Enom Customers to See “Temporary $1USD pre-authorization charge”


Enom customers should expect to see a “temporary $1USD pre-authorization charge” on the credit card associated with their Enom account. The company cited a merchant provider switch, which requires the temporary pre-auth charge to authenticate credit card holder information.

I presume this announcement was sent to all Enom customers, but in case you missed it, here’s what was sent:

“Notice: temporary $1USD pre-authorization charge

As an ongoing effort to improve payments at Enom, we will be changing to a new merchant provider over the next few weeks. Please be aware that during this transition, you may notice a pre-authorization charge of up to $1 USD on your credit card statement or online credit card portal. This pre-authorization charge is required by the merchant provider to authenticate card holder information, such as the billing address. This is not a permanent transaction, and the charged amount will be rolled back at the end of your billing cycle, if not sooner, depending on your credit card provider.

If you have any concerns, please contact support at customercare@enom.com.

The Enom Central team”

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  1. Nice that Enom can say it pre-authorized the payment from OUR bank accounts without our permission. Isn’t that up to the customer to pre-authorize… or at least shouldn’t it be? What if we have since replaced our cards or what if we needed that dollar? I often keep just enough money in a particular account to pay my bills every month. What if because of Enom’s actions, I bounced a payment due to them taking that UNAUTHORIZED dollar?? ($30 insufficient fund fee) Yes it was UNauthorized. What about informing customers beforehand that this is what they would be doing? This is very unprofessional of a company that we are supposed to trust with our private information. But then it’s only a dollar, right?

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