Donuts Offers Tips to Secure Price Drop Domain Names


Earlier this month, I wrote about the price drop announced by Donuts. The registry is cutting prices on over 1 million domain names from its various extensions that it had marked as premium assets with higher than standard pricing. The sale will go into effect on November 5th, although the company is currently hosting its pre-sale through November 4th.

To help customers, particularly domain investors, find domain names of interest, Donuts published a blog post earlier this morning offering some “tips, tricks, and lists.”

Donuts has curated four different downloadable lists it believes will be helpful for searching by different criteria

  • Non-Existent Domain Traffic (NXD) list
  • Second-Level Domain (SLD) Frequency list
  • Lexicological list
  • LL / LLL Rank list

While buyers can not yet take advantage of the lower prices on domain names, Donuts has already published the full list of domain names that are included in this sale. The company has suggested that interested buyers can purchase domain names now at the current pricing and then “look forward to lower renewal prices for life on those domains.”

It looks like Donuts is specifically partnering with several registrars to help promote its sale, although I believe the lower pricing will be available at all registrars that sell Donuts domain names. The partner registrars I can see include (retail registrar owned by Donuts), Namecheap, NameSilo, and Dynadot.

You can visit the Donuts blog post to get access to the downloadable lists the company curated.


  1. Watch as we get another “price drop list” in a year or so for whatever hasn’t sold.

    These guys are chasing the market down. Who is silly enough to throw more money at it?

  2. You complain prices are too high, then bash then when they are reducing. Bash them some more over predictions that they may reduce again in future. Seems so desperate.

    .coms went from $100 to $8. Was that bad?

    And noone is talking about lost opportunity costs for folks buying premium .coms. example: spend $50k on a .com and at 5% lost opportunity costs it’s equivalent to a premium renewal of $2500/year for the .com you just paid $50k for. The amount of people/businesses who will spend/sacrifice that much for a .com is tiny.

    New meaningful, perfect-fit, recently discounted new gTLDs aren’t looking like such a bad deal after all.

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