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Garry Chernoff Launches eCommerce Sites


I saw this press release today and wanted to pass the information along to my readers.   Garry Chernoff owns one of the best portfolios of generic domain names (as you will see below), and he is a pioneer in the domain investment industry. I hope he will share the results from these development efforts.


Penticton, B.C., Canada (PRWEB) November 19, 2009 -- Canadian based NetIncome Ventures, an established domain investment and web development company founded and headed by serial entrepreneur Garry Chernoff has publicly launched dozens of shopping websites earlier this week just in time for the holiday shopping season. The e-commerce websites include HockeyJerseys.com, BabyMonitors.com, FaxMachines.com and dozens more of niche specific e-commerce shops featuring hundreds of thousands of products.

Garry's vision for the websites into 2010 and beyond is to become leaders in their respective niches by featuring a complete product catalog where each and every visitor can research and purchase exactly what they are looking for → Read More

Names I Chose to Develop


I want to thank everyone for their feedback regarding my blog post a few days ago asking which domain investments I should develop. After some careful consideration, I decided to develop four of the names right now, and since I haven't used the services of WannaDevelop.com before, I am going to use them for these four names.

I like vacation domain names because people generally do quite a bit of research before traveling. I don't expect people to book vacations through my site of course, but if they are looking to learn about excursions or fun things to do, they can find them on site, and hopefully visit my advertisers' websites, earning me revenue.

Here are the four names I chose and why:

1) DubrovnikVacations.com - Having been in Dubrovnik, Croatia last year for my honeymoon, this one is almost a no-brainer for me. Before I went on the trip, I was very skeptical - just ask my wife! People who hadn't been to Croatia or didn't know someone who had were also questioning our decision to visit. However, everyone who had been → Read More