F.org Sold by NameFind


It looks like the F.org domain name has been sold by NameFind, the domain portfolio company owned by GoDaddy. I noticed the domain name changed registrants in my daily email from DomainTools. The new registrant of F.org is a company called Fincubator VC, a venture capital firm that invests in FinTech companies.

The website for F.org has already been launched and it is home to an entity called FinTech Labs. There seem to be multiple companies with a similar name to that, so having the F.org domain name should help them stand out.

In January of 2017, Jamie Zoch reported that GoDaddy sold G.org from its NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed price. Jamie reported that the domain name had been acquired by GoDaddy when it acquired the Elite Domains portfolio. From what I can see, it appears that GoDaddy acquired F.org when it acquired the Rightside/Name.com portfolio in 2017. I am not entirely sure though because F.org did not transfer to GoDaddy until a month after that report (in November of 2107), DomainTools Whois history tool shows.

GoDaddy doesn’t typically report its domain name sales or prices, so I am not sure the price of F.org. I would imagine the domain name sold for six figures, but that would be just a guess. I will reach out to GoDaddy to see if they can offer any information about the sale of F.org or the sale price.


  1. Back in 2012, when these single-letter .ORG domains were released, the registry (PIR) added a requirement for auction participation. As DNW reported, bidders would need to be “committed to building out the domain name with a sound marketing and branding strategy, including a strong focus on quality, creativity and the desire to launch the site in a timely manner.”


    As Andrew Allemann predicted, that requirement wasn’t enforced. Bought by domainers. Their portfolio sold to GoDaddy. And after 6 years of speculative resellers owning the domain, it finally made it to an end user.

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