Daily Poll: Are You a Domain Flipper?


I got my start by flipping domain names. It started by registering names and quickly reselling them for a small profit. This helped me grow my business and I moved into higher value domain names. I continued to flip domain names for quite some time, but that model was modified a bit a few years ago.

These days, I am less into flipping domain names and more into buying domain names and awaiting for an end user buyer. This is a combination of strategy and necessity.

I still spend time emailing prospective buyers on recent acquisitions, but the majority of the shorter term re-sales are auction wins rather than higher profile (aka one word .com) domain names. I try to keep my one word names because they are much harder to buy for a good price these days, so selling for a smaller percentage ROI doesn’t make much sense to me.

I think it is more challenging to flip domain names now than it was when I started, but I still do it from time to time. I would no longer consider myself a domain flipper.

In today’s poll, I want to know if you consider yourself a domain name flipper:


  1. From your post.You sound more like a domain investor than a domain flipper which you use to be before.Anyway, I don’t think I will consider myself a domain flipper because I hardly flip domains but instead wait to get the right end user to approach for a big sale which has helped me.

  2. where can i sale this domains ? very soon,,,,


  3. I have never really been active with selling my domains. I’ll either wait or auction it. However, I turn most of my domain names into websites. Im pretty good at SEO so pretty much all of my websites have terms that rank in Googles 1st or 2nd page. Some of the sites are ecommerce sites others I make money with Adsense. Its ideal for me because 1. I make money from them while waiting for it to be sold 2. I’ve added value to the domains. Now The premium/semi-premium domain sells with existing traffic or sales/revenue so I can up the price even more.

  4. Anybody who liquidates domains via NameJet or in forums is a bit a flipper as well as an investor.

    The only guys who are 100% “investor” are those who either renew 100% of their portfolio or who make no attempt to resell what they plan to let go. In either case, those guys are operating below peak efficiency.

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