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Nat Cohen & Garry Chernoff to be Inducted into Hall of Fame


A couple of days ago on Facebook, THE Domain Conference announced that Garry Chernoff and Nat Cohen are going to be inducted into the Domain Industry Hall of Fame:

Nat and Garry are (more…) → Read More

Speciality Drinks Ltd Acquires for $500,000


Canadian domain investor Garry Chernoff has reportedly sold for $500,000. The half million dollar deal was closed using the domain brokerage services of Darryl Lopes and Jason White who work for The sale is now tied with for the 11th largest public domain name sale of the year, according to DNJournal.

Garry told me the inquiry for was initially made several years ago, but the negotiation was recently rekindled and closed. I asked Garry if he could share any additional comments about the deal, but he declined to comment further. A historical Whois search shows that Chernoff's company acquired sometime in 2004.

The Whois information was just updated, and the (more…) → Read More

Glitter Launches on


Whenever I hear about a company or business using a descriptive brand name, I immediately wonder if they got the exact match .com domain name or opted for an alternative. I saw the tweet above referencing  a  TechCrunch article about a new app called Glitter, and when I checked the url, I learned that the startup is using  for its website.

According to the article, "Glitter is a personal trading cards app, which lets users create mobile, tradable cards that feature all types of 'ingredients,' as the company calls it." Sounds like an interesting concept.

I did some research on the domain name, and I saw that it  was registered to .CLUB Domains, LLC (the.Club Registry) in March of this year. In April, the domain name changed hands and was  registered to Betaworks. I reached out to Jeff Sass,  CMO of the .Club registry, and he informed   (more…) → Read More

Garry Chernoff Sells for $110k


Last week, I published an article about Garry Chernoff's sale of, which is now reportedly owned by the founder of, Mark Lore. Although the sale of the domain name was private, I learned about another nice sale that Chernoff's company (NetIncome Ventures) just closed. was sold for $110,000 in a deal brokered by Darryl Lopes at

If you visit, you can see that it is owned by a company called B-Scada, Inc. Before visiting the website, I was not aware that SCADA is an acronym for "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition." According to the website found on its newly acquired domain name, B-Scada, Inc. was established in 2003, and the company is based Crystal River, Florida. Prior to the acquisition, it appears that the company had been using or for its website.

When reporting the sale, Chernoff mentioned that (more…) → Read More

Reports: Founder Acquires


For many years, the domain name was owned by Canadian domain investor Garry Chernoff and his NetIncome Ventures, Inc. In January of this year, the Whois registrant information went private, and according to reports I read, the buyer was Mark Lore, founder of

According to an article on Fortune / CNN Money, "Lore confirms to  Fortune  that he acquired the domain, which has  a placeholder that says "Coming 2015." Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on April 4, according to the State of Delaware's website."  An article by Jason Del Rey in Re/Code suggests that Lore has big plans for this project, and Lore may be "interested in raising as much as $50 million to get his new company off the ground. One source said that number could go higher."

Knowing the quality of Chernoff's domain name assets and some of his prices, I would bet that this domain name had a (more…) → Read More

Garry Chernoff Launches eCommerce Sites


I saw this press release today and wanted to pass the information along to my readers.   Garry Chernoff owns one of the best portfolios of generic domain names (as you will see below), and he is a pioneer in the domain investment industry. I hope he will share the results from these development efforts.


Penticton, B.C., Canada (PRWEB) November 19, 2009 -- Canadian based NetIncome Ventures, an established domain investment and web development company founded and headed by serial entrepreneur Garry Chernoff has publicly launched dozens of shopping websites earlier this week just in time for the holiday shopping season. The e-commerce websites include,, and dozens more of niche specific e-commerce shops featuring hundreds of thousands of products.

Garry's vision for the websites into 2010 and beyond is to become leaders in their respective niches by featuring a complete product catalog where each and every visitor can research and purchase exactly what they are looking for → Read More