Easier Way to View Sedo Sales Feed


I don’t know about you, but viewing the raw Sedo sales rss feed is difficult on the eyes. It wasn’t really made to view in the feed form, but for someone without the technical skills to turn it into something else, the feed form was basically the best I could ask for without having to pay someone to convert it.

I just realized there is an easy way to convert the feed into something that is easier to read, and the best part about it is that it’s absolutely free. If you have a Google account, you can set up an iGoogle page, which was created so you could easily add your rss feeds and other “gadgets.”

There are four steps to optimally display the feed:

  • Visit iGoogle.com and log into your account or create an account
  • Click the Add Gadgets button on the top left
  • Click the Add feed or gadget link on the bottom left sidebar
  • Add this feed:  http://sedo.com/rss/rss_list.php?rss_id=17
  • Once feed is displayed, edit settings to show the max number of names

Although I would prefer the feed to show more than 9 recent sales, that’s the maximum number of articles permitted with iGoogle. It should automatically update for you each time a sold name is added to the sales report.

Here’s a screenshot before:


Here’s a screenshot after:


  1. Elliot,

    I wonder if your trying to read it via google chrome browser? as that is how it displays for me too in chrome

    If you paste The url

    http://sedo.com/rss/rss_list.php?rss_id=17 into an explorer browser it renders properly.

    I have problems logging into sedo on explorer, So use chrome for that and in the admin, but have to switch back to explorer to read RSS feeds.

    Try it, maybe it will solve your problem There is 109 on my feed list viewable on explorer

  2. I just created a reader that grabs this feed and shows the last how many I want and it auto updates without refreshing the page via jquery. Nice and easy.

  3. Give Google reader a try. you might like it. You can connect to google reader on your ipad using RSS reader apps such as FeeddlerRSS.

  4. Elliot,
    Many of us have directory type websites much like Dogwalker.com.
    What do you use for a signal that a years subscription is almost up and what then do you send the customer?

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