Go Daddy Phishing Email Going Around


I received an email that was preportedly from Go Daddy, and I want to warn you not to click on any of the links if you happen to receive one of these emails (or similar). The thing that tipped me off was that it was addressed to “Dear User” instead of the contact name on my account.

I keep my Whois information updated, so I generally ignore these email anyway. Never click on links from your registrar in emails, and always be on the lookout for these types of phishing attempts. It’s a surefire way to compromise your registrar account.

****************************** ***********
Important ICANN Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)
****************************** ***********

Dear User,

it is that time of year again. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) annually requires that all accredited registrars (like GoDaddy.com) ask their domain administrators/registrants to review domain name contact data, and make any changes necessary to ensure accuracy. According to our records you are the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT for one or more domains registered at GoDaddy.com, Inc. as of Jan 1st, 2011.

To review/update your Account data, simply:
+ Login to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
+ You will be taken to a landing page and asked to enter your account information
Please take a look that your account and domain information is up to date.

If, however, your domain contact information is inaccurate, you must correct it. (Under ICANN rules and the terms of your registration agreement, providing false contact information can be grounds for domain name cancellation.) To review the ICANN policy, visit: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Should you have any questions, please email us at support@godaddy.com or call our customer support line at (480) 505-8877.

Thanks for your attention and thank you for being a GoDaddy.com, Inc. customer.

GoDaddy.com, Inc. Domain Support


  1. The goal of these emails is to make you click on a link whose domain is a typo of godaddy.com – it’s happened very frequently to a lot of people.

  2. How about you already log into godady directly, that way you don’t have to input any passwords? We all have to go through this process, it sucks because you have to take a magnifying glass to the email to see what is legit.

  3. @Elliot

    Yes, or maybe you’re confirming the transfer of a domain of yours. 95% of the times domains at GoDaddy are stolen this way.

  4. I almost fell for this one. Luckily I was using Google’s Chrome browser at the time and it caught it for me that it was a phishing site. Thank goodness for Chrome and Google in this instance. After the warning from Google I got to looking and noticed the domain was a misspelling of Godaddy. I normally spot these type things, but this one slipped by me so certainly beware!

  5. Recently I received loads of e-mails from Godady that asked to review contact information for my domains and did like it was asked. But is it obligatory to make this verification?

    But thanks for scam warning!

  6. Thanks Elliot for letting everyone raise their guards and shields. In the end no software or virus protection can guarantee foolproof filtering but our own common sense. Thanks again.

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