GoDaddy BIN Landers Coming This Week

Earlier this year, GoDaddy teased that its landing pages with Buy It Now (BIN) functionality will be released at some point in 2021. That time has almost come, and domain investors who list their domain names with BIN prices on Afternic will soon be able to utilize the new GoDaddy-branded landing page design. Joe Styler mentioned the new GoDaddy-branded landing page on Twitter over the weekend showing how it looks on mobile devices:

Previously, the only BIN landing page option for investors was an Afternic-branded landing page with a less prominent GoDaddy logo. Obviously, the GoDaddy branding is much stronger than Afternic, and having the GoDaddy logo as the anchor should provide a lift. In fact, GoDaddy has been testing its branded landing pages, and I presume the general availability means there was a lift in results.

Joe also shared how investors will be able to implement the GoDaddy BIN landing page. Importantly, domain names must be listed for sale via Afternic / GoDaddy, and they must also have a buy it now purchase price listed.

For investors with domain names that meet these two requirements, Joe said they can change the nameservers to and, and the new landing page should resolve. Joe did not provide an exact date for when the landing pages will become available, but he mentioned it would be this week.

I would be curious to run head to head testing with BIN landing pages from GoDaddy vs. vs. Efty vs. customized BIN landing pages. GoDaddy charges a higher commission rate for closed sales than other platforms. I am always happy to pay on sales via their DLS registrar network since they arguably have generated the sales. However, on sales closed via landing page, the buyer likely found the domain name on their own. The platform trust is likely important, but it remains to be seen if the close rate makes a higher commission rate worthwhile.

I have an email in to GoDaddy to ask when the landing pages will be available for investors to implement. Once I get an exact date, I will update this article.

Update: According to a couple of people on Twitter, the new BIN landing page is now available. I have not tested it myself though.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Thanks for the update Elliot – I have seen a few of these landers recently (I guess these were on GoDaddy owned domains or domain owners invited to beta test).

    Curious to know whey they is only a BIN and no OR “Make Offer” option

  2. I think we should pay less commission because we are using their lander and also it may convert to new customers. Sedo charges 10% for sales generated using their landers,while cant godaddy do thesame .I will be testing out the sedo landers for less commission while my name is still listed on afternic .

    With a direct bin lander ,have you ever thought about other names they might pitch to customers?I am definitely sure it happens since the brokers are paid on how many inventories they get to sell. There are things happening behind closed doors that we don’t know .

  3. I agree with the lower commission. If a BIN is set and the buyer buys it from the landing page, then Afternic’s involvement is minimal. So hopefully the commission will reflect that and be in line with (9%). Or slightly higher given the trust factor…but 20% commission would be a rip off

      • I have about 30 domains that are NOT activated for Fast Transfer when they should be! They were activated before!?
        Had to contact Afternic customer service AGAIN asking them to resubmit the domains for activation. Usually takes a week for them to reply!!

      • Fast transfer doesn’t seem to be a requirement. I have .CA’s that are ineligible for fast transfer and the new BIN landers are displaying just fine

      • I know it’s a BIN Lander genius.
        Make An Offer option along with BIN would be nice, seeing that’s what i have been using all along on domain aftermarkets.
        So why don’t YOU mind your own business.

        • Lol 🙂 You are so funny 🙂 And I think dont know anything about focusing buyers. There is no need Make An Offer option along with BIN. If you want that, you can use other lander without BIN. Calm down genius. 🙂 If GoDaddy used Make An Offer option along with BIN, they distract the buyer’s attention….
          We are really happy with new BIN lander. And our domains prices very affordable and we dont want Make An Offer option along with BIN.

  4. The Afternic system is so clunky and so many names of mine are pending review in what seems to be a permanent state. 90% of the time I acquire a domain via GoDaddy auctions i have to email Afternic customer service to ask them to remove the previous owners listing. All this work for a chance to get your domain properly listed with the highest (by far) commission rates in the industry. I understand the value of having your domain listed in the registration path but it just takes so much work. 20% for a buy it now landing page is absurd to pay to a company that continues to leverage its competitive advantage against you by growing their own secondary market portfolio…gtlds…etc.

    • Yeah, Afternic’s system is very outdated. It was not even good when they first released it. The pending review status is annoying, domains not Fast Transfer activated when they should be and so on.
      I only use Afternic because it’s linked to GoDaddy.

  5. 20% commission for an asset that requires no physical storage, or upkeep, sounds really steep if someone clicks a bin button.

  6. Its good GoDaddy listened. In January 2023, GoDaddy made an aftermarket “alignment” commission model and the commission on their landers is now 15% and not 20%.

    To simplify commissions, effective Feb. 1, 2023, each marketplace is moving to a 15% commission rate for domain names pointed to Afternic, Dan, or Uniregistry nameservers at the time of the sale.


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