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Over 5,000 “Premium” Domain Name Listings on Ebay


How do you know that the word "premium" is overused in reference to domain names? You can have a look at Ebay's domain names for sale listings for an illustration of this issue.

At the time of this post, there are over 15,100 listings on Ebay for domain names. Some of these may be websites and some listings may simply mention a domain name in the listing. Of those 15,000+ listings, there are (more…) → Read More

My eBay Account Was Stolen


I was running on the treadmill yesterday afternoon when my iPhone started flashing dozens of new emails. I quickly ended my workout and went up to my office to see what was happening and to try and create a filter in Gmail to stop the spam. When I got to my desk, I had hundreds of new emails, all of which had large numeric subject lines from various spoof email addresses.

Frustrated with the sheer volume of spam I had received, I began to delete mass amount of it before heading to the Red Sox game. As I was deleting emails and hitting the "report spam" button within the Gmail control panel, I continued to receive a deluge of new spam emails. I worried that it wouldn't stop by the time I left for the game, and my iPhone would be useless. Turns out, that was the least of my worries.

In the middle of deleting receiving the spam emails, I noticed an email from eBay with (more…) → Read More

Forms.com Domain Name Broker: “Ebay Won’t Raise Seller Limits”


I read a Letter to the Editor in Ecommerce Bytes concerning eBay's apparent refusal to raise a seller's limits on an auction for a domain name. The letter was written by Scott Newman, who is the broker of record for the Forms.com domain name, according to a press release in February.

Here's what Scott had to say about eBay in the letter:

"I sell fairly expensive items on eBay, both for myself and as a consignment dealer. eBay declined my request to raise my limit from 2 million to 7 million. I need the 7 million limit to sell the premium domain name, 'Forms.com'."

It's interesting that Mr. Newman wasn't able to have the limit lifted by eBay. If you have a look at domain name auctions on eBay right now, there are more than 50 (more…) → Read More

When Using Ebay to Sell Domain Names is a Smart Move


Ebay LogoI was once an active Ebay domain seller. This was before I knew about domain forums, and I knew relatively little about other domain sales venues such as Snapnames. I did fairly well selling inexpensive domain names on Ebay, although I haven't done so in quite some time. I want to share one example of when using Ebay to sell domain names can be very smart.

I frequently hear about domain owners' attempts to reach out to potential end user buyers to let them know a domain name is for sale at auction. Most of the time, the auctions are run on proprietary auction platforms managed by auction companies. In my opinion, this can be a big barrier for companies that aren't familiar with domain auctions or the auction houses.

With tens of millions of accounts, Ebay is the most well known, and arguably most reliable online auction platform. They are trusted by buyers and sellers, and if a person hasn't opened an account on Ebay, you can probably be sure they've heard of the company.

In lieu of listing a domain name for sale on a live → Read More

Best Domain Auctions on Ebay


Are you looking to find the best and most popular domain name-related auctions on Ebay?   If so, Ebay has a section called "Ebay Pulse," which features the most watched auctions in every Ebay category, including domain names. I don't bid on Ebay auctions much, but when I do visit Ebay, I generally start with the Domain Name Pulse section. → Read More