Garry Chernoff Launches eCommerce Sites

I saw this press release today and wanted to pass the information along to my readers.   Garry Chernoff owns one of the best portfolios of generic domain names (as you will see below), and he is a pioneer in the domain investment industry. I hope he will share the results from these development efforts.


Penticton, B.C., Canada (PRWEB) November 19, 2009 — Canadian based NetIncome Ventures, an established domain investment and web development company founded and headed by serial entrepreneur Garry Chernoff has publicly launched dozens of shopping websites earlier this week just in time for the holiday shopping season. The e-commerce websites include,, and dozens more of niche specific e-commerce shops featuring hundreds of thousands of products.

Garry’s vision for the websites into 2010 and beyond is to become leaders in their respective niches by featuring a complete product catalog where each and every visitor can research and purchase exactly what they are looking for in one place and for the most affordable prices around. NetIncome Ventures has already teamed up with leading retailers and includes products from, Boscov’s,, Fans Edge,, The Shopping Channel,, NBC Universal Store, and hundreds of other strategic partners and popular internet based discount stores.

NetIncome Ventures Inc currently owns thousands of targeted and category leading keyword domain names such as,,,,,,,, etc. and plans to develop and launch at least a few hundred more e-commerce shops by March of 2010. Mike Cohen of and NYC based Logiko group have been coordinating all web development and marketing efforts for NetIncome Ventures newly launched shopping e-businesses.

“We have put in a lot of time and effort into these websites the past few month’s and with Garry Chernoff’s guidance and vision from day one we have been able to accomplish a truly great thing here with this week’s launch and mass deployment of dozens of category specific websites on targeted keyword domains that can now serve visitors from across the globe as a one stop shop featuring product catalogs of up-to 100,000 or even more relevant and unique items on each and every website.”

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. The sites are very clean and well organized. They would probably benefit from a bit more text content above the product listings on the brand pages. I’m not sure the product listings will be considered unique content.

    The headers could use some spice but overall a nice implementation.

  2. I always wondered what he was going to do with all those great domains – now we know. He was one of the domainers written up in the book ‘Domain Game’. Nice to see more people doing some kind of development with their names instead of parking.

  3. These sites are pure garbage. I am an experienced online retailer in different niches, and I can tell you that his sites (as the currently exist) will do NOTHING in terms of any meaningful business. He is leaving a significant amount of money on the table by not developing these names AND businesses in a professional manner. Further, affiliate commissions on retails sales is not the way to go with these great names. If he does not know how to develop real online businesses with such extraordinary domain names, he should find partners that do. Another example of a domain investor that has no idea how to best monetize their names….just because you have a great name doesn’t mean you can create a great business. I have seen this countless times.

    • @ Harris

      I can’t speak on the quality of the sites because I am no expert in that area. However, perhaps he isn’t trying to best monetize his names. Perhaps he is trying to increase the overall revenue for each with limited involvement.

      Each domain name could be a full and very profitable business in and of itself, but some day, someone with the skills and business acumen will say, “hey, I can use that name and build a huge business there” and pay Garry enough money to convince him to sell it. In the meantime, as long as the names are earning more revenue than they were with parking, I am sure the owner will be happy.

  4. Hi Elliot….My post was really a comment on his press release in which he stated that he was “launching” new businesses. I only wanted to make the point that these sites are NOT businesses. I also understand your response to my post…..I am also a huge fan of creating sites with limited involvement/costs for passive income (your dogwalker site is a good example)…..but not for domain names that may have cost tens of thousands of dollars to acquire. I am going to make the assumption that he did not hand reg. most of these names. To me, its sort of like investing in prime retail space on Madison Ave (only paying $7 a year in taxes) and holding an empty storefront until you are able to flip it for a profit. The only differences is, it would cost several hundred thousand dollars to convert your Madison Ave storefront into a fuctional retail space even if you found an experienced retailer to partner with. However, development costs on really good ecommerce sites has never been cheaper….for next to nothing he could develop these names into real businesses (and with the right partner, ALSO WITH LIMITED INVOLVEMENT).

  5. Those websites are underdeveloped. I agree with the poster above that said these websites would be much better if they were done correctly, and partnered with a real business. The right idea is there, but the operation of the idea is lacking. Having a good idea doesn’t mean a person (or group) know how to make it work to the fullest posibility.

    Just based on apperance I would give the websites a D.

  6. agreed, yeah these sites are just thin affiliate sites that won’t rank in the search engines that well and won’t monetize either…been down this path myself, surprised Gary didn’t just sell these to the big companies that would want them.


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