on its, website and can be found here.

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