Domain Name Broker: “Ebay Won’t Raise Seller Limits”

I read a Letter to the Editor in Ecommerce Bytes concerning eBay’s apparent refusal to raise a seller’s limits on an auction for a domain name. The letter was written by Scott Newman, who is the broker of record for the domain name, according to a press release in February.

Here’s what Scott had to say about eBay in the letter:

“I sell fairly expensive items on eBay, both for myself and as a consignment dealer. eBay declined my request to raise my limit from 2 million to 7 million. I need the 7 million limit to sell the premium domain name, ‘’.”

It’s interesting that Mr. Newman wasn’t able to have the limit lifted by eBay. If you have a look at domain name auctions on eBay right now, there are more than 50 auctions listed at $5 million or more. From my perspective, I didn’t see a single name in that list that is worth seven figures, let alone the $21 million that some of these people are asking.

I am not sure how these sellers are able to have limits above Mr. Newman’s, especially considering the difference in domain name quality.

If anyone is familiar with selling domain names on eBay, perhaps they can advise Mr. Newman on how he can get his limit lifted in order to list the domain name for sale. I don’t know if it’s worth close to $7 million (which would rank it higher than the sales of,,,, and many other fantastic domain names), but at least a listing on eBay could give it additional exposure.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Doesnt matter anymore. Selling that domain on ebay could only be a publicity stunt. Was never gonna sell there. Successful stunt, got publicity! Well done. Clever 🙂 He’s lucky they wouldnt raise his limit.’it probably helped.

  2. It’s not a cap on domain sales it’s a cap on total sales of anything on eBay. eBay places seller selling limits on everyone based on reputation and historical sales.

    If I remember correctly I started out with something like a 2K per month limit selling cap, then as I gained a rep. it was raised it to say 5K, and so on.

    How someone gets to millions without selling millions of dollars of items on eBay per year is beyond me.

  3. Not Even Worth Reg Fee Domain Names at $21 Million Each?

    That list deserves a 5 STAR LOL Award!

    ***** LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL *****

    The Internet is surreal and getting weirder by the day. No wonder videos like this are so popular.

  4. for 7M?? come on – really! It’s too generic, and something like would be much better to own in my humble opinion. This is a six figure name. He should probably just calm down, and be thankful eBay is refusing to assist him in looking foolish.

  5. I believe a lot of these guys are selling crap names on eBay for millions just to pick up girls at bars:

    Girl: What do you do?
    Guy: (yawns) I’m a domainer.
    Girl: Cool. You sell domain names?
    Guy: Yep.
    Girl: How’s it going?
    Guy: Great. Got two names selling on eBay for $5 million each.
    Girl: Your place or mine?

    • To David J Castello.

      Wrong ending, should be:

      Guy: Great. Got two names selling on eBay for $20 million each.

  6. Thanks for post Elliot. I didn’t do it for the press. I’ve used Ebay many times in the past since the audience is there. My limits are actually in the millions now but it was suggested that I list the name as an auction at my limits and let the market it take it higher. My experience has been that Set Sales work much better with BO’s. My cost is also lower. Ebay and I working this out and I hope to have it up by the end of the week. What I did find amazing is when you consider how a guy with a 60 rating can get $200M in selling limits. I was also told that, god forbid someone got into my account, they could start listing all sorts of items at low prices for millions of items under my account and that opens up Ebay to fraud. If we could stop hackers, the world would be a better places. The suggestion doesn’t hold water but it truly is amazing to see people covering their ace. As for the value I am looking for, I’ve had people tell me time and time again, I’ll never sell items at the prices I ask for. I’ll state there is a reason why my limits are high now and that is believe my research is correct for the items I sell for myself and my customers. Best wishes. Scott


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