Frank Schilling Plans Development in Cayman


For those of you wondering what Frank Schilling is up to these days after seemingly exiting the domain industry, the video below offers more information. No, this isn’t just about the flowing mane Frank has grown since I last saw him a couple of years ago. In addition to this development, Frank has reportedly acquired 300 acres of land on Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands.

According to an article Cayman Compass, Frank has become a major landowner in the Cayman Islands. “In a relatively short period of time he has become one of the biggest landowners on the Sister Islands,” the article shares. The article has more information about Frank’s real estate endeavor and his plans for this Cayman development, as does the video below:

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  1. So the Chinese are adding dirt to man made islands and coasts and Frank is doing just the opposite.
    very interesting. What an undertaking.

    • Plenty of wind and solar potential there. They’ll need it since without the desalinization plant, they would easily deplete the wells, as there is no source of fresh water there. As of 2018, 14% of residents had piped water, instead of wells or relying on trucked water. So, upgrading the electrical generation capacity is also the key to getting enough water to (checks notes) fill those swimming pools.

  2. The marinas he mentioned in Greece are being built and supported by the Greece govt, this project is his own money. Hope his money lasts for a long long time.
    Leave it just the way it is – small, laid back and 1500 smiling, friendly people.—- maybe that how the locals want it that way.
    Oh well—-another mini Monaco in the Caymans.

  3. All the best to Frank but where have I read this story before of men venturing into fields they did not make their money on only to lose it all or mostly all during a bust due to bad timing.

    Oh ya 14 years ago.

    Man will never be satisfied until he eventually loses, I am convinced of it. Again all the best but the economy right now is scary.

  4. I suppose you have to try to make a difference or what is the point of waking up every morning. The idea sounds interesting and I’m sure Frank will find a way to make money.

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